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A to Z Nutrients



Inosine, an amino acid metabolite, has a unique ability to increase ATP production. It is so closely related to ATP structurally that no oxygen is required for this conversion and is the quickest pathway for the cell to get its ATP. It works best when taken on an empty stomach with an electrolyte mixture, such as Alacer's Emergen-C and with Coenzyme-Q10 before exercise. This enhances oxygen transport throughout the system, improving workload efficiency, and prevents any increase in uric acid synthesis.

Inositol is a sugar which is metabolized slowly and without the involvement of insulin. It is involved in the transportation and metabolism of fatty acids and cholesterol, and is necessary for the formation of lecithin and several enzymes. It is found in cell membranes throughout the brain and central nervous system, the muscles, heart tissues, reproductive organs, and bones, and is vital for hair growth. Signs of deficiency include constipation, eczema, hair loss, and high blood cholesterol. There is no RDA, but the average diet yields 1000 mg per day. There is no known toxicity.