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A to Z Nutrients


Red Clover
Red Raspberry
Red Root
Riboflavin See B-2
Rose Hips
Royal Jelly

Red Clover Flower (Trifolium pratense) Blood cleanser: nutritive; used for childhood eczema, psoriasis, coughs, bronchitis, ulcers, inflammation and infection. Galactagogue.

Red Raspberry Leaf (Rhubus idaeus) Pregnancy herb; nutritive; relieves nausea. Uterine tonic, eases painful menses, checks hemorrhage. Remedy for childhood diarrhea, gargle for sore throat, bleeding gums.

Red Root (Cesnothus americanus) Lymphatic remedy. Used for tonsillitis, sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes and spleen, fibrous cysts. Mild expectorant, hemostatic.

Rose Hips (Rosa spp.) Nutrient, mild diuretic and laxative, mild astringent. Good source of Vit.C. For colds, flu, general debility and exhaustion, constipation.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Circulatory and nerve stimulant used for tension headache associated with dyspepsia, also depression. Anti-bacterial; antifungal. Externally for muscular pain, neuralgia and sciatica.

Royal Jelly has been reputed for centuries to have rejuvenating properties. Scientists have identified high levels of pantothenic acid and other B-vitamins, as well as a substance called biopterin. Our customers report a general anti-stress effect from royal jelly, when used over time. One person, a rock musician on the road for extended periods, ate a small glob of pure royal jelly every morning, and he claimed that it kept him looking and feeling refreshed and vitalized, in comparison to his fellow musicians, who all began to look old and wasted.