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Vanadyl Sulfate
Vitex See Chaste Berry

Valerian Root (Valeriana officinalis) Powerful nervine, for tension, anxiety, insomnia, emotional stress, intestinal colic, menstrual cramps, severe headache and rheumatic pain.

Vanadyl Sulfate is the best and safest form of the trace mineral vanadium. Vanadium is involved in cellular metabolism, growth, and reproduction, and in the formation of bones and teeth. Studies with rats have shown that it may be able to reverse diabetes. It seems that vanadyl "mimics" the action of insulin, stimulating glycogen production and the transport of amino acids into muscle tissue and preventing the breakdown of muscle protein. Body-builders have reported impressive gains in muscle size and strength when adding vanadyl sulfate to their regimen. Some research suggests that the trace mineral chromium, which also helps control blood sugar levels, is best taken at a different time from vanadium.