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Xigo Health Maximum Immune Defense

Maximum Immune Defense
Item #XI0000

Contents: 8 packets

Suggested Retail: $14.95

Our Price: $13.45

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Extra-strength, occasion-specific immune support

  • 800 mg serving of triple-action, patent-pending blend
  • Beta glucans for speed
  • L-glutamine for fuel
  • Lactoferrin for increased immune cell activation and immune memory
  • 8 convenient single-dose packets orange-flavored chewable tablets

Sometimes health threats get an unfair head start. Before you’re even aware that there’s something going around, your immune system may already be challenged. As soon as you feel an imbalance in your wellness, get an immediate immune boost with XIGO Maximum Immune Defense. Maximum Immune Defense has the most concentrated serving available of XIGO’s triple-action formula. Give your body the energy and nutrition it needs to activate a strong, speedy immune response.

When your immune system is challenged, it needs an immediate boost to keep bad guys from multiplying. XIGO Maximum Immune Defense speeds up your immune response in two ways: (1) it supplies beta glucans that keep the immune system on alert, and (2) it comes in chewable tablets that provide nutrients directly to the tissues that line the throat and mouth—the body’s first line of defense.

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