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Discount Coupon, FDA Update, Stevia Flavors, Working Out from "The BIG Vitamin Dictionary"

January 2012 - Print | Index

Hello and a Happy New Year from Vitamin Express.

Thank you for shopping with us and reading our Vitamin Express Report.

2012 brings many new Specials and we also list by company here. Continually adding and updating, so the list is getting long. To help find specific products use our search features in the left column. More general categories are in our drop down menus across the top. Two of the most important categories are Health Solutions on the far left which covers everything from Allergy/Sinus/Respiratory to Vision Nutrition. The Women's category includes a sub category of Menopause, PMS, Pregnancy, Sexual Health. The other important category to investigate is on the far right called Specialties, from Amino Acids to Probiotics which includes a sub-category of Children's Probiotics. The last subject in the category is Ubiquinol.

The products found on our website are not exhaustive. We offer much more in our stores. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-500-0733. You will always, during store hours (10am to 6pm Mon-Sat) reach a person who can assist you. Otherwise call 24/7 and we will return your call right away during store hours. I insist on personalized, courteous, efficient service. We have built a loyal following because of our excellent, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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Michael LeVesque, President

OUR Discount Coupon Code

Enter the coupon code JAN2012 when you check out and receive $5 off any order $50 or more. This coupon only applies to orders placed on our web site between January 9th to January 31st, 2012.

FDA Update- as the battle takes sides.

Well the FDA hasn't cleaned off our shelves yet. The FDA is getting some backlash from the Congressmen who introduced, along with your grass roots support, helped pass DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act)- namely, Senator Tom Harkin (D-I) and Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Ut). You may want to email them a letter of support and appreciation. The question is will it be enough to rein in the harmful proposals and direction of the FDA? Read this article in detail.

Stevia Is Gaining Ground

Stevia was one of those black market nutrients that the FDA viewed as dangerous and forbidden to be sold in America- USA. We circumnavigated that ruling by selling it as a cosmetic- great for skin application. We knew it was safe and quite fantastic as a sweetner. With no caloric benefit we knew it was excellent for certain dietary goals. Also, it was the major sweetener used in South America and popular in Asia, especially Japan for many years.

Then one day Coca Cola decided to use it as a sweetener in one of its beverages and voila!- the FDA within a blink of the eye for government procedures decided it was no longer dangerous and approved it for ingesting.

So now we are in 2012 and able to blatantly offer it as a safe alternative to sugar, and let's emphasize the word SAFE! That is our major concern and reason to use it.- A safe alternative to sugar - not a chemically built sweetener, but a natural super sweet alternative that is legally recognized even by the FDA. So sweet you have to be careful how you use it. Little is the key- a little goes a long way as a sweetener and with a little experimentation you can get that perfect taste and intention right on target.

We've been selling it for quite a while, long enough to now introduce our very own Herb Express Stevia liquid flavor extracts.

Yes, flavored with natural extracts providing true flavorings to add to your beverage, cooking, even your children's yucky tasting whatever. It only takes a few drops or less, again experiment to get the taste you want. Just like salt, sweet is a personal preference. These are true, natural flavors of chocolate (HX0089), orange (HX0092), cinnamon (HX0090), lemon (HX0091), vanilla (HX0094), and peppermint (HX0093). - and economical! They will be active on our website in few days, but can be ordered by our numbers included here.

Working Out with Weights

Weights put extra stress on the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. It also places extra demands on oxygen, nerves, and circulation. However, the major theme addressed is usually how to build muscle. Large muscles are equated with strength and power. However, I have had customers come in who have intense workouts and build powerful physiques to suddenly find themselves with injuries of all kinds. In a way the body building industry focus is determined by advertising dollars that may mislead a person gearing up to have an intense workout resulting in injury because the full spectrum of health goes unaddressed.

Sometimes the muscle strength does not match the strength of the ligaments and tendons and painful tearing occurs. I have even had a customer who was arm wrestling. She was very strong and suddenly her arm broke and she came in with it in a cast. One of the most important body building factors are minerals, not just for bone strength but energy, repair and nerve health. We have a new protein supplement that helps address a lot of tendon, ligament issues- it is NeoCell's Collagen Sport Whey Isolate Complex. it has been a major contributor to my own injury repairs and the Belgian Chocolate is good tasting, though the vanilla is most popular. Other supplements I would always include are Cats Claw and Resveratrol- studies suggest that they have good effects for body conditioning and genetic integrity.

What follows is a direct quote from The BIG Vitamin Dictionary regarding Sports Supplements that may be helpful. This is found in the Appendix section of the dictionary.

Reprinted with permission. Copyrighted material- Great Highway Productions, Michael LeVesque, primary editor


Physical exercise takes many forms.  It can be strenuous or relaxing.  It can be aimed at cardiovascular benefits, toning, building, or training the body for certain skills.  Athletic achievement is a worthwhile personal goal, and good health habits can produce positive benefits. The longer they are practiced, the more benefits one receives.

Some sports make heavy demands on the individual which often result in injuries.  These sports in particular require higher supplementation and special products that help strengthen the body in ways which can prevent injuries and that can maintain intense long-term activity.

What follows are several categories aimed at the varied goals you might want to attain in your sport activities:


Dimethylglycine (DMG), in the past referred to as Vitamin B15, calcium pangamate, or pangamic acid, is used by Olympic athletes and marathon runners throughout the world.  It is an intermediary metabolite useful in the production of neurotransmitters, hormones, DNA, choline, and methionine.  It enhances oxygen utilization, reduces lactic acid formation, and aids detoxification, improving liver, pancreas, and adrenal function.   DMG is especially useful for those who train to exhaustion or ‘hitting the wall’.  It delays the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, and enables longer and more intense activity.

Siberian Eleuthero, (eleutherococcus senticosus) is an adaptogen, a restorative of normal physiological function, allowing the body as a whole to respond to non-specific stress such as over-exercise.  Siberian eleuthero greatly enhances the immune system while simultaneously enhancing physical and mental stamina and endurance; it takes a few days for this substance to build up in the body.

Octacosanol improves strength, reaction time, and endurance.  It is a long-chain alcohol which appears to improve the efficiency of transmission of nerve impulses.  Studies have shown many benefits for weightlifters, swimmers, wrestlers, and track and field athletes. It takes up to three weeks before the effects of octacosanol are felt.  Once in place, there is an increase in the desire to exercise, as well as an increasing sense of well-being and strength.

PAK is valuable for those involved in both aerobic and anaerobic activity.  It increases cellular energy as well as reducing lactic acid production.

Bee Pollen has a nourishing and energizing effect on the body.  It contains the richest assortment of nutrients and amino acids of any substance known.  Bodybuilders take it before a session to energize, intensify, and lengthen their workouts.  It can be used at any time for quick energy, and is a substitute for coffee and other stimulants, while simultaneously nourishing the body.

MCT Oil stands for Medium Chain Tryglycerides, which are derived from coconut oil.  They are shorter chemical chains than most dietary fats, and do not require bile to be absorbed.  Therefore, MCT's can go directly to the liver.  They supply 2.5 times the energy of the same amount of carbohydrates. MCT's are ideal for endurance activities, and act as a protein-sparing supplement.  Since they are soluble in biological fluids, they are not converted to body fat, but are burned for energy.

Inosine is a nutrient that increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production within the mitochondria of the cells.  It is so close to ATP structurally that no oxygen is required for its conversion.  It is the quickest pathway for the cell to get its ATP.  It works best when taken on an empty stomach with an electrolyte mixture, and with CoQ-10 before exercise.  This enhances oxygen transport throughout the body, improving workload efficiency, and preventing any increase in uric acid synthesis.


Proline is an amino acid which is necessary to rebuild soft tissue such as cartilage.  It is enhanced in the presence of lysine and Vitamin C.  Together, they greatly aid the flexibility of soft tissues, tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) aids flexibility due to its involvement with the adrenals in the production of natural cortisone. One of the most important factors in flexibility is being hydrated.  Drinking water is the major goal -- not just fluids, but water.  One of the finest waters to drink is ‘catalytic altered water’.  One good brand is Willard's Water, a product which can assure the efficient absorption of water.

Healthy soft tissue is kept toned by manganese and magnesiumGlucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate are excellent for healthy joints.

     Building Lean Muscle and Burning Fat: 

AKG, or alpha-ketoglutarate, is the ammonia-free skeleton of glutamine, and as such, can preserve muscle during and after exercise without the downside of loading the body with toxic ammonia which can happen when large amounts of glutamine are taken.  The best way to obtain this is in the form of ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate, which besides functioning as an ammonia scavenger and a ready source for anti-catabolic glutamine, also releases growth hormone, stimulates insulin secretion, and ends up increasing the arginine pool, another growth hormone-releasing agent.

Arginine and Ornithine.  Studies have shown that these amino acids can increase the secretion of growth hormone, and many bodybuilders report that they enhance muscle –pump effect.  It is recommended to take lysine along with arginine to prevent the outbreak of latent herpes, to further promote growth-hormone release, and to otherwise balance other amino acids.

Vitamin B6 helps in the utilization of protein foods, fats and carbohydrates.  It is best taken as part of a balanced B-Complex.

Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, branch-chain amino acids, have been shown to be the primary components of muscle protein.  Ingesting increased amounts of these important nutrients during and after working out offers the muscle cells their preferred nutrition, helping exercise to increase muscle size and strength.  This effect occurs in part because these amino acids provide a substrate for glutamine, an essential nutrient both for the muscle cells and for cell replication in the immune system, and in part because the branch-chain aminos are burned for fuel, sparing other proteins for tissue growth.

Carnitine is known for its ability to increase the utilization of stored body-fat, helping people to slim down and increase lean muscle mass.  It is also considered protective of heart function, both because the heart uses lipids as the source of most of its energy, and because it helps to reduce blood levels of fat and triglycerides.  Bodybuilders find carnitine especially useful when ‘cutting-up’, because it helps transport cellular fat, speeding the fat-burning process.

Chromium Picolinate has been shown to ‘bulk-up’ lean muscle-mass and cut down body-fat percentages. There is also evidence that this supplement can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.  Chromium picolinate, as well as another form, GTF chromium, potentiate the action of insulin.

Creatine Monohydrate is a naturally-occurring compound produced mainly in the liver, and also involving the pancreas and kidneys.  In human clinical studies it has proven to increase force production and muscle mass.  It has been recommended for reversing the symptoms of age-related deterioration of muscles.  Creatine supplements convert into phosphocreatine within the muscle, which is critical to the continued production of energy by donating a phosphate group to ADP to make ATP.  Creatine can do this without needing carbohydrates, fats, or oxygen to recharge the ATP, which makes this supplement a source of powerful energy because it does not need to undergo a complicated process in order to produce it.  It can also lead to the absorption of hydrogen ions released into muscles from lactic acid, which cuts back the ‘burn’ and reducing exercise fatigue.

Vitamin C is highly regarded by many bodybuilders.  It is often forgotten that working out intensely creates heavy stress on the body, especially the immune system. Vitamin C supports immune response and helps speed recovery from workouts.  It prevents bruising, and promotes the release of subcutaneous water.

1-AD (1-androstene-3 beta, 17 beta diol)  is a hormone that converts to 1 testosterone, which is seven times as anabolic as testosterone.  It does not transform into an estrogen, thereby reducing water retention and secondary sexual feminine characteristics in men.

7-keto DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA which is more potent and is not converted by the body into androgens (testosterone) and estrogens.  It has thermogenic (heat-producing) properties that aid in the reduction of fat while strengthening the immune system and enhancing memory.

Dibencozide is the co-enzyme form of Vitamin B12.  Although already-buffed bodybuilders don’t often notice much effect from it, there are numerous reports from ectomorphs (thin people) of a sudden and significant increase in energy, and the ability to effectively work out.  This may be due to the correction of a long-term and marginal Vitamin B12 deficiency, which your doctor can determine with a simple blood test.

Digestive Enzymes may not be needed by ‘genetically-gifted’ bodybuilders, but for most of us, any help we can get in breaking down and absorbing our food is greatly beneficial.  Without this process, whatever we eat is often wasted, which doesn’t help build mass and strength.  These ‘bulking-up’ enzymes can not only improve bodybuilding progress, but can also help to rescue one’s social life. 

Ecdysterone  is a plant extract that increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.  It is anabolic, and requires the addition of extra protein in the diet to be most effective.  The usual dose for bodybuilders is from 80mg to 600mg per day, on a six-week cycle.

Gamma Oryzanol is derived from rice bran oil and increases the anabolic efficiency of food.  It also increases body mass with less food, possibly by stimulating the pituitary to release growth hormones.  There is also some evidence that it helps increase energy levels and overall stamina, and that it aids in tissue repair.

Ginseng.  Asian (Panax) ginseng is the herb of ancient Chinese lore and folk medicine.  The Latin name Panax derives from the Greek word panakos meaning ‘cure-all’ or panacea, a testimony to the wondrous reputation that has followed this herb for three hundred years.  Most Panax ginseng is commercially cultivated in China and Korea in both red and white forms. 

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consider Asian ginseng to be an energy tonic which is stimulating and heat-producing, and which increases yang energies.  It is employed in a number of degenerative and ‘wasting’ diseases where chi, or vital energy, is deficient.  It is contraindicated in conditions such as colds and flu. 

The red variety is considered by traditional herbalists to be more potent and stimulating than white.  Some scientific tests appear to confirm this notion.  Studies confirm the stress-reducing properties, heightened endurance levels, cardiovascular, and other activities of Asian ginseng.

Glutamine is a primary nutrient for muscle growth, comprising over half of the free amino acids in muscle tissue.  Studies have shown that muscle protein synthesis is highly correlated with the blood level of glutamine. 

Lipotropics include methionine, choline, inositol, Vitamin B6, and betaine.  These have been used by bodybuilders to decrease subcutaneous fat, perhaps by a process of emulsification.  They can also help in the proper digestion and utilization of dietary oils.

Liver has been used by bodybuilders down through history for increasing stamina, muscle heat, and strength.

Methoxy (5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone)  is a bioflavonoid which aids the body in the production of lean muscle mass with no negative effects.  It improves the utilization of oxygen, reduces body fat, and lowers cholesterol.

Whey Protein is an excellent protein for all uses, including strenuous exercise, bodybuilding, chronic illness, and convalescence.  In the past, the prevalence of lactose intolerance has made it impossible for many people to use whey.  Now, these products are available lactose-free. High levels of quality proteins exert an ‘anticatabolic’ effect, meaning that muscle breakdown is prevented. 

It contains large amounts of  branch-chain amino acids (BCAA’s), and the immune-enhancing effects of lactalbumin.  Research has identified the branched-chain amino acids as the keys to both bodybuilding and exercise performance.  BCAA’s (notably leucine) are known to be directly oxidized in muscles, thereby acting as a source of energy.  In addition, leucine is used for alanine synthesis in muscle; alanine is subsequently transported to the liver and used to make glucose, which is then available as a fuel for muscular contraction.

Recent studies have shown that lactalbumin, the main protein in whey, can enhance immunity in animals.  Since strenuous exercise has recently been linked to the depression of immune responses in humans, it may be wise for athletes and bodybuilders to use whey as a major source of dietary protein

Milk and Egg Protein Powders are excellent, high-quality protein.  They are great sources of complete protein for those who can digest them. 

Soy Protein is beneficial as an adjunct to whey protein.  It is best used in rotation with other proteins, and at times in conjunction with digestive enzymes. 

Spirulina contains around 65% easily-digested protein.  This is a complete protein which includes all the essential amino acids and is high in phenylalanine.  It has also been found useful as an aid to appetite suppression and ‘cutting-up.’

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.