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February 2012 - Print | Index

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Feel the Difference with Octacosanol, Glucosamine and Salmon Oil

 Octacosanol is a remarkable substance found in wheat germ oil that at first you may not feel, but the longer you take it the more energy you experience to the point that when you see a set of stairs you just have to run up them! This is why athletes have used octacosanol for years to improve their strength, reaction time and endurance. It's exact mechanism of action is still unknown. Some evidence suggests it works to improve the transmission of nerve impulses.

Glucosamine helps to create cushioning fluids and tissues around joints. It aids the repair of arthritic joints, helps to reduce pain and builds synovial fluids. It's also an aid for inflamed discs and sciatica. It is necessary in the formation of skin, eyes, bones, tendon, nails, ligaments, and parts of the heart. It's also necessary in the production of mucous as a protective coating in the urinary, digestive, and respiratory tracts.

Salmon oil is composed of Omega 3- EPA and DHA, and other important fatty acids. It lowers triglycerides (where inflammation occurs), and cholesterol. It also aids circulation, helps to prevent blood clots, and helps arthritic conditions. The EPA helps to regulate cell hormones and helps to protect the body from high blood pressure, edema, and inflammation. DHA is important for vision, hearing, brain function and the reproductive system. You may want to try some of the great combination formulas from New Chapter Wholemega.

The Nutritional Punch!

It can happen when pushing oneself to a new level, such as runners who take DMG (N. Dimethylglycine) and experience running further with less exhaustion. DMG reduces the lactic acid levels significantly during exercise. It may happen when mega dosing a cold to avoid a long episode, such as combining Vitamin C, bioflavinoids, olive leaf extract, zinc orotate, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A only to recover within hours.

Sometimes the nutritional punch knocks out an ailment such as using probiotics, curcumin and NAG (n-acetyl-glucosamine) for digestive issues, or glucosamine, chondroitin and hylauronic acid for joint issues. Brain nutritional formulas in particular give a nutritional punch for helping memory, learning and preparing for tests.

Sometimes the nutritional punch is a side swipe and unexpected when a nutrient or harb is used for one purpose and additional benefits occur such as using Pau d'Arco for laryngitis and finding it helps prostate issues or a probiotic for digestion and a person’s skin clears up.

Often the punch misses due to genetics, age or illness causing the nutrients not to be absorbed properly. Usually this happens with water soluble nutrients such as Vitamin C. When the ascorbate form or fat soluble form (ascorbyl pamitate) is used the body responds dramatically and effectively. The same may occur with Vitamin B1 for nerves in particular. As thiamine it is difficult to absorb, however as benfotamine, the oil soluble form, the results are significant.

Other important substitutes reflect the body’s inability to convert the form into one the body needs. This can happen with B6 pyrodoxine and corrected with the reduced form of pyrodoxal 5’ phosphate (P5P), also with B5 pantothenic acid improved by the use of pantethene. Another important example is B-2 riboflavin- again difficult to absorb but corrected with riboflavin 5’ phosphate. Country Life vitamins have a good formula called Coenzyme B-Complex that addresses this issue.

Minerals also have problems with absorption and assimilation. The best forms appear to be orotates or apartates. These forms carry the mineral directly into the cell wall, the nucleus and mitochondria- the energy center of the cell. Solaray has a good selection of these forms as asporatates.

Nature loves to demonstrate a nutritional punch. A recent published study shows that patented altered Willard Water can play a great role in expanding nutrient bioavailability. The San Francisco Friends of the Urban Forest planted cherry trees on Irving Street between 15th and 16th Avenue in San Francisco. The trees were all the same age and size at planting. That was about two years ago. Once or twice a month I water the tree in front of our store with one gallon of water adding two tablespoons of Willard Water XXX.

Inspect the trees and you’ll see a marked difference. The size of the trunk is a good indicator of the health of the tree. Here are measurements of the tree trunks' circumference taken 4 inches above the ground on January 28th, 2012. The smallest was 21cm and the largest was 27cm with the average for eleven trees being 23.27 cm but not including the tree getting Willard Water XXX. That tree measured 37.5cm! It's measurement was difficult because the base a few inches above the ground was 41cm narrowing to 34cm higher up, so I took the average between the two figures to get 37.5cm.

Altered Water Increases Vitamin Absorption 

Williard Water

A new study indicates that water that has been altered with the addition of a patented micelle catalyst (Willard Water, manufactured by CAW Industries) may enhance nutrient assimilation.

A three-month study by Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D. measured the impact of using Willard Water Dark XXX and Willard Water CLEAR on the absorption rates of various vitamins in people who drank the specially altered water for 30 days. They were tested for the absorption rates of vitamins in their bodies before and after the one month period. The subjects had significant improvement in the efficacy of multiple vitamin absorption rates. The altered water was not only highly effective in increasing absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins E and K, but evenr more effective with water-soluble vitamins such as the B-complex forms.

The product produces a micelle reactive property, which reduces the size of molecules and more effective in reactions with other molecules opposing charges. It was also observed that hydrogen-reactive vitamins reacted significantly better with the water.

Benfotiamine- Oil Soluble Vitamin B-1

What makes befotiamine so special is that it is a lipid or fat-soluble form of thiamine (Vitamin B1) and in some studies demonstrated more effective absorption in creating therapeutic levels of thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP) in the blood stream and tissues. Also, it can safely be used at high levels. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) effects energy, brain function and growth. Studies show Vitamin B1 improves mental functions in verbal and non-verbal IQ testing.  It aids mental attitude, helps to control motion sickness, and helps to ward off mosquitoes, fleas, and stinging insects.  It enhances circulation, and is important in carbohydrate metabolism and blood formation. Vitamin B1 is essential in maintaining good muscle tone, nerves, and organ tissue.  It is necessary for growth, lactation and fertility. It enhances immune response, and helps stabilize the appetite and digestion. For diabetics benfotiamine helps maintain healthy cells in the presence of blood glucose and controls formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). There are no known negative interactions between benfotiamine and other supplements or medications. Nevertheless it is always recommended a person check with their health care provider when using high levels of the supplement.

Vaccination Controversy

The use of vaccines are only as good as their science backing their effectiveness. It appears that much of the history of vaccines involves experimentation in which the general public may be put at high risk. Here are the top ten stories this year that look critically at this issue- read about them here.

Links for Important News on Health & Controversies

Here are a few links to some interesting sites on the internet. One of my favorites nutritional news sources is A site filled with many controversial articles as well as cartoons worth viewing is Abroad is an excellent site called Health Supreme that provides links throughout the world relating to health issues and once you start could keep you up all night with his many interesting and informative links.

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