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April 2012 - Print | Index

The Vitamin Express Report

for April 2012

Welcome to OUR 30th Anniversary SALE!

April 15th, 1982 we opened our doors and began selling health supplements. We were a small shop- 350 square feet of space with twelve shelves that grew into floor to ceiling walls of the finest and most innovative health supplements found anywhere.

All varieties of people came into the store back then, as now, but they seemed to belong to a small, unnamed secret sect of believers. Stories floated around the store like vapors of incense, raising eyebrows, with heads nodding, and looks of recognition. Health through nutrition became the key to self fulfillment.

            Thirty years and we still make that special difference- helping people secure healthful lives.

In this long issue:

  • Discount Coupon - 30YEARS
  • Free Product
  • Orange Dot Sale
  • In- Store Seminars
  • Facts about Vitamin Express
  • Health Through Information
  • Nutrient News
  • Four Little Powerful pills
  • Proctor and Gamble Buys New Chapter- an Editorial
  • Food additives- wrong direction
  • Vitamin C Defeats Deadly Infections
  • Evidence Based Medicine- the sickness of Medicine
  • Doctors extol the benefits of nutrition- personal stories
  • Anxiety and Herbal Aids

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Health Solutions Seminars - Not To Be Missed

As part of our 30th Anniversary Celebration we will have conversation time with Michael LeVesque, author of The BIG Vitamin Dictionary, and President of Vitamin Express, focused on important health topics

Tuesday, April 3rd, Brain Function
Wednesday, April 4th, Beauty Supplements
Thursday, April 5th, Immunity
Friday, April 6th, Sexual Health
Saturday, April 7th, Sport Nutrition
Tuesday, April 10th, Bone and Joint Health
Wednesday, April 11th, Heart Health
Thursday, April 12th, Stress and Sleep
Friday, April 13th, Energy Supplements
Saturday, April 14th, Regulations & Science

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Some Vitamin Express Facts

Vitamin Express is not solely a price based store.

We have been around for the past 30 years and have seen many changes. 

We pioneered the sale of vitamins at discount prices and we have never sold any product at full marked-up retail prices..

We are a brick and mortar store that expanded into mail order and then into the internet.

We have never been fad driven --though we know the new cutting edge products--often years before the mainstream culture.

Products come and go based on whims and media hype. This is not how we pick products.--We pick the products that help our customers.

Vitamin Express is a family based business that was founded on sound sense, respect for nutritional history and its pioneers, and has always been in forefront of nutrition and a  champion of the basic principal of the right of people to have the freedom of choice  in  buying  nutritional products. Sometimes that means we are not doctor or media blessed.

We are not new to the industry. We are not waiting for our products to be blessed by the conservative medical establishment.

We are the future and therefore the alternative and we have a long  history stemming from Jethro Kloss, Adele Davis, Linus Pauling, Ecletic Physicians, Samuel Hahnemann, Scott and Helen Nearing, Pavlo Arriola, Carlton Fredericks, Jonathan Rothchild, Clara Felix, etc. and into the present with Mathias Rath, Earl Mindell, Linda Rector Page, Michael Murray, Richard Passwater, James and Phyllis Balch, Janet Zand, Ray Peat, Richard Kunin, Jon Kaiser, Sandra Hills, Natasha Trenev, Jarrow Rogovin, Alan Gaby, and numerous others.

We have always been on the cutting edge and the cutting edge doesn't wait for a blessing.

We are always moving toward unfettered health products and choices and a healthy future.

May the others catch up with our vision.

Vitamin Express

Information = Knowledge = Health

    Environmentalists have long endorsed the relationship between the environment and health. Geneticists now realize that genes express themselves according to their environment. Environmental illness is a recognized debilitating disease known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post Viral Syndrome or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. You are what you eat, drink, breathe and are exposed. You can take responsibility for your health through knowledge.

   Through our store's web site and computer database programs we offer an incredible library of information. Our website- contains thousands of pages of information on every aspect of health, nutrition and even includes interactions with pharmaceutical drugs. Through our knowledgeable staff you get many years of experience in nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and Chinese medicine.

Nutrient NEWS

     Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) plays an important role in the neurotransmitter systems of the brain. In 23 peer reviewed studies, more than half of which were double blind, PS was shown to have substantial benefits to learning and memory benefitting the nerve synapses in the brain.
     Creatine Monohydrate is a naturally occurring compound produced mainly in the liver and involving the pancreas and kidneys. In human clinical studies it has proven to increase strength and muscle mass. It is critical to the maintenance of energy within the body and is recommended as an aid to reverse the symptoms of age-related deterioration of muscle.
       Holy Basil, a 5000 year old Ayurvedic herb named Tulsi, is one of the most effective herbs to aid reduction of the harmful overproduction of cortisol due to stress. It aids emotional stability, physical endurance, and is a COX-2 inhibitor of inflammatory enzymes
     L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid able to increase the brain’s levels of serotonin and melatonin aiding sleep, elevating mood, relieving PMS (premenstrual syndrome), and reducing carbohydrate cravings.  Extensive research indicates benefits for treating migraine headaches, insomnia, schizophrenia, compulsive overeating and alcoholism.

Wonder Nutrient #1
    Alpha-lipoic acid is a remarkable metabolic antioxidant readily transported through cellular membranes and used to help recycle other antioxidants. This means when Vitamin E neutralizes lipid peroxidation it is recycled back again to its active form by lipoic acid. It does a similar task with Vitamin C.
    Playing a role in both water soluble and oil soluble antioxidants, lipoic acid also acts as a catalyst and chelator. In Europe it is used for detoxification of heavy metal poisoning, may help reduce atheroclerosis, the bad effects of diabetes and oxidative stress. It appears to exert a protective effect against the formation of cataracts.
      Research indicates that lipoic acid prevents HIV replication. It has the ability to protect the genetic material, DNA, in the cell nucleus and protect NF kappa-B in the cytosol and most important bolster cellular glutathione levels in the system and in lymphocytes.The results are protection of the cells.

Wonder Nutrient #2
    CoQ10  and Ubiquinol (reduced CoQ10) are an enzyme and a potent antioxidant that helps produce energy in the cells. It aids in the increase  of  the volume of oxygen in the blood. It is used clinically  for heart disease, high blood pressure, immune system stimulation, slowing the ageing process, periodontal disease, peptic ulcers, and muscular dystrophy.

Wonder Nutrient #3
    L-Carnitine is a pseudo amino acid with vitamin like status called Vitamin Bt. It is important for the heart because it prevents fatty build-up. It helps regulate fat metabolism and lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It helps to move fats into the mitochondria of the cell for energy and prevents the build-up of ketones (fat waste products) in the blood. L-Carnitine comes in several forms and is found in many weight loss formulas.

Four Little Pills That Make a BIG Difference!

SerraflazymeCardiovascular Research / Ecological Formulas Serraflazyme An article written in Natural News along with references reports of a 2008 study that compared Serratiopeptidase and its anti-inflammatory activity with 2 human pancreatic proteolytic enzymes (trypsin and chymotrypsin) and aspirin. Although all groups were effective at reducing inflammation, serratiopeptidase was the most effective. (6) It was also proven to be effective at reducing swelling and pain intensity in individuals with carpel tunnel and sprained ankles.(7-8) Other studies have shown similar anti-inflammatory effects after oral surgery was performed.(9)

A 2006 study looked at the role serratiopeptidase has on improving immunity. This experimental animal study involved implanting a biofilm-forming bacteria (Staphylococcus epidermis) into a group of rats. The group given serratiopeptidase was highly effective at eliminating this infection. The researchers credited the antibiofilm properties of this specific enzyme as being the key factor. It is also hypothesized that this enzyme may be used to make antibodies more effective. (10)

This nutrient also has a controversial background indicated by Wikipedia. The information of wikipedia is public and in the nutrient arena often one sided but always interesting.

GH3 Gerovital H3Tierra Mega Nutrients Gerovital GH-3 this is the original Dr. Ana Aslan formula developed in Romania and used throughout the world. Us Presidents such as President Kennedy and President Reagan visited and used the product for its special benefits. For more information to read click here presented in Wikipedia- keep in mind that all research was done in Romanian and Russian and not English. Although there are not recognized studies in English it appears that she was fully recognized and appreciated throughout the world for her work.

Organic Germanium 100mgJarrow Germanium GE-132 a rare element usually thought of as something used in microprocessors, became known as a valuable nutrient? It happened because of the curiosity and insight of one man, Japanese scientist, Dr. Kazuhiko Asai. After discovering the biologic value of Bis-Beta Carboxyethyl Germanium, "Organic Germanium Complex", also called Ge-Oxy 132, he set-up the Asai Research Institute and Clinic in Tokyo, Japan, to conduct clinical trials.

People were treated with Dr. Asai's Organic Germanium (Ge-Oxy 132) at dosages ranging from as low as 50 mg. to as high as 3000 mg. (3 grams) per day. Read the full article for the amazing actions of this nutrient.

R-Lipoic 50mgIntensive Nutrition r-Lipoic Acid  contains the “R” form of Alpha Lipoic Acid, a well known antioxidant formula that is believed to help delay the onset of aging as well as act as a potent antioxidant in the brain. Most Alpha Lipoic Acid is a racemic mixture of both “S” and “R” forms of Alpha Lipoic Acid. Intensive Nutrition’s R-Lipoic contains only the “R” component of Alpha Lipoic Acid. The “R” form is the biologically active component of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) which means that it is the only form that one’s body can absorb and synthesize. In addition, “R” Lipoic formulas are TEN TIMES MORE effective than racemic ALA products.

EDITORIAL - Proctor and Gamble Buys New Chapter Vitamins by Michael LeVesque, President, Vitamin Express

Our health industry is in constant change. As products become more accepted and recognized for their benefits- their sales increase and before long we are no longer hidden from the large wealthy corporations that seek new avenues of profit and growth. The recent acquisition of New Chapter Vitamins by Proctor and Gamble is a continuing development of this industry being bought by larger and larger companies.

New Chapter is the maker of many of our favorite products. Retailers and many consumers were upset by the intrusion of Proctor and Gamble into the health supplement industry because of their orientation towards questionable additives that are within their products and because of their deep relationship to the Monsanto Corporation who is experiencing lawsuits throughout the world from their products, in particular their pesticides used to kill off weeds while not harming their controversial genetically modified plants that scientifically appear to cause horrible environmental and human effects.

New Chapter's sale to Proctor and Gamble opens up many speculations and reactions. Most of these are negative filled with disappointment and betrayal. The New Chapter owners state the opposite will be the results. Perhaps they could be right? Perhaps in the short term- or what about the long term?

My speculation is only one of a handful that people may speculate.

In the short term a possible positive influence for the health supplement industry is that with Proctor and Gamble's far reaching economic influence and wealth, they could stem the tide of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) move towards crippling the supplement industry with its draconian rules they wish to impose on new dietary ingredients (NDI).

Presently the battle waged to protect the innovation and creative hard work this industry has done to bring new  health promoting products to market is in grave danger. The industry has become weakened and loosely organized especially by the disintegration of the grass roots activities that once was bold and powerful due to the large number of small independent health food shops across the country. The demise of these small health food stores has come over time as Whole Foods Market aimed at plundering their customer base in seeking locations where small stores were successful. 

Nevertheless, this has not slowed down the continual creative introduction of supplement manufacturers' new products as they respond to modern nutritional biochemical science. However, the FDA in the process of delivering their staggering blow to the health industry by their very late mandated NDI regulations is doing what it has always done- regulate the market to secure profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

Meanwhile Whole Foods Market has grown, and yet as they have grown they continually shrink their health supplement sections. They have also for some bizarre sense of reasoning allowed the sale of GMO products in their stores contrary to their long standing to uphold the banner of the health food industry's opposition to GMO products.

Supposedly the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has made this a stipulation (or is it blackmail) for Whole Foods to sit at the table with Monsanto to discuss and argue the issue! Does this mean that you must join the opposition and become them before you can talk to the opposition? Everything is wrong here. Something just doesn't make sense. 

Making things even worse is that the FDA recently hired the past President of the Natural Products Association to head up the hatchet job to write the new NDI regulations. This is certainly a breach of ethical rules worthy of a lawsuit as well as a sense that our own health supplement organization for lobbying has been undermined and secretly investigated while we think someone is on our side, understanding the commitment, effort and ethics of our industry.

So here's a possibility and to appreciate it fully let's look at the herb "stevia". Stevia's history is one of constant struggle as the supplement industry tried relentlessly to get it approved as a food additive. It is used throughout the rest of the world as a non-caloric sweetener for beverages and food. It also has herbal benefits. Nevertheless the FDA always blocked this recognition, ignoring the science upon which decisions should be made adhering to the influence of economic lobbyists and prejudiced administrators.

However, once Coca Cola sought FDA approval, stevia was granted almost immediately its new status as a sugar substitute. Of course the science had been presented long before by the health supplement industry which had done all the hard work. This clearly showed the favoritism of the FDA and the source of its controlling base from which it operates.

So here we have Phase One.- the FDA approves stevia as a sugar substitute. That is one of the largest single food markets in the world. Everyone in the Health supplement industry were celebratory about the event. Then emerges Phase Two- how to really control the market. Well it worked with corn and soybeans why not stevia. Sure enough the process has begun to produce a GMO stevia. That's why there are different rules for different groups- why money in politics and in science really don't belong there when the motivation is to control for profit without ethics.

So let's look at Phase One possibilities for Proctor and Gamble. Since New Chapter has many products that could fall under the proposed NDI regulations- they may stop the FDA in their tracks by their financial influence and size and connections and suddenly bring logic and sensible judgement into the FDA regarding NDI's.There could even be an endorsement of the desperate solution to save the industry through HR3380 that you find promoted at the end of this Report.

Or Phase One could have Proctor and Gamble use their influence and wealth to negotiate the NDI channels swiftly and secure a status that helps to limit other company's competitive challenges of similar products. This could greatly hamper innovation and creative development and destroy available products at low cost.

What might Phase Two look like? Could it mean that one by one the most popular and effective herbs become GMO's, That the health food industry becomes a relic rather than the salvation of the American Health catastrophe? Let's face it, with the media's monopolization and the energy monopolization and the medical care monopolization and the food industry's monopolization our remaining choices are pathetically slim and struggling. Fortunately, nature prefers differentiation and since we are part of nature society doesn't hold together long without the benefits that differentiation creates- so in time- it will all change regardless of how much control and wealth is used.

Phase Three could spring up in opposition where we place our wealth with ourselves- our taxes that we give finance our education, our health, and our government. We no longer give entitlements to large corporations which hoard and coerce and drive us to war and financial ruin. Any entitlements go to the citizens that are the base of society and deserve health, happiness and peace. Differentiation and protected competition become the hallmark of the economy.

Why is everyone so positive about the wrong thing?

The additives issue boils in our blood. For years we have fought for purity in products and look to science as helping to guide us through the issues. The leadership thinks otherwise and it doesn't seem to matter when money represents the wrong side.

The Committee agreed to adopt the use of Aspartame-Acesulfame Salt (INS 962)at a maximum level of 2000 mg/kg, Sorbates (INS 200-203)at a maximum level of 2000 mg/kg, and Sucroglycerides (INS 474)at a maximum level of 2500 mg/kg.

The additives were approved with no restrictions on product form categories, therefore giving food supplement manufacturers more flexibility as they can be used in solid or liquid form.

The move means that these additives will now be presented at the Codex Alimentarius Commission which will consider them for final adoption into the General Standard for Food Additives (GSFA) in July this year.

“We are very pleased with this outcome,” said David Pineda, IADSA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs. “The alternative of deleting these additives from the General Standard for Food Additives list or adopting very low levels would have created both considerable confusion in many countries and significant barriers to trade. We are continually working to ensure that adopted levels are both safe for consumers and consistent with those widely used by the global food supplement industry.

Science Based Medicine Proves the Importance of Nutrition!

The Primal Panacea: Vitamin C Can Defeat Deadly Infections

An Interview with Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D. by Richard Passwater. This incredible interview is excellent and well worth reading for your own and family's health. Here is a short excerpt. (Click above for the whole article.)
Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D., is a board-certified cardiologist and the author of Stop America’s #1 Killer: Reversible Vitamin Deficiency Found to be Origin of ALL Coronary Heart Disease (Livon Books, 2006, ISBN 0-9779529-0-2), Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins (Livon Books, 3rd edition, 2009, ISBN-10: 0977952029), plus three other ground-breaking medical books. He is one of the leading vitamin C experts in the world and frequently lectures about the proper role of vitamin C in the treatment of a host of medical conditions and diseases to medical professionals all over the globe.
Levy: The 60 Minutes piece in New Zealand, Living Proof?, can be viewed on the front page of my Web site, While the response of this intubated, comatose patient who was deemed terminal after an extended fight with the H1N1 swine flu was certainly very dramatic, it is equally important to appreciate that it was not an unexpected result to anyone who understands the excess oxidative stress associated with all infections and the ability of vitamin C to neutralize and reverse that existing excess oxidative damage, as well as to block further excess oxidative stress from occurring. As long as irreversible tissue and organ damage have not already occurred prior to initially receiving properly dosed vitamin C, a full recovery should be anticipated and should shock nobody.

Passwater: Is injectable ascorbate available today for U.S. physicians? There was a scare not too long ago that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was preventing the sale of injectable ascorbate.

Levy: It wasn’t a scare. It was quite calculated, and the situation is very serious. Not too long after the airing of Living Proof? on New Zealand’s 60 Minutes program, FDA shut down the mass production of injectable vitamin C by McGuff Pharmaceuticals, which was the company name clearly visible on the vials of vitamin C featured on that program. Since then, FDA has “allowed” vitamin C orders to be separately “formulated” by the McGuff compounding pharmacy, as well as by other compounding pharmacies in the United States. Merit Pharmaceuticals also sells injectable vitamin C, although, to my knowledge, all of that vitamin C is produced by Bioniche Pharmaceuticals in Ireland. All of these “interventions” by FDA have only served to make injectable vitamin C more expensive, which would represent a good initial goal for FDA, as it always appears the agency will do anything to make Big Pharma happier. However, it would still be wonderful if FDA would stop its apparent agenda to ultimately ban vitamin C, although I doubt this is likely. Probably the “best” ultimate outcome will be that vitamin C ends up being available only through prescription. Things are happening very rapidly on this front, and ready access to vitamin C, along with nearly all other supplements, may end as we know it before 2012 is over.

The Inappropriateness of So-Called “Evidenced-Based Medicine”—Especially for Studying Nutrients: A Tarnished Concept.

An Interview with Steve Hickey, Ph.D. and Richard Passwater. This is a must read interview to understand the differenc between Science based medicine and Evidence base medicine. Below are some comments from the article. It is really brilliant and again proves that you want to be treated as an "individual" not as a "statistic" when you go to a doctor. (Click above for the whole article.)
We had no trust in EBM, as it is almost untestable. EBM is not science; indeed, it isn’t even rational. Unfortunately, it has the superficial appearance of being a good idea and thus has infected the way doctors think. EBM distorts treatments and harms patients. It is like a cancer, contaminating medicine with irrationality. So, the title, Tarnished Gold, expresses the idea that the medical gold standards have been tainted by a sickness called EBM.

Evidence is what lawyers use to support their arguments. This is no coincidence, since it turns out that the key rules for EBM came from the legal system. Judges stipulated the rules for legal evidence, during a case in which a pharmaceutical company was being sued for drug side-effects. Corporate medicine seized on this idea because it helped them create a bigger monopoly and avoid lawsuits. Consequently, the evidence in EBM is not scientific data but legal evidence.

Disturbingly, this evidence protects the doctor, pharmaceutical company or government from legal challenges by patients. We suggest that the term evidence-based in EBM is replaced with legal-based (LBM, or legalistic medicine) to remind patients that it does not serve their interests.

 Case studies are a unique source of information that is typically unobtainable from clinical trials and meta-analyses. Anecdotal reports provide direct information about individuals. A large-scale clinical trial is nothing more than a poorly controlled series of case studies. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to analyze a series of individual patients with at least as much rigor as in a clinical trial. Most clinical trials fail by design—they are too large, poorly controlled and badly analyzed.

If medicine is going to become truly scientific, it will begin with studying individual patients. One approach is to redesign clinical trials in terms of a sequence of individuals. Individual doctors can then evaluate treatments for themselves at low cost.

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, March 13, 2012

Doctors Say Vitamins are Safe and Effective

(OMNS, March 13, 2012) The news media proclaim that taking vitamin supplements is of no value and, somehow, actually dangerous. You have heard an earful from reporters. Now let's hear from doctors. (Click above for the whole article.)

The old saying remains true: the person who says it can't be done should not interrupt the person successfully doing it. Progressive doctors prescribe vitamins because they work. If your doctor doesn't "believe" in vitamins, maybe it is time for him or her to change such an antiquated belief system in favor of the true clinical evidence.

Read the complete article for a vast range of experience from over fifteen doctors' experience with nutritional supplements. What follows is a single example.

Michael Janson, M.D.:

The standard American diet does not provide even the RDA. Two-thirds of all meals are eaten outside the home, and nearly half of them are in fast food joints. You can't expect this to provide all the necessary nutrients, and many studies show that it does not. A large number of people admitted to hospitals are found to have deficiencies, and the problems worsen in the hospital. Those given supplements have a lower rate of complications, faster discharge from the hospital and fewer deaths. Vitamin companies do not send doctors on expense paid vacations or "seminars," as do the drug companies for prescribing their drugs, and vitamins are safe and cheap. But surely this does not influence pharmaceutical-advertising-paid-for media!

Vitamin E in high doses (800 IU) enhances immunity in healthy elderly subjects. Vitamin C in doses (2,000 mg) far above the RDA (90 mg) significantly reduces allergic rhinitis and asthma and speeds the recovery from airway constriction induced by histamine. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) was used successfully to treat trigeminal neuralgia, as described in an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association way back in 1940.

Many people are losing their faith in the medical profession because many doctors are unwilling to accept what is becoming common knowledge: nutrition and nutrient therapies are safer, cheaper and more effective than most other medical treatment. It is clear that most media reporters do not know the current nutrition literature, they do not know the old literature, and they do not know the middle-aged literature. If they do not know the literature, they should not be writing articles.

Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. (USA), Editor and contact person. Email: Readers may write in with their comments and questions for consideration for publication and as topic suggestions. However, OMNS is unable to respond to individual emails. 

Anxiety and Herbs




There are many cause as we all know for anxiety. Often it comes and goes and the body handles it fine. When it keeps occurring it becomes a health issue. That is the time when natural options should be the first avenue of exploration. Sometimes a cup of chamomile tea or holy basil (tulsi) tea is the answer.Sometimes there is no answer because the system is locked down and that's a good time to try herbal remedies that are formulated as aids to reducing anxiety. When you take a good formula you can feel the mental shift and the opening of the mental processes functioning once again. It's natural, non-addictive and opens the opportunity to evaluate the cause of the anxiety and with that comes the solution. Ah yes, let's all go to Kauai!

URGENT Political Action Required- Please Help and Support!





March 18, 2012


          Expressing regret with the FDA’s dismissal of Senators Hatch and Harkin’s written request for the FDA to withdraw the draft Guidance for New Dietary Ingredients for supplements, Congressmen Dan Burton (R-IN) and Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) have sent a similar letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, M.D.  Industry and consumers have been alarmed by this draft Guidance ever since last July when the FDA issued it amidst much fanfare but with the miserable intention of requiring thousands of “new” supplement ingredients to undergo expensive, drug-like safety testing.

          The Burton-Chaffetz letter references numerous examples where the draft Guidance requirements clearly run counter to the will of Congress and the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).  A key feature of DSHEA is the watershed date of October 15, 1994, with all supplement ingredients marketed before that date being considered as safe. This “grandfather” date is the exact issue addressed by H.R.3380, the Dietary Supplement Protection Act. The bill would move the 1994 DSHEA grandfathering date forward from October 15, 1994 to January 1, 2007, so as to encompass and protect thousands of “new” dietary-supplement ingredients that are already safe but that the FDA would drive from the marketplace with its burdensome new testing requirements.

          The Guidance explicitly rejects these supplements and instead requires each manufacturer to shoulder the burden of showing use of a supplement prior to 1994 to classify them as being exempted from the guidance. In fact, 1994 has even been changed by the FDA to 1986 for exemption purposes. If a manufacturer is unable to supply this data – a difficult burden some 17 years after the fact – the Guidance allows FDA bureaucrats to re-characterize old ingredients and supplements as being new and subject them to the new regulatory burdens set forth in the NDI Guidance.

          For those companies that started manufacturing and selling supplements since 1994, these burdens would be cost-prohibitive and unnecessary because they have already been generally recognized as safe for human consumption. The NDI burdens illegally imposed by the FDA upon Americans will greatly increase the cost of supplements to the 53% percent of the US population who consume supplements, despite 17 years of historical use safety by millions of Americans for many of these “new” supplements. Just as importantly, it will also kill off innovation in the supplement industry.

          The Burton/Chaffetz letter forewarns that if the FDA does not withdraw the guidance, legislation will be considered. That legislation is H.R.3380. This bill would exempt many thousands of supplements not just from this guidance but also from future burdensome and unnecessary FDA regulatory policies. In Federal statute, it drastically closes the window against which unjustifiable bureaucratic actions can be taken in the future. H.R.3380 does not impact any other post-marketing regulations for protecting consumer safety.

          The Hatch-Harkin letter and the FDA’s blunt rejection of it – and the almost-certain rejection of the Burton-Chaffetz letter – are the start of an extended negotiation process with the FDA. The National Health Federation initiated the introduction of H.R.3380 with the intent not to engage in a process that will neither benefit the people nor the industry in the long term. As the most-experienced organization in the health-freedom community, we know all too well the history of what has happened and will not stand by to witness it again.

The Burton/Chaffetz letter can be downloaded from the NHF webpage at (Click Here)

Health-freedom advocates and supplement consumers need to proactively lobby their Congressional Representatives to cosponsor H.R.3380. This can be done at the NHF homepage at


So, today, not tomorrow, read the Bill for yourself and then contact your Congressional Representative and ask him or her to co-sponsor and support H.R.3380. Contact your trade organization, your friends, your family, your customers and ask them to do the same thing. Make as many copies of this News Release as you want, which you are free to do, and distribute them far and wide, to every one of your customers and contacts. Those who want to help even more, contact NHF directly.



Will You Be Health Freedom's Next Hero?


Click here for the permanent link to this news release, use this link to inform others.


National Health Federation: Established in 1955, the National Health Federation is a consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals' rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements and use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions. The NHF is the only such organization with recognized observer-delegate status at Codex meetings.


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