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Next month we'll be our first showcasing of Staff Favorites. Our staff will each choose over the next few months their favorite ten  products from the thousands available. Enjoy our newsletter and the Best of Health to you!

My favorite weight loss products:

Why these products? First, Deep Thought to aid mental energy, discipline, focus, and remove procrastination. Second, spirulina, the complete food that reduces cravings and suppresses appetite while aiding improved energy. Keep in mind spirulina is high in phosphorus which pulls calcium, so it's important to take calcium with spirulina.

Next, Vitamin D3, a necessity for aiding thyroid function, activating the entire body's systems, and mental welfare. L-Canitine to mobilize fat into the mitochondria for energy and proper fat metabolism.  Next, is the remarkable Hoodia which clinically changes the brain's orientation toward hunger. This product is the real, authorized form of Hoodia from South Africa. Holy Basil is chosen for its cortisol reduction abilities, while aiding relaxation, calm and enhancing patience.

Heart Support not only aids the heart, it also aids the production of growth hormone by the pituitary gland when taken before exercise or at bedtime. This promotes the building of muscle and dramatically increases the burning of fat. The Revitalization System is one of the best complete health nutrition packages for general health, well being, and energy. Fatigue becomes something of the past and the desire to get out there and exercise or complete projects becomes a welcomed reality!  

Tyler Similase is complete digestive enzyme high in lipase, a fat digestive enzyme and is one of the most effective enzyme formulas available. The final choices are Ultra Lipo Plex or the Ultimate Fat Metabolizer, both are true fat burners while improving over-all health and liver function.The choices here are for healthy people and if a person has a thyroid condition or some other health issue they should be sure to get professional help in choosing natural products. Michael

KAL Deep Thought™

Deep Thought™
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Enzymatic Therapy Energy Revitalization System (Berry)

Energy Revitalization System (Berry)
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Enzymatic Therapy Fatigue to Fantastic formula


Integrative Therapeutics Tyler Similase

Tyler Similase
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Nature's Plus Ultra Lipo-Plex

Ultra Lipo-Plex
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Country Life Ultimate Fat Metabolizer

Ultimate Fat Metabolizer
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Keep Freedom to Choose Alive! - We must get H.R. 3380 Passed, click here.

Here's the scoop- nearly all supplements that have had changes since 1994 must be removed from the market for 75 days while they wait for FDA approval. The FDA will be inundated with hundreds of thousands of NDI (New Dietary Ingredient) applications when the guidance is adopted, costing in the billions of dollars and most certainly way beyond the ability of the FDA to cope.

Also, any change, even altering the level of a nutrient intake or changing the copy on a label will require the FDA oversight and approval in advance of marketing any product. Also, every NDI must be done by every company regardless that the ingredient has been approved by the FDA. Any violations will be met with possible criminal proceedings.

Presently there is one small door of opportunity. It is the will of the people to demand legislative action by the passage of H.R.3380. It is the only game in town. 

This can be done at the National Health Federation homepage at 

Here's what goes on with the NHF and another reason to support the organization.




By Scott Tips, President, National Health Federation

April 5, 2012         

            Tipped off by the European Union delegation while at the Codex Committee on Contaminants in Foods meeting in Maastricht last week, I attended a very special session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission where the animal steroid drug Ractopamine was discussed.  Held in Paris, France today, the meeting was another one of those special “facilitated” sessions where a facilitator – in this case the Codex Alimentarius Commission Chairman Mr. Sanjay Dave – somehow tries to bring two irreconcilable sides together so as to reach a compromise.

            The compromise?  To see if the 70% of the World who refuses to accept unhealthy, ractopamine-doped meat in its food supply from the other 30% who want to make more money by selling such unhealthy meat (pork, beef, turkey, etc.) can be convinced to yield to the 30%.  Some compromise!  Heads you lose, tails we win . . . .

            Evidently, the Western Hemispheric countries (from Canada in the north down to Argentina and Chile in the south) want to sell their Arnold-Schwarzenegger animal meat with nary a thought for the adverse health effects (to humans or the animals), just so long as they can make a few dollars more per animal.  So, I went to this meeting expecting the worst.  Remember, the NHF had fought ractopamine-doped meat at Codex many times before (see and barely won at previous meetings, thanks really to the firm opposition of the European Union, China, Russia, and the others who actually, ironically, speak more for American and Canadian consumers than do those citizens’ own representatives!  But NHF is well-known for being aggressively outspoken on these issues.

                  Today, I spoke out twice against this drug monstrosity.  The second time followed Australia’s feeble attempt to justify poisoning the World with yet another dangerous chemical.  “We either abide by our own rules or we don’t,” he intoned, building on his theme that since the Codex scientists had conducted three expert reviews that said a little of this poison in our meat supply was fine we should swallow the poison wholesale.

            I spoke right after him and agreed that “We either abide by our own rules or we don’t.  In this case, let’s just buy a big rubber stamp labeled ‘Approved,’ give it to the Secretariat, and from now on just let her rubber-stamp every decision given to Codex by the scientists.  What need is there then for our review at the Commission level?  It’s been proposed that just because JECFA [the scientists] issued an opinion and just because the underlying Committee accepted it, then we at the higher Commission level must automatically accept it.  That’s wrong and the rules say that we can either accept or reject such decisions.  The JECFA science is faulty, they are not perfect and we should not automatically accept bad science here.  What we at NHF do not understand is when so much of the World’s population has substantial health concerns with a proposed standard and with the supposed science behind it, how could anyone justify forcing that unhealthy standard upon the majority?  It will destroy the credibility of Codex, all for some commercial interests that want to push their ractopamine-doped meat on the rest of the World.”

            The three-hour-long special meeting was not productive, the two sides’ irreconcilable positions were just restated for all to hear once again amidst calls for the Commission to abandon its attempt to set a Maximum Residue Level for ractopamine-doped meat in the food supply.  But it shows how determined the United States, Canada, Brazil, and other New-World countries are to push their ill-health upon the rest of us.  The issue will come up again at the Commission meeting in Rome this coming July.

            The NHF’s position:  How can you compromise with ill-health? You either have the poison in your food or you don’t.  Anything in between is yielding to the poison, and accepting the concept that money is more important than good health.  The NHF will continue being outspoken on this issue and will do whatever it can to stop our food from being poisoned.

            Your support is critical to help us keep fighting this and other issues at Codex.  We are Your Voice for Health Freedom!  Help us be there for you.  Go to and join us, donate, volunteer.



Click here for the permanent link to this news release, use this link to inform others.


For further information on Codex, please visit the NHF website (Codex):

NHF Codex Book 

NHF Codex Overview
May be used as an article or printed as a handout to educate on Codex) - 

NHF-UK Codex Overview
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NHF-Dutch Codex Overview
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Will You Be Health Freedom's Next Hero?


National Health Federation: Established in 1955, the National Health Federation is a consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals' rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements and use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions. The NHF is the only such organization with recognized observer-delegate status at Codex meetings.


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