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SAVE use the Coupon Code! Staff Favorites Part 2, New - Saw Palmetto, Ractopamine Update

August 2012 - Print | Index

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Enjoy our newsletter and the Best of Health to you in this warm month of August 2012.

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Staff Favorites List #3 & #4!

This month we feature Michael C and Katie from the Fillmore Street store who have provided us with their choices of their top ten favorite products.

First we have Michael C’s List - #3:

  1. Natural Factors CoQ10 - A potent fat soluble antioxidant that aids cardiovascular and liver function while promoting increased oxygenation.  My favorite, “go to” for a safe effective energy boost!
  2. NOW Astaxanthin- The antioxidant nutrient that aids brain/eye health, radiation protection and helps reduce inflammation. It contains 800 times the antioxidant activity of CoQ10, 6000 times more than Vitamin C and 550 times that of Vitamin E! Give it 30 days to see results.
  3. Garden Of Life Coconut Oil – great for the immune system as an effective antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. It is a building block for hormones and contains MCT's which are readily used as energy fuel.  A gift for those with yeast overgrowth!
  4. Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 – A high quality balanced source of EFA's including algae sourced DHA.  Essential Fatty Acids are essential for heart, brain and nerve health. They make us feel happier by supporting neurotransmitter production and helping to reduce harmful inflammation.  This formula also contains DHA which increases memory, serotonin levels and focus.  Excellent formula for vegetarians and vegans! -available in store.
  5. East Park d-Lenolate - Boost your immune system and energy levels with this special extract of olive leaf.  Olive leaf has shown to inhibit every virus and bacteria it has ever been tested against!  It aids arrhythmia's, helps to balance blood pressure and acts as a aromatase inhibitor helping protect the body from harmful estrogen's.  It is shown to be safe even at high doses and can be taken long term.  Start slow and watch for a healing reaction, this is a good sign and means the product is working.
  6. YES Hawaiian Spirulina - Nature's potent multivitamin that is rich in bio available vitamins and minerals including beta carotene, zeaxanthan and SOD.  Spirulina chelates heavy metals, energizes, reduces appetite and supplies a balanced source of amino acids. It’s advisable to add calcium with this supplement.
  7. BioPharm's Cell Support - The ultimate advanced antioxidant enzyme formula!  Over a quart of sprouts goes into making one tablet.  Cell Support aids our antioxidant enzyme function: SOD, methionine and glutathione.  Your ultimate radiation shield!
  8. OLA LOA Energy MultiVitamin -  It contains TMG (tri-methyl glycine), essential B-Vitamin co-factors, C, ALA (alpha lipoic acid), CoQ10 and amino acids to support healthy methylation.  Healthy methylation is critical for heart, liver and brain health. TMG acts as a precursor to SamE and DMG which support good mood and energy.  My favorite product for an effective mood and energy lift.
  9. Nutiva Hemp Protein 15G - A complete plant based protein that is easy to assimilate.  It contains all 9 essential amino acids and supplies a rich amount of sulfur containing amino acids cysteine and methionine. Hemp protein aids detoxification, enzyme production and provides BCAA's needed for muscle growth and repair.  An excellent source of protein for vegans and vegetarians.
  10. Doctors Best R-Lipoic Acid - Up to 10 times more bio-available than the S-form.  This potent antioxidant is both fat and water soluble.  It potentates other antioxidants and works effectively to support the liver.  It helps balance blood sugar levels while increasing ATP production (energy).

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Astaxanthin 4mg



4mg  60 V-caps

MSRP $19.99

Our Price $15.95

CoQ10 100mg Bonus Pack

Natural Factors

CoQ10 100mg

60+60 softgels

MSRP $59.90

Our Price $27.95

Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Organic

Garden Of Life

Coconut Oil

16 oz

MSRP $16.43

Our Price $13.15

EPA-DHA Balance



60 softgels

MSRP $13.95

Our Price $11.85

d-Lenolate 500mg Olive Leaf Extract

East Park

d-Lenolate 500mg

 60 capsules

MSRP $29.95

Our Price $29.95

Spirulina 500mg


Spirulina 500mg

100 caps

MSRP $18.38

Our Price $11.95

Cell Support


Cell Support

190 tabs

MSRP $39.95

Our Price $29.95

Energy (Cran-Raspberry)

Ola Loa Energy


30 packets

MSRP $34.99

Our Price $24.50

Organic Hemp Protein


Org. Hemp Protein

16 oz

MSRP $18.99

Our Price $17.10

Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid 100mg

Doctor’s Best

R-Lipoic Acid

100mg 60 caps

MSRP $33.99

Our Price $20.40

Next we have Katie’s list - #4:

  1. Peter Gillham's Natural Calms Magnesium- Many people these days are magnesium deficient. Peter Gillhams Natural Calms replenishes muscles quickly to help relieve cramping and spasms. My favorite remedy to also help get rid of hiccups really fast :)

  2. Bio-pharms Beauty Med- For me this is the fountain of youth! This product boosts the production of Glutathione, peroxidase and catalase which works on the surface to tone the skin and remove impurities.

  3. Minami fish oils- I have tried a few brands of omega-3's, but this one in my opinion surpasses them all. After a knee injury, finding something that would relieve the pain naturally was quite difficult, until i tried Minami, the pain went away completely.

  4. Paradise Herbs Imperial Adaptogen- We have a lot of stress in this modern world, and our adrenals are being taxed. This blend contains eastern and western herbs known for their stress relieving benefits.

  5. NatureWork's Swedish Bitter's- Bitter's are lacking in the western diet. This formula stimulates digestion and bile secretion from the liver, gallbladder and pancreas which helps digest food properly. Swedish bitters can also be used topically on bites, cuts, and bruises. It is said that this one formula has 47 applications of use.

  6. Life Basics Plant Protein- This has been one of my favorite vegetarian based proteins, it keeps me full and energetic. Life basics contains omega's 3-6-9, 22g of protein per scoop and 3g of fiber as well. I think chocolate is the best flavor.

  7. Dentizyme- I discovered this product on a trip to Utah. The very first time i tried it my teeth became considerably brighter and whiter. My teeth now feel stronger than they ever have, they seem to be re-mineralizing and my gums are healthier than ever. This is one awesome product.

  8. Vega’s Maca- Maca is a great natural hormone regulator, adaptogen and energizer native to Peru. I find that it mixes well with the life basics chocolate protein :)

  9. Nature’s Way Alive Multivitamin- This food based multiple has plenty to offer everyone. The women's multi offers herb blends for hair, skin and nails, breast health, and urinary tract support. The men's multi offers cardiovascular herbs, prostate support and energy blends. This is a product that i can personally feel working, and it is one of my favorites to recommend. 
  10. Y.S. Royal Jelly- This nutrient jelly feeds the queen bee all she needs to survive and produce thousands of offspring per day. Royal jelly also offers many other benefits, from brain health to stress relief. I really like Y.S. Bee's Royal jelly honey formula in tea or on toast.

Click on the bottle to get further information.

Natural Calm

Peter Gillham

Natural Calm

Magnesium 8 oz

MSRP $22.95

Our Price $20.65

Beauty Med GP™


Beauty Med

200 Tablets

MSRP $42.95

Our Price $29.95

MorEPA Smart Fats



60 Softgels

MSRP $39.09

Our Price $29.30

Imperial Adaptogen

Paradise Herbs


60 Vcaps

MSRP $39.99

Our Price $29.95

Sweedish Bitters


Sweedish Bitters

8.45 oz

MSRP $23.49

Our Price $21.15

Life Basic Plant Protein

LifeTime Life Basic

Plant Protein Van


MSRP $24.99

Our Price $22.45


Natura Botanical


1 oz /30ml

MSRP $11.95

Our Price $10.75




60 Vegicaps

MSRP $20.95

Our Price $19.90


Alive! Once Daily

Nature’s Way

Alive Once Daily

60 Tablets

MSRP $25.99

Our Price $20.80


Royal Jelly 2000mg

Y.S. Royal Jelly

  2,000 mg

 35 Capsules

MSRP $18.95

Our Price $17.95

In September two more of our staff will give us their favorites- stay tuned!

Saw Palmetto in the News

Chur, Switzerland—A new study published in Phytotherapy Research has found that saw palmetto (20 mg Prostasan from Bioforce USA) not only improves urinary problems, but also helps with erectile dysfunction.

The journal printed the findings of an eight-week trial lead by urologist Eugen Riedi, M.D., of Chur, Switzerland. After this period, the team found that urinary symptoms improved by more than 50% and sexual problems with ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and overall lack of sexual drive improved by 40%. Approximately 90% of the patients stated that they would take the saw palmetto extract again to address BPH symptoms.

The study involved 82 patients with moderate BPH symptoms and sexual problems.



Codex Shoves Ractopamine Down Our Throats after Narrow Vote

July 05, 2012

(FAO Building – Rome, Italy)  After taking a vote by secret ballot this late morning, the Chairman of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Mr. Sanjay Dave, announced the results of the voting on whether or not Ractopamine (a steroid-like vet drug, the residues of which remain in the slaughtered animal to then be consumed by meat-eaters) standards were adopted.  Out of 143 ballots cast, the vote was 69 for Ractopamine, 67 against Ractopamine, with 7 abstaining.  If only one vote had shifted from the “for” camp to the “against” camp, then the result would have been completely different and the Ractopamine standard would not have been adopted.

          This voting was forced upon the Commission by the insistence of the United States, Costa Rica, and Brazil that the long stalemate over the adoption of a standard for Ractopamine MRLs (Maximum Residue Levels) could not be resolved through the Codex-preferred process of “consensus” but would, after all, have to be voted upon.

          The European Union (EU) and other delegations – firmly opposed to the adoption of a standard for Ractopamine that would permit WTO trade challenges against existing Ractopamine bans – challenged the need for a vote, as they knew that the United States, Canada, and others had been lobbying Codex countries since last year to support Ractopamine use throughout the World.  Nevertheless, in a late-evening Codex session held yesterday, the Commission voted to move forward on a vote, to be held today.

          Numerous delegations had argued for and against the Ractopamine standard in yesterday’s session before the Chairman cut off discussion, leaving 36 country delegations and 2 INGOs (the National Health Federation and Consumers International) without any opportunity to share their views on this issue.  This decision was especially unfortunate because both NHF and CI were prepared to speak out strongly against the World Health Organization representative’s unsupported comment that the science supported the safety of Ractopamine in the food supply.  The Chairman’s abrupt decision to cut off discussion also stood in sharp contrast with that of the previous Codex Chairwoman, Karen Hulebak, who had permitted a much fuller discussion of the delegates’ views, no matter how unpopular they might have been.

          The U.S. Ambassador here in Rome reportedly spent his time from 9:00 pm last night until 9:00 am this morning calling Codex delegates to lobby for their support.  In some cases – our sources report – he, or someone, instructed countries (such as Georgia) to vote the U.S. way or else.  Pro-Ractopamine lobbying had been particularly effective among African countries, with only staunch Kenya and Zimbabwe resisting the siren song of Ractopamine.

          NHF president Scott Tips said this about the result, “The narrow vote reflects the absurdity of this aspect of Codex.  Here you have less than 30% of the World’s pork-consuming countries dictating standards to the other 70% plus of the World!  The European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Kenya, and China correctly argued throughout that the science on Ractopamine was not settled, that this standard was not about health but about pushing commercial profits instead, and that Codex would be damaged by the adoption of this unhealthy standard.  In fact, that is exactly what will unfold as a result of today’s decision: Codex has lost whatever scientific credibility it ever had, even amongst those who have been its biggest supporters.  Despite especially the EU representatives’ herculean efforts – and they are truly the unsung heroines of the day – bad science and ill-health prevailed today, and the World is a worse place for it.”

          NHF predicts that today’s adoption of a standard for Ractopamine MRLs will lead to trade challenges by the United States against China and by Brazil against the European Union to crack open those consumer markets to Ractopamine-doped meat products.  The victory of the United States today in pushing the wishes of its commercial masters – and certainly not those of its citizens, most of whom oppose Ractopamine-doped foods – may very well backfire on that country and its minions as a chain reaction of events unfold, the full scope of which no one here yet knows.

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