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October 2012 - Print | Index

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Best of Health to you!

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Staff Favorites List #7 & #8!

This month we feature Mary, whose idea it was to do this exercise, from the Irving Street store and Heather from the Fillmore Street store. They provide us with their choices of their top ten favorite products in an imaginary store where only ten products can be sold.

First we have Mary’s List - #7:

  1. Flora Flora-Essence – A Great, gentle tonic formula.  Combination of herbs.  One of the herbs is Burdock Root which is great for cellular cleansing.
  2. Ola-Loa Vitamin and Mineral – A convenient multiple with CoQ10 and B12 in a powder form you mix with water or juice.  
  3. Y.S. Organics Bee Propolis Capsules – Excellent for fighting colds and viruses.  Excellent for sore throats.
  4. Solaray Magnesium Asporotate – Very absorbable, needed by the body for many functions, including heart health and nerves.  Helps you sleep.
  5. Carlson Cod Liver Oil Lemon- Essential Fatty Acid.  Source of Vitamin A & D. 
  6. BHI/Heel Traumeel – For the bumps and bruises of life.  Available in ointment, tablets and Liquid.  A more complete Arnica formula.
  7. Green Foods Green Magma – Barley Grass juice powder.  Contains enzymes for digestion and inflammation; chlorophyll; vitamins and minerals.  Antioxidant rich.
  8. Flora Floradix – Liquid Iron with herbs.  Easily absorbed, non constipating.  Perfect for women in all stages of life.
  9. Wobenzym – Great.  On the market for 40+ years.  Helps with inflammation but also aids in the metabolic processes of the body.  Inflammation is a normal process.  The body needs enzymes.  Take on an empty stomach.
  10. TwinLab Vitamin A & D – Vitamin A fights infection, Vitamin D great for mood, bone health and a dry, easily absorbed

Flor-Essence Tea (dry)




MSRP $36.49

Our Price $30.95

Energy (Tropical)

Ola Loa


30 packets

MSRP $34.99

Our Price $24.50

Propolis 1000mg

Y.S. Organics

Propolis 1000mg

90 caps

MSRP $13.90

Our Price $13.20

Magnesium Asporotate


Mag -Asporotate


MSRP $7.79

Our Price $6.25

Cod Liver Oil (Lemon)


 Cod Liver Oil

Lemon 250ml

MSRP $28.90

Our Price $23.10

Green Magma

Green Foods

Green Magma


MSRP $32.99

Our Price $28.05

Floradix Iron + Herbs

Flora Floradix

Iron & Herbs


MSRP $25.99

Our Price $22.10


Garden of Life


100 caplets

MSRP $38.07

Our Price $30.45

Traumeel® Ointment


Traumeel Oint.


MSRP $29.99

Our Price $26.95

Allergy A & D


Allergy A & D

100 capsules

MSRP $10.46 

Our Price $8.35

Next we have Heather’s list - #8: (November will have five more of her Favorites!)

  1. Flora Udo Oil 3-6-9 – When I heard how helpful it was for the nervous system and digestion, I started drinking it with a small cup of almond milk at morning and bed time.  I also learned that for athletes, especially long distance runners, it can be extremely helpful for the muscle and nerves.  Scott Jurek, an Ultra-Marathon runner, has said that at the end of his run it not only helps prevent muscle cramping but also helps to calm his mind and body after a long workout.
  2. Vibrant Health Green Vibrance – I  like this product because it’s really a few products in one.  It supports digestion and circulation, all around nutrition and the Immune System.  There is a 12 strain, 25 billion, dairy-free Probiotic in this formula.  This product includes nutrient dense plant concentrates and sea vegetables providing trace minerals which nourish and hydrate the body as well as circulate the blood.  There are also adaptogenic herbs which help bring balance to the body and help absorption nutrients. 
  3. Boiron Quietude – Commonly used European homeopathic sleep medicine. Especially good for night shift work and restlessness. Melt two tabs under the tongue one hour before and again right at bed time for quick relief. 
  4. Rainbow Light Counter Attack – A good immune response product to have on hand right before the holidays.  Take it at the first signs of the cold or flu.  With a powerful blend of bitter herbs, it will quickly work to help your body create an atmosphere that reduces most bacteria and viruses.
  5. Flora Flor-Essence –A version of this blend of herbs was originally formulated by the Objibwa Native American Tribe, and was then handed down to a nurse named Rene Caisse.  She worked with Dr. Charles Brusch to help many patients remove toxins in their body that were causing life-long illness and cancer. This cleanse is what I use every six to nine months after the holidays, or when environmental toxins are weighing me down and energy is low.  It is gentle and requires no specific diet. If taken for a month, you will probably notice your sleep will improve, your digestion improve and energy balanced.

Counter Attack Immuno-Response

Rainbow Light

 Counter Attack

30 tablets

MSRP $13.99

Our Price $11.90

Flor-Essence Tea




 MSRP $36.49

Our Price $30.95

Udo's Oil 3·6·9 BlendFlora

Udo’s Oil DHA 3-6-9


MSRP $34.99

Our Price $31.50

Green Vibrance

Vibrant Health

 Green Vibrance


MSRP $49.95

Our Price $44.95





MSRP $12.19

Our Price $10.10

Ola Loa the effective, easy, fizzy multi powder for adults, kids, and active people

awardWhether you are choosing ENERGY Super Multi for superior vitality and antioxidant protection, or KIDS Multi formula, or REPAIR Formula for unparalleled bone and joint support, or SPORT all-natural thirst-quenching hydrating drink formula for active people, you will get great results!

These healthy and complete nutritional formulas were created by Richard Kunin, M.D., a nutrition-oriented physician and Orthomolecular specialist with 30+ years of experience in nutrition medicine and practice. Dr. Kunin pioneered the use of vitamins and minerals in today’s medical practice.

Ola Loa products are recommended for everyday vibrant health as a general anti-aging vitamin supplement for energy and vitality, and for antioxidant protection. They are also great to bring along when traveling. If you spend time outdoors in the summer sun, Ola Loa can also provide protection against harmful ultraviolet exposure. So take your Ola Loa with you wherever you go.

We have all four Ola Loa product formulas. The products are in individual packets of effervescent powder in boxes of 30 or 5 packets.

label information

Organic Food and the Stanford Report - Statistics & Food Evaluation

Studies about organic food versus commercially grown food has caused a big stir.

Is this report worth our consideration? Quality of food is important- including flavor, freshness, enzyme activitiy, protein levels and trace mineral composition- all of which vary geographically. So how relevant are the conclusions?

The most important and major reason we prefer organic food is to avoid the contaminants of insecticides, disinfectants, fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, bactericides, virucides, antibiotics, hormones and the newest offender genetically modified food. These are the true issues of organic versus commercially industrialized farming techniques and their effects on the people who work the farms, produce and food handlers and what ends up on our kitchen tables.

This is one of the major points Michael Pollan from University of California , Berkeley, gives regarding this study, click here.

Here's a short introduction to the media's twist.

Stanford, CA—Findings from a recent Stanford University study have caused a stir in the organic industry. According to the study’s data, organic foods may not be any more healthy or nutritional than their conventionally grown counterparts.

Researchers analyzed 237 studies, some comparing the nutrients levels of organic- and conventional-grown diets, and others testing the bacterial, fungal or pesticide contamination of organic and conventionally grown fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, milk, poultry and eggs tested on human subjects from a range of two days to two years.

Using 237 studies that analyze diets that ranged from tests of 2 days to 2 years and then published as a conclusive status of comparison between the two kinds of food is not really informative about the food we eat. Variation in the studies is great at every level and doesn't point out if there is one particular source of a particular vegetable that has exceptional quality and warrants consumers to search it out. Note the carefully chosen words "may not be" in the study- this is far from conclusive- it is a statistically churned out finding.

This is the age of broad generalizations with little if any detail. This is not useful for a consumer. Now if the study compared nutritional quality of broccoli let's say from organic Farmer Jones to commercially grown Big Market Farms - that would be useful information.

Grouping studies to make a statement leaves too much room for biased selection, errors, incompatible comparisons and selective reporting. Studies of this nature are so broad and filled with variables and varying measurements that to take 237 studies and make sense out of them into a singular opinion is ridiculous. What does it really mean? Analytically it is a pool of measurements with statistical applications that tells us little in particular but can often misdirect.

This is a case where the consumer needs details, each study one by one could be helpful. It is so tiresome to read newspaper articles based on generalizations that later reanalyzed find different conclusions. It ihappened with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium and now organic vegetables. As for organic milk- what does that really mean? Are the cows still given their weekly antibiotic shots and growth hormones? What an extraordinary use of analysis to reach a "may be not" conclusion.

However, here is a study from the University of Texas in Austin December 1, 2004 titled: 

Study suggests nutrient decline in garden crops over past 50 years

AUSTIN, Texas—A recent study of 43 garden crops led by a University of Texas at Austin biochemist suggests that their nutrient value has declined in recent decades while farmers have been planting crops designed to improve other traits.

The study was designed to investigate the effects of modern agricultural methods on the nutrient content of foods. The researchers chose garden crops, mostly vegetables, but also melons and strawberries, for which nutritional data were available from both 1950 and 1999 and compared them both individually and as a group.

The study, based on U.S. Department of Agriculture data, will appear in the December issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Its lead author is Dr. Donald Davis of the university’s Biochemical Institute in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. His coauthors are Drs. Melvin Epp and Hugh Riordan of the Bio-Communications Research Institute in Wichita, Kan., where Davis is a research consultant.

According to Davis, establishing meaningful changes in nutrient content over a 50-year time interval was a significant challenge. The researchers had to compensate for variations in moisture content that affect nutrient measurements, and could not rule out the possibility that changes in analytical techniques may have affected results for some nutrients.

“It is much more reliable to look at average changes in the group rather than in individual foods, due to uncertainties in the 1950 and 1999 values,” Davis said. “Considered as a group, we found that six out of 13 nutrients showed apparently reliable declines between 1950 and 1999.”

These nutrients included protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and ascorbic acid. The declines, which ranged from 6 percent for protein to 38 percent for riboflavin, raise significant questions about how modern agriculture practices are affecting food crops.

“We conclude that the most likely explanation was changes in cultivated varieties used today compared to 50 years ago,” Davis said. “During those 50 years, there have been intensive efforts to breed new varieties that have greater yield, or resistance to pests, or adaptability to different climates. But the dominant effort is for higher yields. Emerging evidence suggests that when you select for yield, crops grow bigger and faster, but they don’t necessarily have the ability to make or uptake nutrients at the same, faster rate.”

According to Davis, these results suggest a need for research into other important nutrients and foods that provide significant dietary calories, such as grains, legumes, meat, milk and eggs.

“Perhaps more worrisome would be declines in nutrients we could not study because they were not reported in 1950—magnesium, zinc, vitamin B-6, vitamin E and dietary fiber, not to mention phytochemicals,” Davis said. “I hope our paper will encourage additional studies in which old and new crop varieties are studied side-by-side and measured by modern methods.”

The need for nutritional supplementation in our country is really a necessity!

Easy use of Herb Express

The taste, the aroma triggers the body's intelligence and immediately our systems begin to react, respond, recoil or relax.

Immunity flexes its powers, organs go into action, everything is affected at some level.

Such simplicity, a dropper of liquid herbal extract producing remarkable noticeable results... and before long you find yourself becoming your own herbal medicine man. It's you who knows and feels the results. Viva La Herbal Extracts!

Whenever and where ever you drink liquids, herbal extracts can be added. Place them on the desk, the counter, the kitchen table- there waiting and ready for your use.

Herb Express Head Aid - Aspirin was first synthesized by using a salacin extract of white willow bark. The white willow bark used in this formula has a very high salacin content. It also contains Meadowsweet another salacin source herb used for its medicinal properties for pain, and feverfew, ginger and pulsatilla. Together this makes an excellent anti-inflammatory aid with all the natural components that don't require a long list of "side effects". The one caution is if you are using pharmaceutical prescription blood thinners, then check with your health professional.

Herb Express Cold & Sinus Blaster - This remarkable herbal extract mouth spray is not for everyone. It is strong and pungent, but oh is it effective! After your initial exposure try it again later, after that you can decide if it's right for you or not. Most customers like it and it has become popular. I use it only under duress and that's because it works for me, but it is also very intense. It does what the label says. Remarkable!

Herb Express Immuno Tonic - This is a complete formula that builds over time and is best when you don't have an acute cold or flu. This formula considers the whole system because it addresses the wild card of stress, one of the towering agents impacting immunity. Keep it handy and use frequently. Studies at McGill University in Canada found that echinacea used over time aided longevity.

Herb Express Kids' Cough - This contains honey and is not suitable for kids under 1 year of age. It is an acute formula that has far reaching benefits and uses. It is important to follow the dosages on the label for best results. Herbs work well but frequency is important and produces benefits in a timely manner. Children in particular seem to respond well to herbal extracts but sometimes they need to be mixed with other tasty liquids to encourage them.

Herb Express Men's Silver - Here's a formula that men can use daily and see the benefits increase as they continue.  Over time the benefits seem to be more than just prostate health. I noticed an improvement in strength, endurance and attitude. Once those differences became apparent I found myself taking breaks from the product for a couple weeks so that resuming it seemed to build over the last level. It's a great product!Men's Silver

PropolisHerb Express Propolis - Years ago my favorite product for sore throats was a propolis product from Holistic Horizon. It was discontinued and thereafter I continued to seek a product that would do what it did. Finally after all these years it was here before me. What is special about this product is how it reacts in water. All other propolis products I have tried dissolve poorly or not at all in water making a mess and a  black substance (pure propolis) that is nearly impossible to remove from glasses let alone your own teeth.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.