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Discount Coupon, Staff Favorites, Flu Fighters, Flouridation Issue, Prop 37 Fallout, Quick List

November 2012 - Print | Index

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Best of Health to you!

  • Staff Favorites 10 + 10 great products!
  • Staying Healthy during times of Flu and colds
  • Flouridation and Health
  • Prop 37 GMO labeling in California
  • Link for the quick list- Web specials in company order

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Staff Favorites List #9 & #10!

This month we feature Yvonne, the Manager of the Fillmore Street store and Linda, the Manager of the Irving Street store. They provide us with their choices of their top ten favorite products in an imaginary store where only ten products can be sold.

First we have Yvonne’s List - #9:

1. Vega “Sport” -Performance Protein– New and reformulated! Great tasting, mixes easily, and it isn’t grainy. Sweetened with Stevia and doesn’t leave aftertaste! I like that it is a non -isolated plant-based protein! It is an Alkaline–forming protein with 5000 mgs Glutamine (my Favorite Amino Acid!) 25gm of Protein per serving. I have this for breakfast five out of seven days.

2. Magnesium Plus from Pure Essence Labs. This product is great for muscle cramps, and alkalinizing the system after too much indulgence! Magnesium is so important for so many body functions, but this particular ionic form gets into your system fast and tastes great! I love the Orange Vanilla flavor the most.

3. Floravital– I have noticed marked difference within a few minutes of using this, I felt very anemic one day and after using this remarkable iron, I felt like a normal person again clear mind and restored energy ! The taste is good, and absorbs immediately! One of the best on the market!

4. Turmeric with Meriva by Source Naturals– Used this after breaking my Coccyx for pain, and boy does this work great! More absorbable form of Tumeric, I really noticed a difference. Great for pain management.

5. Green Superfood by Amazing Grass– Want something chocolate for desert with no sugar? And low calories? AGSF Chocolate is yummy, mix it into coconut oil for a super special desert that is high alkaline, gluten free and full of nutrients! On its own it is great green drink, and those of us with trouble digesting spirulina, this one hasn’t caused any GI problems with me! Plus it is ORGANIC!

6. AdrenaSence by Natural Factors– This product is amazing! I have taken this when my adrenals were very compromised and with in 20 minutes I felt myself again! Restored energy! I think what makes this product unique is the herb Suma, which isn’t found in a lot of other adrenal formulas. (Unfortunately it is no longer available.)

7. Sibergin– by HealthAid is another one of my all time favorites. Keep your adrenals happy with this adaptogen! The highest amount of Eleuthero per capsule. I chew mine for an instant hit!

8. B- Healthy-  by Emerald Labs for a really awesome Coenzyme B complex, 2 per day. Great absorption, good for stress!

9. Digest Gold-  One of the best multi enzymes for compromised digestion and food sensitivity, anyone who needs assistance with digestion.

10.  MGA Shampoo and Conditioner-  My boyfriend and I have been using this one for years! Can be used on color treated hair and is gentle enough for everyday. This product is perfect for problem scalp helps to calm itchy dry scalp. Paraben Free; SLS free; GMO free; Phthalate free; Certified Vegan;

Sport Protein Vanilla

Vega Sport

Protein 827gm

MSRP $69.99

Our Price $66.50

Ionic-Fizz Magnesium Plus

Pure Essence

Ionic Fizz

Mag+ 342gm

MSRP $44.98

Our Price $40.50

FloraVital Iron + Herbs

Flora Floradix

Iron & Herbs


MSRP $25.99

Our Price $22.10

Meriva Turmeric Complex

Source Naturals

Meriva Turmeric


MSRP $13.50

Our Price $10.15

Green Superfood

Amazing Grass

 Green Superfood


MSRP $47.99

Our Price $43.20

Serenity Formula

Natural Factors

Serenity Formula

60 vcaps

MSRP $17.95

Our Price $15.25

Sibergin™ Siberian Eleuthero



30 softgels

MSRP $31.99

Our Price $28.80

B Healthy

Emerald Labs

B Healthy

60 vcaps

MSRP $19.95

Our Price $17.95

Digest Gold


Digest Gold

90 caps

MSRP $46.98

Our Price $41.95

Alchemy Shampoo

Max Green

Alchemy Shampoo


MSRP $24.00

Our Price $21.60

Next we have Linda’s Top 10 Choices #10:

1).  Carlson Fish Oil Orange softgels: Chewy softgels with fresh orange flavored fish oil.  I like to chew 2-4 of these after lunch as a treat.  No fishy burps with Carlson’s high quality fish oils.  
2).  Jarrow Ubiquinol 100mg:  I also chew one of these with the fish oil chewy softgels, this way I add support for gum health as well as the cardiovascular system.
3).  ReserveAge Collagen Booster:  This “Best of Supplements” Award winner for Better Nutrition magazine combines 200 mg Resveratrol and 500 mg Collagen per capsule.  A smart blend for joints and skin that combines anti-inflammatory Resveratrol and supportive Collagen.
4).  Source Naturals Wellness C:  1000mg Vitamin C tablets are a blend of Ascorbates, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Bioflavonoids, Quercetin and Alpha Lipoic Acid.  Two a day throughout the cold and flu season seems to do the trick.
5).  Floradix Iron:  Flora’s liquid Iron is the most absorbable iron we carry.  Non constipating, easy to digest and tasty too.  Essential for pregnant women and people on vegetarian diets needing to build blood.
6).  Flor Essence:  Essiac blend from Flora in liquid or dry herb form.  This blend seems to unburden the liver allowing for better digestion and assimilation of foods.  It is a great jump-start to any weight loss program as it aids elimination as well.
7).  Ray Peat’s Progest E Oil:  Our most absorbable form of Progesterone, preserved in Vitamin E.  Rub a drop into gums once a day to relieve hormonal fluctuations and support bone health.
8).  Nature’s Way Curica:  Pain relief with Turmeric, White Willow and Boswellia.  This formula promotes healthy inflammation response, increases flexibility and relieves pain and stiffness.  Great for people on their feet all day.
9).  NOW Foods 5 HTP 100mg Chewable Tabs:  I chew a tab in the evening before 9:30 pm for sound sleep.  Also, I sometimes chew one during the day for mood support and hormonal headache relief.
10).  Herb Express D3 Liquid:  My favorite and most absorbable way to take Vitamin D3.  One dose is 2000 iu in 5 drops, this one ounce bottle has 185 doses for only $8.10!  Tasty Orange/Lemon flavor as well.  Take daily to keep colds and flus away and aid bone health. 


Fish Oil Orange


Fish Oil Orange

120 + 30sg

MSRP $18.80

Our Price $15.05

Ubiquinol QH-Absorb 100mg


Ubiquinol 100mg

60 softgels

MSRP $49.95

Our Price $42.45

Collagen Booster


Collagen Booster

60 caps

MSRP $39.90

Our Price $35.95

Wellness C-1000

Source Naturals

Wellness C

100 tabs

MSRP $18.50

Our Price $13.90

Flor-Essence Tea


 Flor Essence


MSRP $36.49

Our Price $30.95

Progest-E Complex


Progest E Complex


MSRP $38.50

Our Price $32.95

Floradix Iron + Herbs

Flora Floradix

Iron & Herbs


MSRP $25.99

Our Price $22.10

Curica Pain Relief

Nature's Way

Curica Pain Relief

100 tablets

MSRP $42.99

Our Price $34.40

  5-HTP 100mg


5 HTP 100mg

60 vegicaps

MSRP $22.94

Our Price $14.900

Vitamin D3 2000iu

Herb Express

D3 2000iu

1 oz

MSRP $11.55

Our Price $8.10

How to Remain Healthy During Times of Influenza

If you experience flu symptoms, it is important to get a doctor’s diagnosis and care. What follows is additional nutritional information not appropriate for treating epidemic and infectious diseases. However, it is appropriate for your health and immune system! Some recent news regarding the future of bacterial infections and antibiotics.

  1. Vitamin C - The best way to get Vitamin C is through an IV, but that requires a doctor’s visit. So we settle for oral supplementation, and the best form is the ascorbate form because of the mineral attachment keeping the Vitamin C in the system longer and allowing it to be utilized in more areas of the body. In conjunction with this one should add ascorbyl palmitate- the oil soluble form of Vitamin C, which gets stored in organs easily and is more readily accessible under stress. When you take 1000mgs, the body has sufficient amount to convert it into dihydroascorbate (DHA), and the excess goes into diffusion to aid the immune system. The DHA portion aids brain function, a necessary part of immunity. It also aids hundreds of other biological exchanges in the body. It is Vitamin C, ascorbate that needs to be replenished when flu viruses deplete our system of it. See this controversial news report about Vitamin C and its use in New Zealand as a cure for influenza.
  2. Zinc is required by the thymus gland in order to produce highly differentiated and educated cells that can fight off the onslaught of new bacteria and viruses. It should also be balanced with copper, another necessary micro-mineral that also has a special relation to Vitamin C.
  3. Propolis -- a substance that bees use to build and sterilize their hives -- is their greatest resource for fighting bacteria, viruses and fungus. Propolis has the unique characteristic that it remains effective even with prolonged use and is a natural pain reliever.
  4. Olive leaf extract -- whose main constituent oleuropein -- is broken down to elenolic acid. It has the ability to interfere with critical amino acid production essential for viruses. Research suggests that olive leaf may be a true anti-viral compound because it appears to selectively block an entire virus-specific system in the infected host.
  5. The thymus is an important gland where lymphocytes become T-cells (thymocytes). It is like a post graduate degree in immune function, with the development of T-receptors offering great benefit to immune function. A nutritional biochemist friend suggested thumping the breastbone on occasion to help activate the gland.
  6. Vitamin D made national news in 2005 for its possible role of protecting prisoners from influenza. It appears that Vitamin D is the missing link required by our immune system to fight flu viruses without the harm that flu shots may cause and without the uncertainty that the shots may be inadequate, but I’m not prescribing here- talk to your health care professional.
  7. Vitamin A helps protect the body from chronic diarrhea and respiratory infections. It requires zinc, fat and other minerals for absorption. Vitamin E protects Vitamin A and doubles its effects.
  8. Alpha lipoic acid / r-lipoic acid helps the body recycle both water and oil soluble anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin C, E and A. One of the most important nutrients of this age!
  9. Beta-1,3-glucan is one of the most potent macrophage activators of non-specific immunity. These are generally derived from brewer’s yeast, shitake or maitake mushrooms and greatly enhance resistance to infection.
  10. Colostrum stimulates the balance of the immune system. Sometimes T-killer cells become fanatic and over-active. Colostrum creates a correct ratio between T-helper cells and T-killer cells, so immunity remains strong but not destructive. It also contains the full spectrum of all immunoglobulins or antibodies and with the compliment system, surrounds antigens in a process called optizination, making the antigens attractive to the white blood cells. Colostrum also contains lactoferrin (an iron-binding protein) with the proven ability to suppress the cytomegalovirus that is speculated to be responsible for many cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).
  11. Black elderberry inhibits neuraminidase, the enzyme used by the virus to spread infection to host cells.
  12. Colloidal silver provides virucidal action via silver ions, which act as a potent antiviral inactivating viral envelopes and a large host of other viral constituents. 
  13. Probiotics are an enormous and growing area of importance for general health and immunity. The natural protection of the gut by the implantation of friendly bacteria, by friendly transitory bacteria, and the creation of natural anti-biotic like substances such as lactic acid- aid digestion and detoxification. This provides rest and recuperation to the immune system, building stronger immunity and providing nutrients into the blood stream that dramatically aid and benefit health.
  14. DMG – Dimethylglycine is one of those amazing nutrients that have an interesting history. It all began in San Francisco with Dr. Krebs discovering what he considered a new vitamin- Vitamin B-15. In time it was banned in the US and ended up in Canada where Russia acquired it and extensively studied it naming it Aangamic. At that point the Russian Olympic team acquired it. Aangamic along with “Siberian Ginseng” were considered the magic nutrient/herb combination that helped the Russian team sweep the 1956 Olympics. Later it returned to the US and the active ingredient of the once upon time of calcium pangamate or pangamic acid was DMG. -- Simply stated DMG supports the defense mechanism of body, circulatory, cardiovascular, and neurological functions aiding muscle recovery and endurance. 
  15. Betaine hydrochloride (references) is an effective way to increase stomach acid. Taken with meals it aids in protein digestion and possibly reduces food sensitivities and helps destroy pathogens and aids in reducing gas. Often it is prescribed as an aide in a wide variety of chronic disorders, such as allergies, asthma, and gallstones.
  16. B6 (references) has an endless list of attributes. However, as we grow older our ability to utilize the most common commercial form (pyridoxine HCL) is less effective because our body must convert it to pyrodoxyl-5-phosphate (P5P) the reduced form that the body utilizes. When people take supplements- especially amino acids without much benefit, frequently once they add P5P the results are dramatically improved. Therefore we highly recommend adding it to any amino acid regimen to gain full benefits.
  17. B12 (references) is another familiar nutrient with an array of accolades from researchers finding ever growing benefits from its supplemental uses. Again, the kind of B12 can make a big difference as to its effectiveness for many people. It appears that one of the best forms of B12 is methylcobalamin and dibencozide. These two active forms have become the preferred form of many nutritionists.
  18. Antioxidant enzymes are one of the most powerful tools the body has to fight inflammation and disease. The initial work of science regarding SOD (super oxide dismutase) glutathione peroxidase, methionine reductase, and catalase to name the major antioxidant enzymes has universities throughout the world doing studies and finding significant health benefits. Further down you’ll see some articles on broccoli spouts. These and other sprouts, from wheat for example, help the body to manufacture high amounts of antioxidant enzymes.
  19. CoQ10- especially ubiquinol is a remarkable enzyme nutrient that raises oxygen blood levels and promotes healing and protection of cells. Please see our newsletter dedicated to this nutrient in February 2008- CoQ10-- Ubiquinol vs. Ubiquinone.
  20. L-Carnosine (newsletter info) is one of our newer little known amino acids with huge potential and impressive research made popular mainly because it helps increase muscle strength, mass and endurance. However, it is an excellent anti-oxidant, helps protect against radiation damage, acts as a neurotransmitter, and chelates heavy metals out of the body, and reminds cells that it is time to pass on when they should (apoptosis).
  21. L-Lysine (reference) is a very familiar amino acid since its use in aiding the reduction of cold sore (herpes simplex) made it popular. However, along with Vitamin C, L-lysine was one of Dr. Linus Pauling’s (two time Nobel Laureate) favorite nutrients and with good reason. Lysine is essential for the production of the collagen protein that provides structural integrity to blood vessels.  Inadequate collagen in the blood vessels contributes to aneurysm. Researchers have proposed that optimal lysine (when used in conjunction with vitamin C) intake helps to prevent aneurysm and may aid curing even large aneurysms.
  22. N-acetyl-cysteine is one of our favorite immune aids. In our August - NAC newsletter towards the end of the newsletter is an article we presented. Basically NAC has use as an aid in most everything for the body- just look at this list- alcoholism, Alzheimer’s Disease, asthma, bronchitis, common cold, detoxification, emphysema, hepatitis, hair health, immunity, influenza, intelligence, kidney stones, noise induced hearing loss, pancreatitis, Parkinson’s Disease, and respiratory system issues. These are all uses based on studies throughout the world. Nutrients are the most studied and tested for benefits than any other form of medicine- plus the studies are often on-going and repeated in other institutions.
  23. Cat’s claw [Una de Gato, (Uncaria tomentosa)] (reference)  is studied extensively for digestive problems from gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and Chron’s Disease to chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and the common cold. It has great benefits for the immune system and some reports of aiding hypertension, heart attack, and depression. It is a unique herb with a history of treatment for cancer, parasites, viral infections, diabetes, and inflammation.
  24. Fish Oils (reference) do not need to be introduced anymore. They have become one of the most popular products sold. Fish oils high in EPA (eicosapentaenoic) and DHA. (docosahexaenoic) acids are the major Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats, and are often referred to as "very long chain" polyunsaturated fats. These are “good” fats and important for immunity, brain function, and heart health- lowering triglycerides, reducing inflammation, and blood clot reduction.
  25. Anti-viral enzymes are enzymes able to dissolve almost all proteins as long as they are not components of living cells. Viruses are cell parasites consisting of nucleic acids covered by a protein film. Parasites, fungal forms and bacteria are made up of protein. Proteases can break down undigested protein, cellular debris, and toxins in the blood, sparing the immune system this task. The immune system can then concentrate its full action on defense.
  26. Germanium Ge-Oxy 132- Please read our review of this nutrient.
  27. Pau d'Arco is an herb from the Amazon Rain forest. Napthoquinones and lapachol found in Pau d’Arco have strong anti-fungicidal effects and are highly effective aid against Candida albicans and parasites. Combined as a whole herb this has proven to be safe and effective.This gives the immune system a further rest and time to develop defenses.

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 2, 2012

Physicians and Scientists Call for an End to Fluoridation

Online Video Archive Features Experts Speaking Out in Their Own Words

(OMNS Oct 2, 2012) Opposition to water fluoridation started in the 1940's. Now, the number of experts opposing the practice appears to be at all-time high. Examples of strong professional opposition are now captured on video and available online. At you may view both full-length documentaries and short segments on fluoridation. All are available for free access. The videos feature interviews with leading figures in fluoride research, including dentists, toxicologists, and award-winning journalists. They examine the health concerns with current fluoride exposures and the history and politics of the water fluoridation program. There is both archival footage and contemporary clips, many of which have never been available to the general public until now.

Some of the films available:

  1. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader discusses his stance against water fluoridation.
  2. Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation (28 minutes) features a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, three scientists from the National Research Council's landmark review on fluoride, as well as dentists, medical doctors, and leading researchers in the field.
  3. Fluoride Deception is an interview with Christopher Bryson, an award-winning journalist, former BBC producer, and author of the book The Fluoride Deception.
  4. Benefits of Water Fluoridation? is a succinct review of recent research showing that fluoridating water provides little to no benefit to teeth.
  5. Dr. William Hirzy & the EPA Union on Fluoridation On June 29th, 2000, Dr. William Hirzy was invited to give testimony before a subcommittee of the U.S. Senate. At the time, Dr. Hirzy was serving his sixth term as the Senior Vice-President of EPA's Headquarters Union of Scientists and Professionals. His presentation that day was, "Why EPA's Union of Professionals Opposes Fluoridation." This video documents the event. It also includes interviews with Dr. Hirzy, who describes the reasoning behind the professional and official stance of his Union members in direct opposition to the EPA's fluoridation policies.
  6. The Arizona Fluoridation Debate is a formal debate with powerpoint presentations featuring the author of the book The Case Against Fluoride, Paul Connett, PhD, squaring off against Arizona dentist, Howard Farran, DDS.
  7. The Politics of Fluoride is a 5-minute introduction to how political pressures have thwarted scientific inquiry into fluoride's risks. The video features interviews with several scientists, including Sir Iain Chalmers and Dr. Phyllis Mullenix.
  8. Why I Changed My Mind on Fluoridation In this 1998 interview, Dr. John Colquhoun (dentist, researcher, and former Principal Dental Officer for the Auckland, New Zealand) explains why he went from being New Zealand's leading promoter of fluoridation to being an opponent of the practice.

Tell Your Doctor, Dentist and Other Scientific Professionals:

Over 4,200 experts have signed the Professional Statement Opposing Water Fluoridation. Signers include Arvid Carlsson, 2000 Nobel Laureate for Physiology/Medicine; Hardy Limeback, PhD, DDS, former President of the Canadian Association of Dental Research; former Ministers of Health; and more than 550 MDs, 500 PhDs, and 350 dentists. Medical and scientific professionals are invited to consider adding their name to the petition at

For further reading:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's employee's union calls for fluoridation moratorium:

2012 Harvard Fluoride-Brain Study.

2006 National Research Council Report on Fluoride:

The Case Against Fluoride, by Paul Connett PhD, Jim Beck, MD, PhD, and H. Spedding Micklen, D.Phil. 2010. Chesea Green Publishers.

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) is a non-profit organization that seeks to broaden awareness among citizens, scientists, and policymakers alike about the toxicity of fluoride compounds.

Nutritional Medicine is Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular medicine uses safe, effective nutritional therapy to fight illness. For more information:

OMNS free subscription link and  the OMNS archive link

Why Proposition 37 Was Defeated  But.....

Simply stated - it was defeated by a massive campaign to frighten people from voting for it.  The opponents proclaimed it would cost billions of dollars and harm small businesses. The opponent's main contributors were Monsanto, the major producer of GMO food, a corporation embroiled in lawsuits throughout the world where GMO products have caused substantial harm to livestock and human health. Monsanto, DOW Chemical, Dupont, BASF, and several large food and chemical manufacturers who together provided over $36 million dollars to defeat the measure, compared to $6 million dollars advocating passage.

BUT the fight goes forward....

"Corporations may have misled voters in California about GMOs, but they can't change the fact that over 90 percent of Americans support the labeling of foods with genetically engineered ingredients," said Alisa Gravitz, CEO of Green America. "The GMO Inside campaign will make it possible for all Americans to find GMOs in the food products in their homes and communities, label them, and switch to non-GMO foods instead. The campaign will show corporations that people will not complacently serve as lab rats for the testing of genetically engineered foods."
The GMO Inside campaign launched today on Facebook,; Twitter,; and Pinterest,, and is signing up supporters at GMO Inside steering committee members include Food Democracy Now!, Green America, Institute for Responsible Technology, Foodbabe, Nature's Path and Nutiva.

Scott Tipps, President of the NHF National Health Federation )  studied the Initiative, we realized that the litigation provisions provided some really good safeguards to prevent Prop-65-type injustices. For example, all a business has to do to avoid litigation is show a letter from its supplier saying that the product supplied to it is GMO-free and it is an absolute defense against a lawsuit. Prop 65 never had that.

   Needless to say, the NHF is satisfied that even if the Proposition is not perfect (and what Proposition ever is?), it is good enough to support.  That is why the NHF Board of Governors - at its last Board meeting - voted UNANIMOUSLY to support passage of Prop 37

After being outspent ten-to-one by chemical and food company giants working to keep American citizens in the dark about their food, the California Right to Know-Yes on Proposition 37 campaign for GMO labeling was defeated at the ballot box, but defiantly set the stage for bringing the fight for our right to know, a core American value, to the federal level.

"California's Proposition 37 is a win for all Americans who believe in our democratic right to have the information we need to make an informed decision about the food we eat and feed our families," said Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Just Label It. "Prop 37 placed the issue of GE food labeling front and center, and took critical steps forward in heightening the discussion, and raising the profile, to make labeling and transparency around our food a reality for the nation. Thanks to the efforts of the millions of people who supported this initiative, the issue of GE food labeling is here to stay."

A supporter of Prop 37, Just Label It is a national coalition of 600 diverse organizations that spearheaded the FDA petition drive for GE foods labeling—an effort that generated an unprecedented 1.2 million signatures. In light of Prop 37's defeat, Just Label It will continue to ensure this issue gets the national attention it needs. Americans deserve the same rights as citizens in the European Union, Japan, Russia, China and more than 50 other countries worldwide where GE foods are already labeled.

"Federal GE foods labeling must now be the focus," said David Bancroft, Campaign Director, Just Label It. "The same powerful interests that funded the campaign against Prop 37 have already had their lobbyists insert language in House versions of the Farm Bill, which, if passed, would strip federal agencies of their authority to regulate GE crops. Having seen the support Prop 37 received, they may also insert other provisions into bills that need to be passed during the lame duck session of Congress. They want to limit any state or federal action that would give Americans the right to know about GE foods."

Just Label It is urging supporters to visit the Just Label It website ( to take three steps to help win GE foods labeling for all Americans: sign the FDA petition calling for mandatory federal GE foods labeling; tell your friends and family about the petition; and contact your elected officials in Washington, D.C. to urge them to support GE foods labeling. (Engreada Newsletter)


The New Yorker magazine in their September 24th, 2012 issue ran a revealing article called “The Lie Factory, on how politics became a big business affair. Money and the media have a symbiotic relationship that borders on mind control of many voters. The major key according to Clem Whitaker is to create an opponent, then attack, have a theme, simplify, never explain anything, repeat it over and over, at least seven times. Simplify, simplify, simplify, otherwise a wall goes up when you make the average person work or think.

The stakes are high because there is only one goal and that is to win. The best way to win is to fan flames and he is quoted in the article as saying “ The average American doesn’t want to be educated; he doesn’t want to improve his mind; he doesn’t even want to work, consciously, at being  a good citizen, but there are two ways you can interest him in a campaign, and only two that we have found successful - he likes a good hot battle, with no punches pulled…and he likes the movies; he likes mysteries; he likes fireworks and parades…So if you can’t fight, PUT ON A SHOW!”

That's what Opponents of Prop 37 did! The polls went from strong support to defeat! Large Corporate wealth joined with corporate media punched a wallop that decided the outcome. The system is greatly flawed when not decided on the merits of the Proposition  but not unusual for our political arena. It has been defeated in every state where it has been on the ballot. But that only engages more support for GMO labeling.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.