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Discount Coupon, Vitamin D, Probiotics, Fish Oils, Anti-oxidant enzymes, & Great Specials!

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Springtime Specials for a lift in your step, smile on your face, and savings in your pocket!

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Vitamin D, Probiotics, Fish Oils - Vitamin Express is the place to shop!

When you want selection, information, and choice come to VITAMIN EXPRESS. We are a small family owned, local vitamin store.

Our selection of Vitamin D3 ranges from 400iu to 50,000iu., and includes capsules, tablets, drops, liquids, gummy bears, chewable tablets- all from excellent manufacturers.

Our probiotics are the finest, carefully chosen for a selection from maintenance to therapeutic, in the forms of powders, liquids, tablets, capsules, gels, chewables and suppositories from the best in the marketplace.

Fish Oils and other oils are another specialty of VITAMIN EXPRESS. We have a tremendous selection of the finest available from the best companies. These products have special characteristics and choosing the right one can be made easy by VITAMIN EXPRESS.

Shop intelligently- call us or come to VITAMIN EXPRESS- Here For YOU since 1982!

            PRO-OX     The Enzyme Company – 190 caplets - Reg. $39.95  SALE $26.95

Introducing a cutting edge product that deserves your attention – PRO-OX – a caplet of primitive specially grown glycine sprouts which produce high levels of genestein which help increase bone density, and aid the starving of pre-oncological cells.

PRO-OX contains the earliest buds of photosynthesis and helps eliminate night sweats, helps produce higher energy levels, and aids sounder sleep.

The product does not contain yeast, gluten, sugar or starch. PRO-OX is a complex that contains 600mg Wheat Sprouts, and 150mgs Glycine Sprouts.*

By: William James Fahey, Ph.D.

In 1947 the United States Department of Agriculture, began testing basic grains and other foods for
food value. This testing, still continuing today, has shown a measurable decrease in the essential
nutritional content of foods.
                Widespread use of agricultural chemicals in the form of pesticides, growth stimulants, fertilizers, and
herbicides, while bringing about an enormous increase in yield per acre of crops, may have taken an
equally enormous toll in degradation of health by reactions of residual chemicals in foods with our
cellular environments. Additionally other environmental and lifestyle changes during this past century
have brought new stresses to our lives. Environmental pollutants, radiation, jet travel, new infectious
diseases, and dramatic lifestyle changes have increased our stress levels. The common denominator
that links each of these stresses at the cellular level is the free radical.
                Free radicals are highly toxic products of inefficient oxygen metabolism. All forms of stress; chemical,
physical, emotional and infectious; adversely affect our cellular metabolism and increase free radicals.
When found in normal amounts, free radicals are easily controlled by body-produced antioxidant
enzymes. Not always undesirable, our bodies sometimes use free radicals to selectively destroy
bacteria. However, when antioxidant enzymes are overpowered by excessive free radicals created
under stress, the result is cellular dysfunction, tissue damage, and antioxidant enzyme deficiency.
We know that many illnesses have their roots in poor cellular nutrition. When nutritional deficiencies
are corrected and the cellular environment improved, the body heals itself. Modern stresses have
increased our need for antioxidant enzymes. At the same time, much of the food we consume is unable
to fill these requirements.
                One way to fill this nutritional need is with the natural matrix found in The Enzyme Company’s whole
food antioxidant enzyme complexes. Using the most advanced plant genetics and growing techniques available, The Enzyme Company produces "supersprouts" capable of supplying the nutritional tools required to effectively handle
today's environmental and lifestyle challenges.

Some great Specials to Add to your Health!


Flor-Essence Tea (dry)





MSRP $36.49

SALE $28.95


Energy (Cran-Raspberry)

Ola Loa


 30 packets

MSRP $36.40

SALE $24.50


Gentle Iron 25mg 


Gentle Iron 

 180 caps

MSRP $18.95

SALE $13.30


Sibergin™ Siberian Eleuthero


Health Aid


30 softgels

MSRP $31.99

SALE $24.65


Vitamin D3 5000iu


Natural Factors

D3 5000iu Twin       

 120 + 120 sg

MSRP $29.90

SALE $17.95

Digest Gold Enzymedica

Digest Gold

45 caps

MSRP $27.98

SALE $20.95 


Digest Gold


Digest Gold

120 caps

MSRP $59.98

SALE $44.95



New Chapter


120 soft gels

MSRP $60.95

SALE $38.20 


Nature’s Plus


1000mg 90 caps

MSRP $29.20

SALE $23.35



Health Aid

Hair Vit

30 softgels

MSRP $25.49

SALE $20.40



 Diet Slim

20 tea bags

MSRP $7.99

SALE $5.95 


Ubiquinol QH-Absorb 200mg


Ubiquinol CoQ10

60 softgels

MSRP $79.95

SALE $51.95


MSM Joint Formula

Natural Factors

MSM Joint Factors

180 caps

MSRP $35.95

SALE $21.55 


Allergy Relief Tabs

A.Vogel Bioforce

   Allergy Relief

120 tablets

MSRP $18.99

SALE $13.30


Multi 1-to-3™


Multi 1-3

100 tablets

MSRP $24.95

SALE $18.70

Vital Energetics


Vital Energetics

4 oz/  120ml

MSRP $47.95

SALE $36.95

RayGuard Body and Car


Body & Car

One Unit

MSRP $145.00

SALE $116.95

RayGuard MobilRayGuard


One Unit

MSRP $197.00

SALE $157.60

Blood Sugar Defense


Blood Sugar Defense

60 tabs

MSRP $20.79 

SALE $13.50

Ultimate Omega (Lemon)

Nordic Naturals

Ultimate Omega

180 softgels

MSRP $69.95

SALE $52.45

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