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  • Cellular life and Trade associations
  • Genetics, epigenetics and problem genes
  • German World Cup Players and homeopathy
  • Propolis and Cancer

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The Farady Cafe...the Chinatown Experiment in Chinatown, Vancouver B.C.

Recently was in Vancouver, B.C. for a couple weeks. Noticed people walking downtown and in restaurants just didn't seem to be on their phones as in San Francisco where it's unusual not to see many people walking, waiting, eating, playing- no matter what, glued to their internet phones- quite similar to this JSFW spoof of modern times -a nice bit of entertainment. So check out the Faraday cafe and a life so recently abandoned.

In San Francisco cell phone legislation to label cell phones with the amount of radiation they create was challenged in court by the trade association for cell phone manufacturers. The court rule was  not decisively against the City but it has since backed backed away from pursuing the law that was in the public interest. One news report is this- radiation-law/   Since when did Freedom of Speech extend to muting the truth - especially by a trade association?

Here is a first hand report:

The San Francisco City Attorney is recommending to the Board of
Supervisors that the City and County of San Francisco settle the lawsuit
filed by the wireless industry lobbying organization CTIA against San
Francisco’s pioneering cell phone radiation right-to-know legislation
rather than proceed in federal District Court where Judge Alsup has
expressed an interest in conducting a bench trial based on the scientific
evidence of harm or lack thereof presented by both parties.

Such a trial would be virtually without precedent in the U.S. with regard
to the science underlying the impacts of cell phone radiation and have
potentially far-reaching implications not only for San Francisco but for
other states and local governments across the country who have been
carefully watching the outcome of this lawsuit.

The settlement would mean that the City would not proceed with its health
advisories at local cell phone retail outlets in exchange for not having
to pay CTIA’s attorneys’ fees should CTIA ultimately prevail in the case.

Deliberation on the cell phone right-to-know legislation began in 2009 and
it was voted into law by the Board of Supervisors unanimously in 2011.
While San Francisco has not lost the lawsuit, the CTIA is using that
potential outcome as a means to compel the City to abandon its efforts to
inform the public about potential health impacts of cell phones.

Revolutionary New Information regarding genetics and inheritance

Genetics is continuing to develop and increase our knowledge of who we are and what can become of us. As a relatively new science much has yet to be understood and many theories of the past are being challenged as is the case in every field of science- from physics to medicine. Latest research indicates that body cells can directly transfer genetic information into sperm cells.New forms of diseases never before seen is written up in

At the same time The New Yorker magazine published a story involving the malfunctioning of the NGLY1 gene that sometimes gets inherited and other times doesn't. One notes much about the information and how easily life can be damaged by a single gene. Then one considers how much exposure we receive electrically and how that seems to be overlooked as a major issue that may disrupt a gene or sequence and just as easily turn off its proper expression. Changing of the environment is now also recognized as epigenetics and new revolutionary scientific information is being found. There are many means including nutrition and release from electrical harm that can change the expression of genes. Now science finds the unbelievable that inherited traits can occur almost immediately rather than taking ages to change.  Check out this article

The implications of research on exosome-mediated information transfer are wide ranging. First, if your somatic cells, which are continually affected by your nutritional, environmental, lifestyle and even mind-body processes, can transfer genetic information through exosomes to the DNA within your germline cells, then your moment-to-moment decisions, behaviors, experiences, toxin and toxicant exposures, could theoretically affect the biological 'destinies' of your offspring, and their offspring, stretching on into the distant future.

A study shows that, not only do most doctors who work for football teams in the top two German football leagues (Bundesliga 1 and 2) use homeopathic remedies to keep their players healthy and fit - so does the German national football team.

Part of winning any championship is dealing with injuries - or avoiding them in the first place.  


A study shows that the German national team places unusual trust in natural healing over traditional medicine.


The study published on how German soccer docs treat aches and pains has revealed that Germany's faith is in homeopathy.


The study, carried out by researchers from Koblenz, found that almost all (92%) all of the doctors at German football league teams prescribe homeopathic cures.


The lead researcher, Peter Billigmann, when interviewed by Der Spiegel, said,

"The success stories are impressive .....homeopathic substances don't have any side effects, and we're on the safe side where doping is concerned."


The study also found that 60% of the team doctors also prescribed acupuncture.



Most of the sports injuries are of traumatic type such as bruise, muscle strain, ligament sprain, fractures, etc. Others include muscle soreness, muscle cramps, stiffness, cuts and abrasions. The effect of these injuries is two-fold. One the cells that made up soft tissues gets damaged and the second is fatigue and weakness. Sometimes fear can also lead to injuries. The body response to traumatic injuries is inflammation. Inflammation is characterised by pain, swelling, heat, redness and loss of function. "The process of inflammation is a necessary response to injury which, through a range of complex processes, allows the renewal and healing of damaged tissue" [1]. A study after the Los Angeles Marathon found that one in seven runners came down with an upper respiratory infection after taking part in the race, compared with just two out of 100 runners who didn't compete [2]. The most commonly found upper respiratory infections are tonsil, pharyngitis, sinus, otitis media, cold and rhinitis.

Abstract on Propolis and Cancer

Propolis cinnamic acid derivatives have a number of biological activities including anti-oxidant and anti-cancer ones. In this study, we aimed to elucidate the mechanism of the anti-cancer activity of 3 representative propolis cinnamic acid derivatives, i.e., Artepilin C, Baccharin and Drupanin in human colon cancer cell lines. Our study demonstrated that these compounds had a potent apoptosis-inductive effect even on drug-resistant colon cancer cells. Combination treatment of human colon cancer DLD-1 cells with 2 of these compounds, each at its IC20 concentration, induced apoptosis by stimulating both intrinsic and extrinsic apoptosis signaling pathways. Especially, Baccharin plus Drupanin exhibited a synergistic growth-inhibitory effect by strengthening both intrinsic and extrinsic apoptotic signaling transduction through TRAIL/DR4/5 and/or FasL/Fas death-signaling loops and by increasing the expression level of miR-143, resulting in decreased expression levels of the target gene MAPK/Erk5 and its downstream target c-Myc. These data suggest that the supplemental intake of these compounds found in propolis has enormous significance with respect to cancer prevention.

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