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Livionex, Nordic Naturals, RayGuard

October 2014 - Print | Index

      October is upon us and with it some great nutritional bargains and choices. We have many Nordic Naturals specials for you to consider. Keep in mind that there's FREE shipping for orders over $75.00 within the continental U.S. We also have added many new items to our Specials pages.

We continue to see great interest in our RayGuard products - considered the products of the 21st century. We are a distributor for the United States and especially on the West Coast. These are not nutrients, obviously, but still we consider them so important for health that we feel fortunate to represent the company.

Also we sell many varieties of fluoride free toothpaste. Now we offer one of the finest and remarkable toothpastes available anywhere- Livionex- the toothpaste that dissolves the bio-film that causes oral health care problems. This has become the most popular toothpaste in our store even though it is the most expensive- results are exceptional and worth the price!

Also, here is our Saver's code for this month of October: 10312014 to get 10% off your purchase!

In the next few weeks we are going to greatly improve our website. All the products that we actually carry will be available on line and with accurate up to date inventories. Our checkout system will be improved and our internet security will be enhanced to the highest levels. We look forward to offering you the finest customer service available on the internet! Of course we maintain our personal and easy way to contact us by phone- no answering machines except for off hours- with an experienced, helpful, staff.

Thank you for shopping at Vitamin Express!

Michael - President of Vitamin Express


Black & Gold Home Combo Black & Gold Combo $1,332.00  
Home Wood Home Wood $1,038.50  
RayChip 2 chips $34.65  
RayGuard Body and Car One Unit $149.30  
RayGuard Home Black & Gold Home Black & Gold $743.35  
RayGuard Mobil One Unit $199.95  
Wood Home Combo Wood Home Combo $1,548.00  


Livionex Dental Gel 1.75 oz. $17.95  


Arctic Cod Liver Oil (Orange) 16 oz $40.45  
Arctic Cod Liver Oil (Orange) 8 oz $22.45  
Arctic Cod Liver Oil (Peach) 8 oz $22.45  
Artic Cod Liver Oil Lemon 180 Softgels $31.95  
Children's DHA 180 Softgels $19.20  
Children's DHA 90 Softgels $13.45  
Children's DHA Liquid 4 oz. $14.35  
Complete Omega 120 Softgels $27.15  
Complete Omega 60 Softgels $15.15  
Complete Omega Lemon 180 Softgels $38.35  
DHA 90 Softgels $26.05  
EPA (Lemon) 60 Softgels $26.05  
Omega 3 Gummies 4 Kids 60 Gummies $20.65  
Omega 3-6-9 Junior 90 Softgels $17.95  
Omega Woman (Lemon) 120 Softgels $22.45  
Omega-3 (Lemon) 60 Softgels $14.35  
Omega-3 (Lemon) 120 Softgels $23.95  
Prenatal DHA 90 Softgels $25.95  
Ultimate Omega (Lemon) 60 Softgels $22.35  
Ultimate Omega (Lemon) 120 Softgels $39.95  
Ultimate Omega (Lemon) 180 Softgels $55.95  
Ultimate Omega + Vitamin D3 60 Softgels $26.05  

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