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Immune System Maintenance, Achiote, Fucothin, Blockade

November 2007 - Print | Index

Immune System Maintenance and Protection from Disease

Truth and propaganda are presented as information that can create confidence, confusion and fear. This is nothing new.

History demonstrates that human activity is determined by the interaction of fear and flight modified by courage and confidence. These responses have been manipulated throughout history. The key to act responsibly and intelligently is to find the source of the information, to read and critically evaluate it and to feel confident in one's judgment. This is developed through experience and broad education. To properly utilize experience and broad education requires intelligence. To gain intelligence requires that the body be healthy. To be healthy requires a strong immune system and proper nutritional maintenance.

Years ago Adele Davis, one of the nutritional experts of the 1960s wrote about the health of the nation. At that time she pointed out the strong influence of nutrition and the environment and its impact on the fall of empires of the past, such as the use of pewter mugs for drinking wine by the ruling class of Rome. The great historian authors Will and Ariel Durant, authors of the eleven volumes The Story of Civilization, stated in their monumental work that the health of nations was more important than the wealth of nations.

The general health of the individual multiplied by our population directs the course of history. The health of everyone is important. The ability to think clearly, to respond quickly, and to live a long life that enhances our experience and thereby our judgment creates a powerful nation. It also enables the individual to more easily distinguish between propaganda and truth. Good health makes us active, responsive, and courageous. Good health is necessary to life.

Years ago the makers of KAL hired a product formulator named Anthony Almada. One of the products he formulated was Deep Thought. As a brain nutrient formula of the time it was unique and perhaps remains so. After reading the label I called him to both congratulate and thank him for such an excellent product. It was the first brain formula I had seen that included in its formulation real attention to also strengthening the immune system. His response was yes, you got it- the necessary connection.

To this day, whenever I use the product I'm amazed at how effective it is. Many products have since emerged based on new research and are very effective, however they should be combined with an immune formula. Immunity and intelligence share in the same system throughout the body.

So, how does one have strong immunity? As an infant we are born with a genetic ability to survive in the environment, especially if our parents our healthy, since we bring with us the strengths and weaknesses of our parents. Yet, one of the most important new revelations in genetics is that genes express themselves according to their environment and that is definitely the case with our first nutritional experience after being born.

Our first nutritional experience that activates and builds our immunity and strengthens our immune system is the first milk from our mothers. This early translucent liquid is called colostrum. Colostrum contains growth factors, nutritional elements and encoded information in the form of immunoglobulins. The history of all the immune system's possible interactions with harmful germs is present through immunoglobulins. As life proceeds these immunoglobulins will be constantly called upon as the repository for information by the immune system to create intelligent T cells, killer cells and other immune factors that can differentiate between self and non-self, between safe and dangerous, between beneficial and harmful and all the nuances in between to help us remain healthy and disease free.

The system's effectiveness is determined by its internal nutritional environment and the external environment it resides in.

Matt Ridley in his book Genome stated that science is now considering evolution as the struggle between the host and the parasite. The genetic code grows as it adds more and more information to keep this human organism healthy and one step away from the ever quickly changing parasite that also takes the form of bacteria, virus, and fungus. To remain healthy there must be an on-going supply of sufficient good nutrition. It provides the energy necessary to maintain immunity. In his book he mentions the importance of amino acids and one in particular- L-Glutamine in relation to the genome.

When the media states the building blocks of good nutrition are harmful or ineffective -- such as in the past with poor journalistic research regarding Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A -- they are doing great harm. Look at their sources of information -- the host and parasite struggle phenomenon is at work at all levels of biological life, from control of the marketplace to the stock market to the media. Your best independent source of verified nutritional information is in the Physicians Desk Reference for Nutritional Supplements, in the Physicians Desk Reference for Herbal Medicine (847 pages) and in the King's American Dispensatory of 1898 of 3,076 pages which was the physicians' bible of herbal medicine until the industrial age heralded the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

The intelligence of the immune system requires the same nutrients as that of the central nervous system. The cells at every level require brain nutrients and immune enhancers.

What are these nutrients? They are the ones found in your multiple vitamin, especially vitamin C, that our system requires since we don't possess the enzymatic ability to produce it ourselves. It also requires zinc, without which the thymus gland can not manufacture T-cells. It requires Vitamin D that recently was proven to aid white blood cells in protecting the body from influenza and certain viruses, bacteria and fungi. Bee propolis when all else seems to fail including antibiotics for a certain difficult strain of staphylococcus aureus comes forward to effectively inhibit it and also act as a natural pain killer as well as fighting bacteria, viruses and fungus. The herbal world remains our greatest repository of health protectors. Elderberry, for example, is shown in vitro to effectively inhibit 100% of the initial stage of development of envelope viruses, which include mumps, influenza, rubella, SARS, measles, herpes, shingles, HIV, bird flu, dengue, and other active viruses. Pharmaceutical drugs work on the post replication stage and may not be effective if the virus has mutated. Echinacea, golden seal, myrrh are only the beginning of a long list of effective herbs. The list must also include amino acids such as n-acetyl cysteine, glutamine, proline, lysine, arginine, tryptophan, glycine and many more, and of course enzymes and anti-oxidant enzymes such as methione reductase, glutathione reductase and SOD (super oxide dismutase).

Many companies have put together immune formulas that are truly remarkable. They contain mushroom extracts, herbal extracts, beta glucans, propolis, colostrum, thymus gland extracts, amino acids, anti-oxidants, and enzymes. Some of my favorites you can study are: New Chapter's Life Force, Rainbow Light Deep Defense, NOW Immune Renew, Irwin Naturals Immuno-Shield, Source Naturals Wellness Formula, and KAL Cell Defense.

The other notable formulas that are more specific or useful that you can read up on are: Y.S. Propolis, NOW Ultimate Zinc – C lozenges, Enzymedica Virastop, Ecological Formulas T Cell Formula, Herb Pharm Super Echinacea, Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver, Gaia Herbs Olive Leaf Phyto Liquid Cap, Source Naturals Noni, YES New Zealand Colostrum, New Chapter Blockade, Planetary Herbals Yin Chiao Classic, Atlas World Agaricus Bio, Source Naturals AHCC, Enzymatic Therapy Esberitox, Nutribiotic GSE Plus, Country Life N,N-DMG, Jarrow IP-6, NAC and Lactoferrin.

Isn't it wonderful to have choice? We need to protect it. For example, presently there are definite business groups holding the hands of government which want to restrict and control choice of supplements. The media has a dramatic impact. For example, throughout the world global warming is a major issue with research validating its presence and causes. Yet, in this country the media quotes spokespersons of questionable repute stating it does not exist. While not everyone here is fooled by the spokespersons the next tactic is to attack the individual who is bringing information to the public, in this case Al Gore, because he has a large utility bill. Happily it's larger than mine, but not by much- in fact whatever happened to cheap energy that was promised back in the nineteen eighties when voltaic cells had been developed? Anyway, an attack on Al Gore is ridiculous, but effective because many people within this country write off his efforts as not worth investigating and recognizing because of character assassination.

We are a youthful nation and need to enter an age of serious self examination if we do not want to become a fatality or a nation so hated and immature that we fulfill Kurt Vonnegut's future scenario where the rest of the world decides that the only way to keep us from continuing to harm ourselves and others is by dividing us into five smaller countries.

Our greatest attributes have been energy, inventiveness, and rugged individualism. We have much to offer and one of the areas we truly need to communicate to the rest of the world is that we are a national experiment. We have built an empire of efficiency with fast foods, industrial agriculture, genetically modified products and pharmaceutical drugs and consumed them with relish resulting in gross malnutrition and ill health with a diet inadequate to provide our basic health requirements, yet one of the most advanced technological societies. As a result we have developed nutritional supplementation, certainly not a complete substitute for good wholesome food and diet but now a necessity of our life and we have learned things about these supplements that otherwise mankind would not have known and probably would have had no need to know.

Early on with the development of white flour for the early wagon trains across the plains to huge food processing plants and preservatives and farms with fungicides and virucides and artificial fertilizers and modified food strains we have been inventive, successful and wealthy. Unfortunately, we have been sick. To the tune of expending all our hard earned wealth to trying to stay well. The latest figures in the Business Section of the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday the 3rd of October, 2007 were preceded by this headline based on the Milken Institute's report "Unhealthy America"- Chronic Illness costs the economy $1 trillion a year. The key points are staggering with more than 109 million Americans suffering from one or more common chronic conditions for a total of 162 million cases. The former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona said, "The public is telling us the No. 1 domestic issue is health." He goes on to say, "The disease burden is mounting, the economy burden is mounting and the trajectory we're on is unsustainable." The report is an excellent evaluation of present health status. The reports talks of life style changes and new drug possibilities but is amiss in not once recognizing the extreme savings generated by proper nutritional supplementation at present and into the future. Nutritional supplementation is cheap, efficient and safe, but ignored. The study, though declared independent, explains it was possible through a grant from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

Recognition of nutritional supplementation is gaining rapidly by individuals in the medical industry. At the same time, however, we can be greatly harmed by propaganda that goes unchallenged publicly regarding the important role good nutrition and supplementation play in maintaining the individual's health, strength, intelligence and longevity in this country.

The importance of active combined attention to good nutrition and making sure our government representatives are educated in this area is as important an issue as global warming. One is the big picture of our environment, and the other is the microcosm of the environment of our bodies.

Best of Health,
Michael LeVesque, President
Vitamin Express

P.S. Please check out the web site of the National Health Federation, an organization that actively seeks to protect the rights of access to nutritional supplements in the marketplace, and are a legal entity allowed to sit at the CODEX International Meetings alongside the Food and Drug Administration. The NHF has been extremely active in the U.S. for 52 years and worldwide for many years with international members residing in 16 foreign countries. Their quarterly magazine is read worldwide by at least 20,000 individuals. They are a sane voice that needs everyone's support.

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New Solgar Products

Achiote Leaf is an ancient Amazonian herb traditionally used to support microbial modulation. While developed nations have employed the red pigment of achiote seed, also called annatto, in food products for hundreds of years, they have overlooked the leaf's important medicinal properties. Solgar is the first company to introduce achiote leaf in supplement form to the American marketplace.

Modern research shows that Achiote leaf has broad spectrum activity against a number of immune challenges, particularly against Bacillus subtilis, Streptoccus pyogenes, Streptococcus faccalis, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typla, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Esherichia coli.

Traditional uses of achiote leaf vary by region. In the Amazonian Northwest, Native Americans used a decoction of the leaves to support healthy respiration. In the Piura region of Peru, achiote leaf was considered gentle enough to relieve mild indigestion, yet potent enough to address liver function. In Surinam, a tea made from the herb was drunk to ease nausea. Brazilians used achiote leaf to provide relief from heartburn and stomach upset caused by spicy foods. Additionally, the herb was thought to strengthen immune resistance.

ATP is the body's primary source of energy. It also acts as a master regulator of blood flow. Our heart, our muscles, our blood vessels – our very cells – all depend on ATP for survival. Unfortunately, ATP declines with age. In fact, a study which measured ATP levels in human red blood cells found that people in their seventies had 50% less ATP than people in their twenties.

Many studies have shown that ATP administration regulates the tone of the blood vessels to reduce vascular (blood vessel) resistance. When the blood vessels are relaxed, blood flow is stimulated. Enhanced blood flow means that more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the heart and extremities.

PEAK ATP®, a patented proprietary nutraceutical ingredient, is the first supplement demonstrated to elevate the body's levels of extracellular ATP. Using the most effective dosage and a protective enteric-coated delivery system, Solgar has formulated PEAK ATP® 150 mg Tablets to support cardiovascular health.

Garden of Life fücoTHIN™

fücoTHIN™ is a natural, whole food based supplement that is made with a proprietary concentration of fucoxanthin combined with pomegranate seed oil, for a patent-pending formula that is naturally thermogenic. fücoTHIN™ has been studied by leading scientists for many years and is the only formula that has human clinical research to confirm its thermogenic effect.

Thermogenesis is the process by which the body increases its metabolic rate, requiring utilization of internal stores of energy, such as fat. fücoTHIN™ supports the metabolism or breakdown of fat in white adipose tissue, including belly fat, without stimulating the central nervous system.

Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid (like lutein and lycopene), which is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free-radical damage. It is the pigment that gives brown seaweed its characteristic color and also participates in photosynthesis (the conversion of light into energy). It is found in several different types of brown seaweed.

Marine vegetables (edible seaweed) have long been considered among the most nutritious vegetation on Earth, and have been included in the diets of various Asian cultures since ancient times. Epidemiological studies strongly suggest that the consumption of marine vegetables in this population may be a contributing factor to their good health.

Fucoxanthin is the first marine algae-derived ingredient with clinically proven thermogenic effect. It is also known for its powerful antioxidant effect that protects cells from free radical damage. fücoTHIN™ contains an all-natural food concentrate of fucoxanthin from specially cultivated strains of brown marine vegetables grown in pristine waters off the Canary Islands.

Pomegranate fruit seeds are the source of an oil that has a unique fatty acid composition. This unusual fatty acid, punicic acid or conjugated linolenic acid, works synergistically with fucoxanthin to support natural thermogenesis.

New Chapter Blockade™ with ViraBloc™

Blockade, with the exclusive extract ViraBloc™, is the first all-herbal, natural therapeutic that acts to block viruses from entering human cells, therefore preventing them from replicating.

How Blockade™ Works
A virus is much smaller than a human cell, but despite its small size can be very powerful, especially when allowed to replicate. When a virus gets into the nose, lungs or mouth it targets particular cells in the body and attaches to them in very specific ways. Once inside the cell, the virus multiplies rapidly to make copies of itself. These newly copied viruses escape the cell and enter the bloodstream to find even more cells to attach to.

The bioactive molecules in Blockade seek out viruses, bind to them, and create a coating around them. This coating is like a fence around the virus that blocks its ability to attach to and enter cells.

The bioactives in Blockaid actually bind themselves to viruses, coat the viruses, and block their ability to attach to and enter human cells.

In-vitro laboratory studies of this patent pending extract have demonstrated up to a 100% success rate in inhibiting the entry of enveloped viruses (like influenza).

How Blockade™ Is Different
Unlike antivirals that begin to work after viruses have begun multiplying, Blockade works to target and block viruses before they can replicate.

Blockade is not a synthetic chemical isolate. Blockade is a 100% Herbal Virus Blocker that provides the full range of bioactive chemistries of the natural herbal source, thanks to the combination of supercritical extraction and a breakthrough technology for validating potency, called DART (Direct Analysis in Real-Time).

While other commercially available natural products contain fewer than 150 components, Blockade contains over 1,000 natural chemistries and the key bioactives in each dose.

Verified Potency & Bioactives
Using a scientific breakthrough called DART, Blockade is guaranteed to have the same potency from dose-to-dose, without the pill-to-pill variation common in natural herbal therapeutics.

Blockade is a fast dissolving, great tasting lozenge that you hold under your tongue, it enters and starts working in your bloodstream in minutes . . . not hours, unlike anti-virals whose primary delivery mechanism has to work through the GI tract (stomach lining).

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.