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Pomegranate Omega 5, Ubiquinol, Bio-Sil, Germanium, DIM

March 2007 - Print | Index

Welcome to our monthly newsletter, the place where we introduce new products, showcase product specials and provide our customers with links to other important information. In this month's newsletter you will find:

  • Incredible Omega-5 from pomegranate seed oil for clear, healthy skin
  • The new ubiquinol form of Co-Q10 from Jarrow that offers much better assimilation
  • Dr. Perricone's recommendation of Jarrow's BioSil™, plus information on Organic Germanium and Jarro-Zymes Plus
  • NOW® Foods products you should now about: Instant Energy B-12, Blue-Green Algae and Esiak 4:1 Extract
  • The history of Nature's Way and their super specials on Ginkgold, Alive! Multi and DIM-Plus
  • Unique products from Doctor's Best: Benfotamine, R-Lipoic Acid and High Absorption Magnesium
  • March Specials from SuperNutrition: 20% off Energy Caps and the Super Blend Multi

For other products that are on special for more than a month, please see our quarterly "Advertletter" (PDF file, 140 kilobytes).

New Omega-5 Products

We are excited about a small line of new products that offer topical and dietary forms of an Omega-5 fatty acid derived from the oil of pomegranate seeds. The amazing oil and soap can be used topically to soothe skin problems. Using them for two days helped heal a sore on my forehead that had persisted for months. I used the cream as an overnight lotion on my face for four nights in a row, and the disappearance of lines and wrinkles and an added softness made me chuckle. The cream has no parabens or preservatives, and yet has a three-year shelf-life. The Omega-5 oil is also available in capsules (30 cap and 60 cap sizes) for use as a nutritional supplement. Once again the health food industry has come out with something really special!

Here's what the company has to say:

"One of the oldest known fruits, the pomegranate (punica granatum) is a native of Persia. Throughout the ages, it has been revered as a symbol of health, fertility and eternal life: Persephone ate the pomegranate and was reborn every Spring, guests at Chinese weddings were served pomegranates to celebrate a fruitful union, and Solomon celebrated pomegranates as symbols of fertility and seduction in his Song of Songs.

POMega5™ captures the therapeutic properties of the pomegranate in the first line of skin treatments and nutritional supplements made with organic, ultra-premium, extra-virgin cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil, the most potent part of the pomegranate fruit. Pomega5™ oil comes from the seeds of pomegranates grown organically in the Mediterranean. The ideal blend of climate, soil and traditional farming methods yields pomegranates that are renowned for their very high concentration of punicic acid. A powerful antioxidant, phytoestrogen, Omega-5 conjugated fatty acid and rare plant-based source of CLA, pomegranate seed oil is valued for its broad spectrum of beneficial uses for the body."

CoQ10 & Other News from Jarrow

One of the most important recent developments in the world of Co-Q10 is the introduction of ubiquinol to the marketplace. This particular form of Co-Q10 does not have a threshold for assimilation, meaning therapeutic benefits can be achieved because of much higher levels of absorption. Ubiquinol is the reduced (active) form of Co-Q10, the form which is directly used in human metabolism as a lipid-soluble antioxidant. While standard Co-Q10 (ubiquinone) supplements can be activated in the body, this activation can be less efficient in some individuals, based on age or genetics. Ubiquinol also has superior bioavailability, as demonstrated in clinical trials.

QH-absorb CoQ10 is a brand new product from Jarrow Formulas that delivers the ubiquinol form of Co-Q10 via a proliposome lipid soluble delivery system clinically shown in humans to increase Co-Q10 levels up to 400% (3.2x) over baseline and is 3-4 times better absorbed than chewable Co-Q10 tablets. Co-Q10 supports heart function as a component of the electron transport system, and as an antioxidant protects mitochondrial membranes and cholesterol from oxidation. Available in a 100mg 60 softgel size.

Jarrow also supplies Vitamin Express with two very important mineral products. The first has been a standby for our customers for years: organic germanium, which we wrote an article about several years ago. Germanium has been difficult to get because the only form proven safe and non-toxic is Organic Germanium (Ge-Oxy 132) Bis-Carboxyethyl Germanium Sesquioxide, and Jarrow's are the only organic germanium products that we carry. Available as a 100mg dosage in 30 cap and 60 cap sizes.

It is always gratifying to see a product that you have sold for years in the store become recognized and singled out. This is what has happened to BioSil™ in Doctor Perricone's new book 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity. He recognizes BioSil™ as a bone builder and wrinkle smoother. Read about it on page 78! The choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid in BioSil™ has proven to be a more bioavailable form of silicon than either horsetail or colloidal silicon gel, meaning your body is better able to utilize it for maintaining healthy bones, joints, skin, hair and nails. BioSil™ comes in both capsule and liquid form.

Finally, Jarro-Zymes Plus is another great product that we'd like to remind our customers about. It provides an enzyme complex that includes Protease, Amylase, Lipase, Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Esterase, Peptidase, Nuclease, Elastase and Collagenase, all of which are great for helping your body get all it can from nutritious legumes and other healthy foods that can sometimes be difficult to digest. It also contains proteolytic enzymes that aid in the reduction of inflammation.

NOW Foods

Rock-solid quality at rock-bottom prices has always made NOW® one of our customers' favorite brands. Now there is an additional reason (no pun intended): NOW® has become a manufacturer in the last few years, and has built up a reputation as one of the industry's finest high-quality manufacturers. Here are a few products that they do better and cheaper than anyone else:

  • Instant Energy B-12 -- Who needs B-12 Instant Energy? Anybody who gets out of bed and puts in a hard day's effort! The perfect way to keep alert and energized, regardless of the situation, these are handy little powder packets that you can easily carry with you and just pop in your mouth.
  • Blue Green Algae -- a phytoplankton that is a potent brain food which increases cognitive and physical efficiency. It is easily digested, readily absorbed, and contains 60 trace minerals, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, high beta-carotene content and chlorophyll. An all-in-one superfood straight from Mother Nature!
  • Esiak 4:1 Extract -- an herbal blend thought to have originated with the Ojibwe Indians of North America and made famous by a Canadian nurse named Renee Caisse as the Essiac formula. Esiak is a powerful detoxifier that supports overall health through immune system support, containing burdock root, sheep sorrel, turkey rhubarb, and slippery elm.

Three Specials from Nature's Way

Another old-time company that has developed and changed over time is Nature's Way. In business since 1969, the motivation for Nature's Way is rooted in a family's desperate need to address a personal health crisis. Tom Murdock, the original founder of what is now Nature's Way, sought a solution to help his gravely ill wife. Fresh out of conventional options, he turned to the Native American knowledge of the plants in the Arizona desert, and as the saying goes, the rest is history. Not only did Tom's wife recover from her illness, but she lived another 25 years.

Over the last 35 years, Nature's Way has pioneered more than just herbal and nutritional science. The company is a recognized leader among all of the nutritional and dietary supplement companies in America. Their list of "firsts" is extensive, and many of them pioneered the way retailers, consumers, industry, competitors, and even government viewed herbal and nutritional supplements. Here are just a few:

  • First nutritional products manufacturer with a state-of-the-art, pharmaceutically licensed facility
  • First major certified organic producer
  • First to bring significant European phytomedicines (plant based medicines) to market
  • First to spend more than a million dollars on legislative efforts to protect health freedoms
  • First industry recognized GMP (good manufacturing processes) facility
  • First to fund major third party organizations to responsibly disseminate health information and ensure quality.

With that kind of reputation, they have a lot to live up to, and they do so. One of the finest ginkgo products available in the marketplace is Nature's Way Ginkgold, and we have the bonus pack on special for $25.35!

Another great product from Nature's Way is their multiple vitamin formula called Alive! Multi. What makes it unique are the ultimate Whole Food Energizers™ -- with more invigorating nutrients from more natural sources than any other product.

  • 29 Vitamins & Minerals
  • 24 Fruits & Veggies
  • 14 Green Foods
  • 18 Amino Acids
  • 12 Digestive Enzymes
  • 10 Essential Fatty Acids
  • 12 Organic Mushrooms

The Alive! Multi is specially formulated for easy digestion and absorption into the bloodstream. Even the tablets break up quickly in the digestive tract. In comparison tests with other whole food brands, Alive! tablets were the only ones to completely disintegrate in 20 minutes or less (the proper time to ensure uptake into the body). The Alive! 90 tablet size is on sale for $17.55

Nature's Way also offers a wonderful product for women's health in particular, but also beneficial to men. It is DIM-Plus, which contains diindolylmethane, a phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale. Unlike other plant nutrients such as soy isoflavones, diindolylmethane has unique hormonal benefits. It supports the activity of enzymes that improve estrogen metabolism.

Scientific research shows diindolylmethane increases the level of "good" estrogens (2-hydroxyestrogen) while reducing the level of "bad" estrogens (16-hydroxyestrogen). When taken as part of a healthy diet, diindolylmethane can help to promote healthy estrogen metabolism, relieve PMS symptoms, promote fat loss, and support healthy breast, cervical, uterine and prostate tissues. The key is to regularly supplement the diet with diindolylmethane in its most bioavailable, "enhanced absorption" delivery form. DIM-Plus is on sale, 60 caps for $13.65 and 120 caps for $25.35!

Unique Products from Doctor's Best

Benfotamine is a synthetic derivative of thiamin (Vitamin B-1), belonging to the family of compounds known as "allithiamines." Benfotiamine is fat-soluble and thus more bioavailable and physiologically active than thiamin. It is a unique product that has recently drawn attention because of its ability to affect bodily glucose levels in a positive manner. Benfotiamine raises the blood level of thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP), the biologically active co-enzyme of thiamine. Thiamine and its Co-enzyme, TPP Thiamine (vitamin B1) play an essential part in the metabolism of glucose. Please see the Benfotamine product page to get a full explanation and appreciation for the complexity and effectiveness of this product.

Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid contains K-RALA , the potassium salt of R-Lipoic acid (RLA). K-RALA is the stabilized form of RLA that won't degrade at high temperatures, is more soluble than regular RLA and has a higher bioavailability. K-RALA enhances the release of RLA in the body. It's basic functions are:

  • Supporting the body's defense against free radicals
  • Recycling antioxidant nutrients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • Helping maintain a healthy blood-sugar level when used as part of the diet

Once again, please see the Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid for a full explanation of this product.

High-absorption Magnesium contains elemental magnesium chelated with the amino acids glycine and lysine. It is a "di-peptide" chelate, which means that each magnesium atom is chelated with two amino acid molecules. It has a low molecular weight, which is ideal for optimum absorption. As an essential dietary mineral, magnesium plays more roles than any other mineral, some of which are:

  • Acting as a co-factor for metabolic enzymes
  • Assisting energy production in cells
  • Supporting nerve and muscle function
  • Helping maintain a normal, regular heartbeat, and
  • Supporting bone density.

This product is available in 120 tab and 240 tab sizes.

SuperNutrition's 30th Anniversary Sale!

Don't forget that SuperNutrtion is offering special deals on select products every month of 2007. Here are the products on sale only in March:

  • Energy Caps: no harsh herbal stimulants, just the nutrients that support Krebs Cycle energy production to help you feel ready to perform at your personal best. Available in 30 cap and 90 cap sizes, both 20% off.
  • Super Blend: the widest spectrum of high-potency anti-aging nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and plant-based phyto-antioxidants ever combined in one formula. Available as regular (in 120 tabs or 240 tabs) or a 240 tab iron-free formula, all 20% off.

The BEST of health to you!
Michael LeVesque, President

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.