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Wellness- CoQ10, NAC, Vitamin C, Probiotics, Echinacea, T Cell

March 2006 - Print | Index

This is a good time to take stock of your supplement shelf and consider what you need for a healthy year of vitality, vigor and immunity.

First, there is the basic hi-potency multiple vitamin-mineral with trace minerals, i.e. zinc, selenium, and adequate calcium and magnesium. SuperNutrition has several formulas that meet this requirement.

Next, focus on immunity and vitality with: Vitamin C (apparently the avian flu harms the body by ridding it of Vitamin C resulting in severe scurvy and possible death), Alpha lipoic acid for the liver and recycling of water and oil soluble anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin C, E and A,  NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) a precursor to glutathione peroxidase, a very potent antioxidant enzyme, Amino acid complex capsule to get additional glutamine, glycine, Taurine, proline and lysine,  CoQ10, the wonder nutrient for the cardiovascular system and immunity, Probiotics - acidophilus, bifidus and bulgaricus- Natren being an excellent choice, and of course Echinacea.

Brand wise because of their unique and popular use: New Chapter's Host Defense, New Life New Zealand Colostrum, Ecological Formulas' T Cell which aids the thymus gland, and Enzymedica's Virastop- a unique enzyme formula that breaks down protein invaders leaving them vulnerable to the immune system.

Finally, some of our all-time favorites: Pantothenic acid (B5), Pau d'Arco extract, Olive leaf extract, Bee Propolis, Liquid Chlorophyll, Fresh bee pollen, Oregano extract, DMG, L-carnitine, Evening primrose oil, Fish oils, and Green products- such as Chlorella, Spirulina and Barley grass.

Fantastic Green Defense

An array of 25 wonderful enhancing ingredients makes this an excellent choice for aiding the body's natural defenses while nourishing it and detoxifying it as well!

There is chlorella, spirulina, wheat and barley grass, green tea, grape seed, bilberry, tomato, FOS, apple fiber, probiotics metabolites, and many other healthy ingredients such as brocolli, spinach, kamut grass, parsley, quinoa, and ginkgo, ginger and licorice and is sweetened by rice syrup solids and Lo Han fruit.

Another wonderful Jarrow product!

Wellness in a Bottle!

One of our very favorite products for enhancing immunity and  aiding the body in defending itself against flus, colds, and infections is Host Defense® which has been shown to increase human Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity by up to 300%. The immune-enhancing power of Host Defense® comes from two sources: the unsurpassed quality of MycoMedicinals® mushrooms, and the proprietary combination of 15 mushrooms species, each of which has an ability to support human immune functioning, and create synergistic waves of reinforcement that aid immune support.

This product has guaranteed  high potencies of Glycoproteins, Arabinoxylanes, Ergosterols, and Broad Spectrum 1,3 1,4 & 1,6 B-Glucans. In all fantastic!!!

YES's Potent Eye Formula

This is a very unique formula with five important nutrients, all in high potencies at a very excellent price.It contains FloraGLO Lutein - 25mg, Bilberry Extract 100mg- so important for visual purple. It also has 1 mg Zeaxanthin, 100mg Alpha lipoic acid, and 100 mg Milk Thistle Extract, and all of this in one vegicap. If you want effective and noticeable results, this is the formula to try. Especially use it at bedtime after viewing a computer screen or television screen and see the difference!!

A Local Favorite: SuperNutrition Opti-Pack

The high potency Opti-Pack is super complete with anti-oxidants, i.e. beta carotene (15,000 IU), Vitamin A (500 IU), Vitamin E (800 IU), selenium (250 mcg), Vitamin C (1200 mg), bioflavonoids (300 mg), methionine (250 mg), cysteine (300 mg) and a super potency complete B-complex including 300 mg low-flush, fast-release niacin for its nutritional energizing effect (or you can choose niacinamide), 300 mg of pantothenic acid, and 250 mg of Vitamin B6.

Also, high potency multi-mineral formula: 1250 mg calcium plus 700 mg of magnesium, 40 mg of zinc, 250 mcg of selenium, 250 mcg of chromium, iron carboxnyl (the safest form of iron),and72 major natural trace minerals, plus over 1000 mg of fiber  for quick release of the tablets.

The BEST of health to you!
Michael LeVesque, President

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.