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The Big Vitamin Dictionary, DIM

November 2001 - Print | Index

Where can you go to get the best information on the optimal use of nutritional supplements? Have you wondered if someone in the know would step up to the plate and offer real insight? Well, Michael LeVesque has done it, and we have it: The Big Vitamin Dictionary!

Finally you can have access to concise, expert information about the optimal use of nutrients. Developed from decades of research, observation, and personal use, author Michael LeVesque condenses a vast amount of nutritional information into essential wisdom. Here's an example of a listing, and a link to more information:

"LYCOPENE is a red carotenoid from watermelon and tomatoes. It is especially beneficial for the prostate and testicles. It protects against breast, skin and prostate cancer. It is a very potent anti-oxidant, detoxifier, and helps inhibit the production of cholesterol."

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We may all be suffering some degree of estrogen imbalance. Due to the contamination of the environment with estrogenic pesticides, plastics, and other chemicals, some experts believe that the endocrine systems of both women and men may be chronically disrupted. (For more on this, see our July 1998 Newsletter)

Now there is help from the vegetable kingdom. A plant nutrient or indole found in vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower has been shown to help regulate and promote a more efficient metabolism of estrogen, and an optimal ratio of estrogen metabolites. Called DIM, or Diindolylmethane, it's responsible for some of the major health promoting properties of these cruciferous vegetables, which were originally cultivated as medicines.

DIM helps estrogen metabolize into the beneficial 2-hydroxy estrogens that protect the heart and brain with their powerful antioxidant activity. At the same time, the formation of 16-hydroxy estrogens is reduced. These are known to contribute to breast and uterine cancer, and unwanted weight gain, as well as some of the symptoms associated with PMS such as reduced sex drive, breast pain and mood changes. Men can also benefit from DIM, as it has a major effect on the basic hormonal system in a very positive way, helping to maintain proper balance for both men and women. An in-depth discussion of DIM may be found at (opens in new window).

DIM is available in two pounds of broccoli a day...or in capsules. We have DIM-Plus from Nature's Way. It contains the superior BioResponse-DIM and its patented, enhanced bioavailability delivery system.

Iron, a Two-Edged Sword

Everyone knows how important iron is for health and good red blood. However, iron can also be harmful and destructive. A recent study from the Journal of British Nutrition found that the addition of Vitamin E gave protection against iron-mediated oxidative damage in the gastrointestinal tract. It also found that Vitamin C, though important in proper absorption of iron, did not protect against the oxidative damage. Taking Vitamin E and C seems to be the best solution when taking an iron supplement.

Post-Operative Nutrition

According to an article published in the September 1st issue of The Lancet, supplemental use of L-arginine, omega-3 fatty acids, and brewer's yeast speeded recovery from heart surgery. Patients given the supplement combination had stronger immune response and experienced fewer post-operative infections than patients receiving placebo.

The BEST of health to you!
Michael LeVesque, President

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