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Premium Velvet Antler, NADH

May 1999 - Print | Index

"Velvet antler has been used for centuries in many eastern and traditional cultures to treat joint conditions, as well as a general tonic for overall wellness and vitality." Velvet antler is collected in a simple, quick and compassionate manner without harming the domesticated stock of bull elk.

Studies have indicated a use for symptoms of arthritis, i.e., "provides nutritional support for joint structure and function." Most of the carbohydrate in antler is proteoglycan with the primary portion being glycosaminoglycan, of which chondroitin sulfate is the predominant constituent.

Studies have indicated significant relief from osteoarthritis. Other areas yet to be singled out for FDA approval but with significant historical use are: weakness, blood loss, muscle strength, stomach ulcers, gout, eczema, endurance, and sexual vitality.

Historically, the velvet antler harvested by North American farmers has been exported to Asia. However, with more interest developing in the West, new studies are creating much more demand for the product. Velvet antler is harvested in the Spring, and is considered very Yang and heating in Asian medicine. For this reason it may not be appropriate for women in menopause with hot flashes. However, for best individual advice one might check with a Chinese Medical professional.

My own personal experience in trying the product has been subtle with profound results. For me, it seems to be a strengthener and a producer of kidney chi. It is not stimulating in any way. It seemed to be very stabilizing to my physical frame. It's difficult to describe. I know that I feel good taking the supplement. I did double the dosage after five days to see what affects it may have. I've decided that the product should be placed not only in the joint health section, but also in the men’s section.

Check our web site for a more in depth look at the research and history of velvet antler, and the product, Natraflex. It is very interesting and exciting. I like products that are effective and safe, and velvet antler does not produce drug-related side effects.

See also: A Summary of Research on Velvet Antler Dietary Supplements

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Hayfever? Try Bioforce Allergy Relief!

One of the most effective products I know is Dr. Alfred Vogel’s Allergy Relief, formerly called Pollinosan. It is a combination of herbs, fresh grown in the Swiss Alps. It is produced by Bioforce, the premium Swiss company who first established tight controls over the production, cultivation, harvesting, and testing of organic herbs.

Allergy Relief brings optimum relief for hayfever symptoms – without unwanted side effects, such as drowsiness, anxiety or insomnia.

This unique homeopathic remedy contains all-natural ingredients that stimulate the body’s healing power and improve your resistance to irritants such as pollen, mold spores, household dust and other allergens. It is also effect with animal dander. It is not effective for food allergies.

This natural way to help control hayfever symptoms is recommended by physicians throughout Europe. I personally recommend it as the most effective allergy formula we sell. Customers get immediate relief and those who use a low maintenance dose throughout the year have said they find their resistance improved each year against hayfever symptoms to the point that they are no longer affected by hayfever.


You might have seen in the news that NADH has been found to be an effective treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  It’s also considered to have benefits for sufferers of depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, as well as helping with such things as mental concentration and athletic performance!  Find out below all about this natural substance, NADH!

* What is it?
NADH is known as CoEnzyme-1, or "reduced B-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide with high-energy hydrogen". It is a natural metabolite, found not only in every cell in the body, but in every living cell, plant or animal.

* What does it do?
NADH is directly involved in the production of cellular energy, which in turn plays a role in all functions, including muscular activity, the production of neurotransmitters, and in the capacity of our immune system. NADH is also considered the most potent biological antioxidant.

* Is NADH equally important to every part of the body?
Cells that have a long life contain high amounts of NADH. These include muscle, liver, and brain cells. All cells contain some NADH, however, even short-lived red blood cells.

* How can a natural product be patented?
Plain NADH is a natural substance, and so cannot be patented. It is very sensitive to acid conditions, such as that found in the stomach. Menuco's patented form, called "ENADA", is enteric-coated to protect it from stomach acid, and is considered the only effective, stabilized, and absorbable form. They also now have a usage patent for the administration of NADH in conjunction with CFS.

What are the reported benefits of NADH?

  • Acts as a memory enhancer
  • Protects the liver from alcohol damage
  • Acts as an athletic performance and energy enhancer
  • Is used to treat Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels and overall blood pressure
  • Repairs DNA molecules
  • Helps with symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • NADH is considered the most potent biological antioxidant, which might have anti-aging benefits

* Is NADH safe?
NADH is considered a safe, naturally-occurring substance, with no known side-effects. It is found in all food stuffs. The richest sources are meat, poultry, and fish.

* What doses are people using?
In the 1997 Georgetown University Medical Center CFS study, patients took 10 mg of NADH every day. Like all natural treatments, there could be a great variance in individual dose requirements. We've heard benefits reported at doses as low as 2.5-5 mg per day.

* Why is NADH possibly better than L-Dopa for Parkinson's patients?
L-Dopa treatment fills the dopamine deficit by providing it's immediate precursor L-Dopa - but this can and does set up a negative feedback loop that inhibits the body's synthesis of dopamine. NADH does not encourage this negative feedback loop, but instead activates the key L-Dopa producing enzyme, which in turn stimulates endogenous L-Dopa production.

* How does NADH function in the body, to yield this plethora of benefits?
In a nutshell, NADH helps increase human biological energy through it's involvement in the processes of cellular respiration. Pyruvate oxidizes to NADH (and FADH2), and then in the mitochondria of the cells, NADH is used to produce ATP, the high energy phosphate molecule of the cell. ATP is also known as "the energy currency of the cell", and additional NADH equals increased endogenous production of ATP. For an excellent detailed explanation of NADH's role in these energy production cycles, see

The BEST of health to you!
Michael LeVesque, President

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.