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21st Century Health - Gene Testing by GeneLink and Products by Solgar

June 2008 - Print | Index

 It's all about Information...

Specific genes respond to targeted nutritional supplementation. An individual may choose nutritional products aimed at improving their health and wellness based on one’s unique genetic makeup.

"Nutrigenomics envisions a future in which personalized genetic profiling takes the guesswork out of deciding what you should eat. By adjusting nutrient composition in a person's diet according to genetic profiles, gene-based nutrition planning could one day play a significant role in preventing chronic disease."
- Mark B McClellan, Commissioner of the US Food & Drug Administration, in a speech to Harvard School of Public Health, 1 July 2003




In the San Francisco Chronicle 6/6/08, “UC Berkeley researchers are searching for genetic flaws that can be fixed by simply taking vitamin and mineral supplements... By knowing which genes are defective, people will know which vitamins they need… Eventually, a person's entire genome may be scanned for flaws, and a set of vitamins could be prescribed for optimum health.”

Views of nutrition are rapidly changing. In the early 1980s most allopathic doctors (M.D.s) were basically anti-vitamins. Disease was a state of health requiring drug intervention or surgery. Otherwise, it was relegated to “There’s nothing that can be done” or “It’s all in your head.”

Today, many M.D.s are recognizing that it’s not just “in your head”, but a physiological state that can be improved or reversed by good health habits, good diet and proper supplementation. There is an unwavering and overwhelming preponderance of scientific evidence behind this change. It is spearheaded by scientists and medical doctors whose research and studies over time have proved the importance of nutrition for health. See Orthomolecular Medical Society history at

So it is gratifying to present Solgar Vitamin’s new NutrigenomX nutritional products. These products have scientific validation to aid the support of genetic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, pronounced "snips"). Assessing these SNPs is made possible through a gene test by GeneLink. There are thirteen products offered by Solgar. We do not sell the test over the web. A person can only purchase it within a store that sells Solgar Vitamins, such as our stores here in San Francisco, Berkeley and Mill Valley. Privacy is of utmost importance to us and is protected-  the test is identified by bar code, and all samples are destroyed after assessment.

In California, there is concern regarding the quality of online genetic testing services that have sprung up overnight and at very expensive prices.

The Genelink's assessment, which involves swabbing the inside of each cheek, is a non-clinical informational test. It is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a specific disease or the assessment of a specific health condition. Our price for the test is $115.00. It is near cost. 

Here’s the information presented regarding the SNP's:

  • Whether a gene is functioning optimally
  • Whether a gene is not functioning optimally
  • Whether a gene is functioning minimally
  • Explaining the SNP and its enzyme relationship
  • Twelve tests of nine areas of interest:
    • Bone density
    • Detoxification
    • CoQ10 conversion
    • SOD utilization
    • Selenium utilization
    • Collagen utilization
    • Homocysteine conversion
    • Immune system and inflammatory process
    • Cardiovascular health

This is the beginning for SNPs. It is a field that didn’t exist ten years ago. With the mapping of the human genome, scientists now have the ability to identify small variations in the genetic code that may lead to diminished health and wellness. Scientists are aware of specific genes that respond to targeted nutritional supplementation. This means an individual may develop and choose nutritional products aimed at improving their health and wellness based on one’s unique genetic makeup. This is a great scientific innovation!


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Best of Health to you!

Michael LeVesque, President


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