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NAC, Lycopene, RealFood Organics, Health Freedom, Discount Code , Heart Attacks

August 2008 - Print | Index

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Our August newsletter spotlights:

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  • NAC – the nutrient to know
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“The doctor of the future will be oneself.” – Albert Schweitzer

The Vitamin Express Newsletter Team
Michael LeVesque
President, Vitamin Express

Grass roots politics -- powerful and necessary

…as reviewed in the Vancouver Sun, Vancouver,Canada - June 14th, 2008.

Canada has had a threat of new legislation which would place herbs, homeopathic remedies and other nutrients under the same legislation as pharmaceutical drugs.

Fortunately, the natural health advocates, and the Canadian Health Food Association, which represents manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the natural products industry, caught the legislation in time to notify the general public where a massive grassroots campaign against the legislation occurred. This resulted in a surprising victory with the decision by Canadian Health Minister Tony Clement to state it was an oversight not to create a different category under the law.

Clement stated, "So, I listened to that, I listened to my own caucus who were getting the feedback from people as well, and to me it was a no-brainer. We can make the bill a better bill. We can make it explicitly, as well as implicitly, more balanced, and we still achieve our goals which are protecting the health and safety of Canadians."

The government is now proposing to insert a definition of natural health products into the Food and Drugs Act to "clearly recognize" that natural health products are distinct from foods and drugs under the law.  The government states "Canadians have clearly expressed the desire to recognize natural health products as a unique category of products." Whether this is fully accurate remains to be seen since here in the US natural products are protected under the auspices of them being equivalent to food.

The new amendment states that natural remedies as a lower-risk product than prescription drugs and proposes other changes to make it clear natural products will follow a different process to the marketplace. The new amendments explicitly mention that traditional knowledge and history of use can be considered for obtaining authorization to sell a natural health product.

That is not to state that all is rosy up North- there is still major concern regarding the government’s methods of seizing products and taking them off the market until they have deemed the product is not dangerous. Also, what if products that are food end up being considered in the new regulating category a natural health care product? 

Simultaneously, the Natural Health Products Protection Association had launched a separate campaign, complaining about the "police state" powers to search private property for illegal products. The proposed legislation read "like a police state manual" and the "real danger is to 'over-regulate' them (natural products) off of the market.” Stay tuned!

Heart attacks are the major cause of death in America

The causes of heart attacks the major cause of death in the US and around the world in order of highest risk are old age, men more than women (though women are increasing), smoking, cholesterol levels (high LDL, low HDL), high homocysteine, diabetes (all forms), high blood pressure, obesity, stress, and alcohol. Other important factors are smoking along with contraceptive pills, atherosclerotic plaque formation, fibrogen, high cytokines and periodontal disease.   

It is amazing how many of these factors are controllable by proper diet and life style. Proper diet can easily include nutritional supplementation such as L-methionine, B2, B6, B12 and folic acid to help lower homocysteine levels, and many other risk factors reduced with proper calcium, magnesium, chromium, CoQ10, L-Carnitine, L-Proline, L-Lysine, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin E  and C, beta carotene and proper amounts of vegetables and fruit. Adding exercise as a daily regimen and getting periods of deep rest and sleep would all reduce the untimely event of a heart attack.

One of the surprising causes at the end of the list is periodontal disease. Studies indicate that heart attack death rate is 2 ½ times greater in patients with periodontal bacteria. Also, whenever there is periodontal disease look for elevated fibrogen or CRP (C Reactive Protein). It is this intense abundance of inflammation that causes the body to calcify heart valves and coronary arteries. This all leads to over 300% higher risk of early heart problems.

Two clean and exceptional dental products are from A Vogel Bioforce of Switzerland. Their effective toothpaste is called Echinacea, which in addition to its name also contains extracts of licorice, tormentil, astragalus, peppermint, bilberry, acacia, rosemary, limonene, eucalyptus, linalool and sorbitol. The second is their mouth wash called Dentaforce with similar ingredients which also comes in a spray that effectively has relieved the beginnings of a raspy throat when I used it. Of course periodontal health responds well to Vitamin C, beta carotene, CoQ10, L-lysine and probiotics and of course flossing!

Real Food Organics – New Food Supplement

The food based supplements have been available for awhile now, but this is the first time a line of food supplements made almost entirely of food has been available. Country Life has done it. Recently we spoke with Jason Mitchell the formulator and researcher for these extraordinary products. These products are especially beneficial if you are one of those individuals who do not eat their daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables, i.e., someone who eats a typical American diet.

One word of caution, the Food Form Mineral Complex should be avoided at night time unless you want to go out dancing- the energy you receive from it is amazing and sustained- so best taken during the day. These products are excellent and Country Life has worked diligently to be energy and ecologically at the forefront of the health food industry - even the paper for their brochures is made from fruit waste and the box is 100% recyclable limestone! So here’s some of their information.

It is a well-known fact that the standard American diet (SAD) does not supply an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables. We should be consuming at least four to six servings a day. If you do not come close to that number current statistics show that a diet lacking the vital, life-giving vegetables and fruit leads down a path of illness.

  1. Real Food Organics™ is a product line of nutritional supplements based on the sole purpose of delivering daily nutrition the way nature intended. This took thousands of hours of research and product trials, and as a result they have successfully developed a process that delivers vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential nutrients, and many other important phytonutrients.
  2. All of the Real Food Organics supplements are almost entirely derived from organic fruits and vegetables. They employ the help of an organic fruit and vegetable raw material supplier to ensure that the fruits and vegetables are grown to their exacting specifications. They require all of the following to be true about the fruits and vegetables used in each of the Real Food Organics Supplements:

a)   Certified Organic (unless unavailable)

b)    Verification of soil analysis to ensure that the soil was highly fertile before planting the seeds. This makes it possible to obtain the best possible growing conditions, which contributes to the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables- the more fertile the soil, the more vibrant and nutritious the fruit.

c)    No Green Harvest. They require that all fruits and vegetables grown be allowed to develop to their fullest potential before they are harvested. This ensures that the fruits or vegetables will contain the highest nutrient content. Clinical studies have supported the fact that fruits and vegetables that are permitted to vine ripen have an exponentially higher nutrient content than those grown and harvested green (not fully ripe).

d)   Since all but three of the fruits and vegetables in the Real Food Organics Supplements are grown in North America, they take pride in the fact that they are supporting the US economy. Indigenously grown fruits and vegetables are likely to be more relevant to our nutritional needs. If it grows here naturally, then it is safe to assume that nature had a plan.

Once harvested the fruits and vegetables are moved to the Cryo-Active State™ process a scientific way of concentrating and preserving their goodness. This process has five primary steps. They are:

a)   They puree a proprietary blend of these fruits and vegetables together.

b)   The puree is then measured for its nutritional content, such as vitamins and minerals.

c)    Based on the nutritional content of the pureed fruit and vegetable mixture, they add a very small amount of conventional vitamins and minerals to replace only what are lost from harvest point. It is important to mention that the nutritional levels are provided not by what is added (from 1% to 10%) but rather by what nature intended. This assures that the end product will have as close to what nature intended as possible.

d)   They use a proprietary blend of living probiotic bacteria and saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast to elicit a fermentation process. This step of the process makes it possible for all of the nutrients to be liberated from the fruits and vegetables. Fermentation also preserves the bioactivity of all that is contained in this mixture.  This step is what makes bioavailability possible for all that is contained in the fruits and vegetables.

e)   Once the fermentation process is complete, they use a Cryogenic freeze-drying process, which preserves 100% of the vitamin, mineral, phytonutrient, and enzyme content, as well as 100% of the probiotic activity.

When using whole fruits and vegetables, they get all identifiable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients plus thousands of beneficial elements in fruits and vegetables that have yet to be identified. When using whole fruits and vegetables, you are able to access all the nutrition that science has recognized as well as all those things that science has yet to discover.

Going beyond the fruit and vegetable combinations, they also have added three scientifically proven ingredients that offer positive, life altering benefits. They have added the following to each of the multi vitamins:

1.) FruiteX B® (a.k.a. Calcium Fructoborate) is a form of Boron that is bioequivalent to the form of Boron found in fruits and vegetables. It has been shown that this form of Boron may be far better absorbed and utilized than other conventional forms, such as Boron Citrate. It offers the following benefits:

·        Increased bone density

·        Proper regulation of sex hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and DHEA

·        Increased vitamin D3 levels

·        Increased energy levels

·        Clinical evidence indicates that FruiteX B® may be even better than Glucosamine at improving joint mobility

    2.)    GlycoBerry 8® was added to supply adequate levels of vital essential nutrients called monosaccharides (carbohydrates). Essential means that they must be supplied by the diet. Just as there are essential amino acids or essential fatty acids, it has been identified that our body needs certain carbohydrates to operate properly. These eight essential glyconutrients offer the cells of the body a means to communicate. This communication is vital for immune function and blood sugar regulation. These eight essential glyconutrients are supposed to be supplied by the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The standard American does not ingest an adequate supply of these life-giving foods. GlycoBerry 8® provides a convenient way to provide these essential nutrients.

3.) ACTIValoe™ is a very special form of certified organic aloe vera gel powder.  Aloe has long been used for its healing benefits. It supports healthy digestive function, nutrient absorption (increases vitamin C by 204% and vitamin E by 269%), antioxidant support, and immune support.

It is not the focus to deliver a specified level of vitamins and minerals. The focus is on making sure that the body is nourished in a manner consistent with the way nature intended. Regardless of potency, the formulas do in fact support a healthier body.

Once each supplement is formulated, a clinical method called VeriCell Testing™ is employed. This is a testing method similar to how pharmaceutical companies validate the action of drugs. This allows the ability to identify how certain foods and blends of foods will react in the body. VeriCell Testing™ provides an effective means of validating the health benefits that each of the Real Food Organics supplements provide. The results of these in-vivo human clinical VeriCell Testing trials are the following:

·     Your Daily Nutrition strongly increases the activity of the body’s internal antioxidant system, supports healthy HDL levels in the body, supports healthy blood sugar balance, and somewhat supports healthy blood pressure.

·     His Daily Nutrition strongly increases the activity of the body’s internal antioxidant system, supports healthy HDL levels in the body, supports healthy blood sugar balance, and somewhat supports healthy blood pressure. 

·     Her Daily Nutrition strongly increases the activity of the body’s internal antioxidant system, supports healthy HDL levels in the body, supports healthy blood sugar balance, and somewhat supports healthy blood pressure. 

·     Ultimate Daily Nutrition strongly increases the activity of the body’s internal antioxidant system, supports healthy HDL levels in the body, supports healthy blood sugar balance, and somewhat supports healthy blood pressure. 

·     Food Form Mineral Complex strongly supports the body’s internal antioxidant system and offers support to the connective tissues of the body. 

·     Glyconutrient Complex strongly increases the activity of the body’s internal antioxidant system.

Lycopene Aids Reduction of Cholesterol and More

Lycopene has become well known because of its ability to aid inhibition of not only prostate cancer but also breast cancer. Other uses have indicated its benefits in aiding the improvement of diabetes and aiding the inhibition of macular degeneration of the eye.

Now in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it was reported in 2000 that lycopene lowered LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) by up to 14% and enhanced the breakdown of LDL.  Lycopene is the most efficient quencher of singlet oxygen of all the carotenoids helping it protect LDL cholesterol from damaging the inside blood vessel walls.

In the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study, British Journal of Nutrition, 2001, it was found the risk of stroke is greater by 330% in middle-aged men with low blood levels of lycopene than compared to men with high blood levels.

NAC, A Nutrient You Should Know

There is a who’s who list in nutrition. Everyone knows vitamins C, E, D, A, and the B complex. However, an unfamiliar nutrient also belongs on that list- NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), one of the most highly researched nutrients with vast broad applications.

Basically, NAC aids in the proper absorption of iron and promotes the building of muscle while burning fat. It converts readily to glutathione peroxidase, one of the most important protectors of cells in the body controlling lipid peroxides, hydroperoxides, and hydroxylradicals. As we age glutathione levels reduce and the need for supplementation increases. One of the most effective ways to increase those levels is with NAC.

NAC shows benefits in aiding the prevention of the ill effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It helps create T-cells and other immune factors and is especially beneficial in aiding the treatment of AIDS, and as reported in the San Francisco Chronicle a potent ant-viral with HIV. It also acts as a detoxifier helping to remove many toxic heavy metals including aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.

NAC has shown impressive results for people with asthma and bronchial problems helping to liquefy mucous and loosen it in the lungs and bronchial tubes. In Europe it is sold as an over the counter drug for this purpose and NAC aerosol is often prescribed for the treatment of asthma and congestive colds. As far back as 1983 a report from the Swedish Society of Pulmonary Diseases in European Journal of Respiratory Disease, G. Bowman et al. stated NAC reduced sick leave used, and the number of infections significantly with 40% of the subjects remaining free of chronic bronchitis while using NAC. It also aided in the prevention and treatment of emphysema by aiding protection of the lungs’ alveoli (air sacs) from cigarette smoke. 

In The Nutraceutical Revolution, Richard Firshein lists NAC as one of the cutting edge nutrients. NAC enhances the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical drug, interferon alpha, in the treatment of hepatitis C and helps to aid counteracting the severe depletion of the liver antioxidant glutathione in hepatitis C patients. When an over dose of an acetaminophen occurs hospitals routinely reverse the drug’s toxicity by the administration of NAC intravenously. The overdose of acetaminophen destroys glutathione enabling free radicals to destroy healthy liver cells. NAC is a protective factor that improves the situation.

NAC exerts antioxidant effects in the ears that may help prevent and aid treatment of noise-induced hearing loss. An animal study by M. Duan et al. {Hear Res.192(1-2):1-9, 2004} reported rats pre-treated with NAC subjected to loud noise experienced less hearing loss than normally expected, and that NAC aid protection of the cochlear in the inner ear from damage caused by loud noise.

The list of benefits grows even longer with studies reporting aid in protection against alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, influenza, kidney stones, pancreatitis and Parkinson’s disease. Studies report benefits for anti-aging by helping repair damage to the DNA in cells. NAC is recognized as an aid to hair health and growth by deactivating superoxide free radicals believed to be one of the underlying causes of male baldness while directly contributing to hair growth since cysteine forms part of the physical structure of hair.

In 2003 S. A. Farr et al. [Journal of Neurochemistry  84(5):1173-1183] reported NAC along with alpha-lipoic acid prevented and reversed age-associated memory impairment. It does this by enhancing and repairing the energy-producing “power plants” (mitochondria) of brain cells.

There’s much to know about NAC and a good resource is HyperHealth, a software program which is useful for any health information. The dosage levels of NAC range from 600mg to 1,800 mg per day. NAC does not require vitamin C to protect it like L-cysteine because it is a reduced form; however, it is beneficial to take extra vitamin C with NAC. It is a sulfur bearing amino acid and is best taken with food.

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