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October 2008 - Print | Index

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Our October 2008 newsletter spotlights:

  • Time to Change the FDA
  • Colostrum, One of my Favorite Supplements
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“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” ~Dr. Thomas Fuller

Best of Health to you!

The Vitamin Express Newsletter Team
Michael LeVesque
President, Vitamin Express

It is Time to Change the FDA

In 1994 Congress passed the Dietary Health and Education Act (DSHEA). This act established a definition of “dietary supplement”. It gave rules for safety, literature, nutritional support statements, ingredient and nutritional information labeling and established rules for new dietary supplements. It also established regulations of Good Manufacturing Practices under the control of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

DSHEA also established a Commission on Dietary Supplements. Also, under the National Institute of Health an Office of Dietary Supplements as advisers to the FDA and to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to improve health care in the United States.

In December of 2007 Congress passed the Dietary Supplement and Non-Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Act, (I'll call it the DSCPA) that requires reporting any serious adverse reaction from food supplements to the FDA. Though some in the industry felt it unnecessary because of nutritional supplements’ good safety record, most in the industry welcomed the legislation.

This brings us to the heart of the issue. Since the passage of DSHEA and DSCPA and the institution of GMPs  industry wide, the nutritional supplement industry is now more than ever closely regulated by the FDA.

For all practical purposes nutritional supplements are under the FDA’s inspection, control and regulation, similar to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Therefore, nutritional supplements should be afforded the same consideration and protection that is given pharmaceutical products.

Therefore, there must be present in the staff of the FDA personnel educated and experienced regarding nutritional supplements. This includes the effects, the benefits, “side effects” if any, interactions with regulated pharmaceutical drugs, historical and traditional uses, research, botany and biological chemistry of the nutrients. Finally, the FDA must provide protection of nutritional supplements in the marketplace.

The FDA must, by virtue of its regulatory powers, employ experts in the field of biological chemistry and nutritional supplements within a system analyzing the benefits of food supplements and promoting a level field of competition between pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplements. They are the Food and Drug regulators, not the sole protectors of drug manufacturers.

The FDA cannot act as a wolf in the henhouse or to put it another way where the nutritional supplements become a hen in the foxes den. The FDA must include nutritional supplements and help protect their ability to compete in the marketplace even against pharmaceutical drugs -- to improve health care and reduce its cost in the United States.

No longer can the FDA have as its goal the protection of pharmaceutical products from competition in the marketplace against nutritional food supplements. This arrangement produced animosity by the FDA against food supplement products; extreme acts as though supplement users and manufacturers were criminals, and promoted US court reactions that chastised the FDA for its inexcusably inappropriate actions.

Due to the FDA’s protectionism it has received numerous grievances, firings of personnel, and reprimands. In turn the monopolistic powers of the pharmaceutical industry have limited and denied citizens legal recourse for harm.

The monopolistic activities of pharmaceutical manufacturers are doing extensive damage to the general public’s health. The FDA must be re-evaluated and its leadership and personnel requirements redefined to include experience and oversight of nutritional supplements in an effort to turn around the health catastrophe that is being endured by the American public.

If the US was in a war abroad in which yearly over 2,000,000 casualties were occurring to personnel and over 110,000 deaths annually, you can be assured there would be changes in policies demanded by American citizens. However, since those annual figures occur in the privacy of American hospitals through prescribed pharmaceutical drugs there has been no change of policy.

Now is the time to right this inconceivable harm. How did the medical profession stray so far from the Hippocratic Oath?

These deaths in many cases can be linked from poor to no education of physicians in alternative, traditional, and nutritional medicine. The benefits of pharmaceutical drugs have been overstated, over protected, and unilaterally promoted as the only way to cure and to modify health. No one suffers from a pharmaceutical drug deficiency.

Even doctors’ evaluations and considerations are circumvented with harmful public mass advertising of pharmaceutical products. The protectionism has generated enormous profits for pharmaceutical manufacturers who are now the major investors of advertising in the US. Health care costs are a national atrocity. The pharmaceutical industries negligence is indefensible.

For the social welfare of every US citizen, now is the time to revamp the FDA so that it can equally represent the foods we eat, the supplements when necessary, and the drugs out of necessity. We, the government, must regain control over our health and turn around the health catastrophes we all are witnessing. We need a fair, health-promoting FDA.

You are encouraged to contact your governmental representative to share this viewpoint. for the US Senate and  for the US House of Representatives.

Examples of nutritional supplements inexpensive effectiveness are to compare Vitamin D with flu shots, niacin or Vitamin B3 with statin drugs, or Fish Oil DHA with drugs for ADD as only a few examples of nutrition providing solutions to problems with no bad effects and little cost. There are many more examples and the American public deserve the US government to mandate the FDA to analyze through good science these comparisons with an unbiased board of examiners and where necessary promote these nutrients as viable alternatives.

Colostrum, the Ultimate Health Nutrient

Colostrum is the ultimate health nutrient. It is the thin milky liquid that the mother expresses for about three days right after childbirth, preceding the mother’s first milk. It is known that colostrum imprints the immune system of the infant, providing a profound benefit to the growth and health of the newborn receiving it as its protection and guarantee for health from the mother. It contains a multitude of nutrients and antibodies. It is estimated that colostrum triggers fifty or more important processes in the newborn infant.

Colostrum has only been partially understood. Very few books have been written about it. However, it has been studied extensively by the medical community with several hundred research studies showing its disease-fighting and health-enhancing effects for adults as well.

Colostrum contains the full spectrum of all immunoglobulins or antibodies several thousands of different specific ones. Colostrum, with the compliment system, surrounds antigens in a process called optizination, making the antigens attractive to the white blood cells. These and other co-nutrients add to the immune system, strengthening it and protecting the system from infections.

Importantly, it stimulates the balance of the immune system. Sometimes T-killer cells become fanatic and over-active, attacking nerve cells or joints. This condition is labeled "auto-immune" disease. Colostrum creates a correct ratio between T-helper cells and T-killer cells, so immunity remains strong but not destructive.

Colostrum contains lactoferrin (an iron-binding protein) with the proven ability to suppress the cytomegalovirus that is speculated to be responsible for many cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Bovine colostrum also contains an insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) that can improve athletic performance and is known to stimulate muscle growth.  Z. Hofman, et al. in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism 12(4):461-469, 2002 showed that growth factors of colostrum can aid muscle to recover more rapidly after intensive exercise, may stimulate immune factors that reduce possible infections after exercise, and increase the uptake of glucose by muscles helping to increase endurance.

The scientific references for Colostrum are extensive and show various benefits for diarrhea, sinusitis, respiratory tract infections, peptic ulcers and digestion such as in the research of Bitzan, et al. in the Journal of Infectious Disease  177:955-961, 1998 who demonstrated the ability of bovine colostrum to inhibit Helicobacter pylori binding to receptors in the stomach thereby aiding the prevention of gastritis.

Most colostrum is obtained from cows, because bovine colostrum is accepted by all other mammals. The important immune and growth factors in bovine colostrum have been shown to be transferable from one species to another. It is available as capsules, powder or liquid and New Zealand colostrum seems to be one of the purest sources.

It is suggested that colostrum should be taken for a period of time, such as four months, and then given a break of one or two months, to allow your body to integrate the benefits. Another possible protocol, recommended by Krispin Sullivan, C.N., is to take colostrum first thing in the morning and last thing at night, on an empty stomach, with five days on and two days off, which will mimic the growth hormone cycle.

YES® Products

YES began in 2001 to meet the nutritional needs of the new millennium. YES is dedicated to quality, value and performance. They are committed to highest standards of manufacturing, passing savings to customers, and offering "Nutrients that make a difference". YES stands for youth, energy, and stamina. Their product line combines traditional, success-proven products with new, cutting-edge nutrients, guaranteed potency herbs and conceptual products.They include full scientific backup outlining the nutritional support each product offers the body. To ensure trust and accuracy of the ingredients listed in their products, they maintain a Certificate of Analysis on all raw materials. Check out the ongoing 30% off MSRP specials!

Therabiotics presents the new Probiotic

Theralac is a new, highly effective probiotic that replenishes beneficial bacteria with 20 billion CFU of five new-generation probiotic strains. Theralac probiotic supplements promote a healthy soft-lining (wall) in the intestinal tract which results in improved digestion, regularity and nutrient absorption.

Theralac probiotics are the most effective probiotic supplements because their patented acid-proof formulation protects the sensitive probiotic bacteria as they pass through the acidic stomach; this allows them to enter the intestinal tract unharmed at full strength. Once in the intestinal tract, Theralac's five probioticstwo prebiotics (LactoStim and Lactoferrin -- patent pending) to give you maximum probiotic benefit. It's called 5 + 2 Biotherapy and is only available in Theralac. are stimulated into action by its

Theralac's 20 billion CFU/capsules are guaranteed through expiration. 40 capsules lasts 40 meals on standard dose program! Theralac’s high potency capsules contain:

  • 5 symbiotic probiotic strains!
  • 20 billion CFU – total probiotic strength!
  • 2 bioactive prebiotics, LactoStim and Lactoferrin!
  • Natural acid-proof formula with grape skin buffers!
  • Vegicaps of plant origin (no animal gelatin)!

TruFiber™ is a soluble fiber with Bifidogenic enzymes uniquely formulated to stimulate probiotics. There is no grit, no taste and it dissolves clear. One scoop is 2.6 grams, two scoops is 10% of your daily fiber needs.

TruFiber™ contains the Fiberase™ complex of fiber digesting enzymes. These enzymes are not produced in the human body but occur naturally throughout the plant kingdom. Fiberase™ enzymes are called bifidogenic because they improve the prebiotic activity of fiber present in fruits, vegetables and whole grains resulting in enhanced stimulation of Bifidobacteria. Fiberase™ enzymes are also lactogenic meaning they stimulate the growth of various Lactobacillus probiotics (Patent Pending).

The two prebiotic fiber sources in TruFiber™ stimulate both Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus probiotics by directly providing a microbial food source within the intestinal tract. The Fiberase™ enzyme complex improves the prebiotic activity of whole foods in the diet by partially digesting their long chain fiber residues and provides time-released microbial nutrition. The dual action of prebiotic fiber plus Fiberase™ enzymes is synergistic. For added effectiveness TruFiber™ can be taken with a high potency probiotic such as Theralac

Each bottle contains 50 scoops. TruFiber™ has been shown to improve the following conditions:

  • Constipation and poor elimination
  • Diarrhea and loose stools
  • Poor absorption of calcium and magnesium
  • Low Bifidobacteria levels in colon
  • Low Lactobacillus CFU in small intestine
  • High cholesterol and triglycerides

The most common response to taking TruFiber™ is improved regularity with more uniform stool consistency and intestinal comfort. Improvements in nutrient absorption result in enhanced energy and a greater feeling of wellness.

Just a Few of Our Specials!


True Calm™ is an effective combination supplement that incorporates the latest amino acid and neurotransmitter research into one easy-to-use formula. True CalmTM includes cerebral nutrients like GABA, an amino acid that supports the down regulation of overstimulated nerve cells. It is synergistically blended with vitamins, herbs and other amino acids to support relaxation and a balanced mood. MSRP $13.99 Our Price $11.20 SPECIAL $7.55

Super EPA 120 Softgels -- Molecularly Distilled -- Cardiovascular Support -- Double Strength 360 EPA / 240 DHA -- Cholesterol-Free The Natural Fish Oil Concentrate used in this softgel is manufactured under strict quality control standards.  It is tested to be free of potentially harmful levels of contaminants (i.e. mercury, heavy metals, PCB's, dioxins, and other contaminants). MSRP $21.95 Our Price $17.55 SPECIAL $12.50

Ubiquinol 100 mg 60 softgels
MSRP $49.95
Our Price $39.95
SPECIAL $33.75


Ultra Bone-Up® combines Glucosamine and MSM (to support the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans that compose the organic matrix of bone tissue) with Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite (MCHA) calcium, from free range Australian calves. Also added are the nutrients MK-7 (an advanced form of Vitamin K2), SDG Lignans from flaxseed, Methyl B12 and Curcumin for optimal osteo support. MSRP $29.95 Our Price $23.95
SPECIAL $21.60

JarroSil™ is a patent pending Activated Silicon™ formula, containing stabilized molecular clusters of silicic acid, which provides a biologically active form of silicon upon dissolution into liquids. JarroSil is a synergistic formulation of highly bioavailable silicon. It is an essential partner of calcium for bones, glucosamine for joints, and antioxidants for supple and healthy arteries. JarroSil also supports smooth skin, strong nails and healthy hair. MSRP $24.95 Our Price $21.20 SPECIAL $17.95

Natural Factors

Natural Factors Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg
60 Caps $19.95 $11.70
120 Caps $33.95 $19.90

Natural Factors Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfates 900mg
Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfates 900 mg
120 Caps $29.99 $17.95

C 500mg (Mixed Fruit)
90 Wafers $12.95 $9.95



Special C + ALA
90 Vegicaps $18.00 $12.60

Super Colostrum 500mg
90 Vegicaps $23.70 $16.60

New Zealand Colostrum 500mg
120 Vegicaps $36.50 $25.55


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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.