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Super Discount, Nutrition Helpers, Vitamin A, Turmeric

December 2008 - Print | Index

Dear Customers,

Our December 2008 newsletter spotlights:

  • Our extra special discount coupon code for your order! (web orders only) Find it at the end of the newsletter and check out our other specials along the way.
  • Holiday Nutrition Helpers
  • Web Site Update
  • Spot Light on Vitamin A
  • News from the Past- UNICEF and nutrition
  • News of Today- Pancreatic Cancer
  • Check out the Fall Super Quarterly Specials
  • Check out our monthly specials from NOW, Jarrow, YES, Hyland's and Natural Factors

“Serious illness doesn't bother me for long because I am too inhospitable a host.” - Albert Schweitzer

Best of Health to You!
The Vitamin Express Newsletter Team
Michael LeVesque
President, Vitamin Express

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Come into our stores and receive double discounts on your purchases through the end of December. Over $100- get 10% off all our already loe prices and specials, over $250.00 get 15% off and over $400.00 receive a large 20% discount!! These discounts are availble only in our stores.

Here are some Holiday Helpers:

  • When you suffer from tension, impatience, and pressure use Rescue Remedy to refocus, regain patience and a sense of calm. It has been used successfully to aid children having a tantrum, a fireman who freezes up before an exam yet knows the material, and a person about to give a speech or begin a job interview.
  • The immune system has its first job in the gut and digestion is greatly affected by stress, sugar, caffeine, and undigested fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Food-based enzymes are effective ways to stop gas, bloating, and bad elimination. Taken before each meal can aid mood, immunity, and nutrient assimilation.
  • Immunity is obviously at the top of the list. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are essential for the holidays, along with nutrients that protect the heart and circulation. Our all-time favorite with many health and immune benefits is Carlson’s Cardi-Rite multiple formula.
  • Nothing like a hot cup of tea to embellish the Holidays’ work. My favorite is to mix a teaspoon of Vitamin Express Pau d’Arco with a tea bag of Tulsi Tea, better known as Holy Basil. A great way to keep cortisol levels down and reduce problems with mold or bad bacteria. Plus it’s delicious!
  • Minerals are essential for mood, energy and relaxation. Calcium and magnesium in particular can often be overlooked for these benefits. Low calcium levels have been shown to increase stress and aggression. Low magnesium levels have been shown to increase nerve disorders and fatigue.
  • Two other very important nutrients are zinc for immunity without which the thymus gland cannot produce the effective immune protectors called T cells. Zinc helps carry Vitamin A which aids a multitude of functions. Read further in the newsletter for our Spotlight on a Nutrient - this month it is Vitamin A.
  • For the holidays and winter, be sure to increase your Vitamin D levels for added protection against the flu. 2000 - 4000 IUs per day is considered a good range.
  • Remember your probiotics. We always recommend Natren’s Megadophilus and the new Theralac for building good intestinal flora.

Web site Update

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Spotlight on Vitamin A

Three of our most important vitamins are constantly being bashed with inaccurate and poorly interpreted news reports. These three are Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.

First, what is a vitamin? It is an essential catalytic substance. The substance must be shown to be essential to life and growth, and found to be necessary for maintaining proper bodily and reproductive health.

Vitamin A is an oil-soluble nutrient found preformed in fish liver oil and some other animal products, and as provitamin A (beta carotene) in carrots, broccoli, spinach, and other vegetables.

Why is it called a Vitamin? It is necessary for growth and repair of body tissues, and is especially important for healthy eyes and skin. It aids in bone and teeth formation, fights bacterial infection, and is essential for a healthy mucous membrane lining, in the stomach, intestines, sinuses, etc. It counteracts night blindness, weak eyesight and strengthens the nerves and cells of the eyes. It promotes smooth skin and healthy secretions of the mucous membranes; helps protect the body from chronic diarrhea and respiratory infections, and aids in maintaining healthy thyroid and adrenal glands.

Signs of deficiency may include: night blindness; rough, dry, scaly skin; increased susceptibility to infections; fatigue, insomnia, depression; loss of smell and appetite; lusterless hair; brittle nails; and inflamed eyelids.

Vitamin A is stored in the body. It requires fat, zinc and other minerals and enzymes for absorption. In fact, a low fat diet can result in insufficient bile reaching the intestines, resulting in 90% of Vitamin A and beta carotene being lost in the feces.

Vitamin A is protected when taken with Vitamin E and its curative effects are doubled. It competes with Vitamin D for absorption but needs sufficient choline (a B Vitamin) in order to be stored by the body. The need for Vitamin A increases with age.

Recommended amounts are:
Infants: 1400-2000 IU
Children: 2000--4000 IU
Adults: 4000-5000 IU
Long-term ingestion of 50,000 or more IU may be toxic

News From the Past

From our March 1998 Newsletter:

It's very gratifying to see nutrition and food supplements emerge as an important subject for the news media. The December 21st, 1998 issue of the New York Times had an excellent article in which UNICEF said that fighting malnutrition was an investment that yielded a large return, because micronutrients are cheap and require no refrigeration.

  • "More than 100 million young children have diets that lack vitamin A, crucial for preventing blindness and strengthening the immune system…. Giving a two cent capsule a few times a year cut their death rate from diarrhea and other infectious diseases by a quarter…."
  • "In combination with zinc supplements, vitamin A also helps children resist malaria. Giving pregnant women one low dose vitamin A or beta carotene capsule a week (high doses can damage the fetus) cuts the maternal mortality rate by nearly half…."
  • "Numerous studies suggest that taking vitamin A during pregnancy can also reduce the rate of H.I.V. transmission from mother to child…."
  • "Supplements of iron, zinc and folate (folic acid) also protect mothers and children…."
  • "Switzerland and the US have put iodine in salt since the 1920's to prevent mental retardation, but this was not done on a widespread basis until the 1990's… much of it paid for by the Kiwanis International Club."

News of Today

In a study involving mice injected with pancreatic cancer BxPC-3 cells in order to establish pancreatic tumor xenografts, mice fed curcumin (2000 pppm in 18% corn oil) were found to have a 43% reduction in tumor volume, mice fed fish oil (15% fish oil + 3% corn oil) were found to have a 25% reduction in tumor volume, and mice fed a combination of curcumin and fish oil were found to have the greatest reduction (>72%) in tumor volume. The authors conclude, "The preceding results evidence for the first time that curcumin combined with omega-3 fatty acids provide synergistic pancreatic tumor inhibitory properties."

"Prevention and treatment of pancreatic cancer by curcumin in combination with omega-3 fatty acids," Swamy MV, Citineni B, et al, Nutr Cancer, 2008; 60 Suppl 1(81-9). (Address: Department of Medicine, Hem-Onc Section, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA).



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