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Sprouts, Side effects, Favorites, Coupon, Free Memory Quiz Book

April 2009 - Print | Index

Dear Customers,

Welcome to our April 2009 newsletter! We greatly appreciate your shopping at Vitamin Express. Our goal is to give you excellent personal service, wonderful products to consider, nutritional information, and discounted prices!

We hope you enjoy our April’s newsletter!

  • Tablets from sprouts work wonders
  • “Side effects” -- what does it really mean?
  • Visiting our Favorites and why they are so good!
  • Link to our fabulous Quarterly Spring Specials
  • Discount coupon code
  • Something extra for the month of April

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Bits of Humor from old time vaudeville:

  • Patient: 'I have a ringing in my ears.' 
    Doctor: 'Don't answer!'
  • The Doctor called Mrs. Cohen saying, 'Mrs. Cohen, your check came back.' Mrs. Cohen answered, 'So did my arthritis!' 
  • The Doctor gave a man six months to live. The man couldn't pay his bill, so the doctor gave him another six months.

Best of Health to you!

The Vitamin Express Newsletter Team
Michael LeVesque
President, Vitamin Express

Marvelous Miracle of Sprouts

In biblical times, the prophet Daniel prescribed "pulses" or sprouts to the king's servants to demonstrate the health-giving power of these foods. After ten days, the servants were "better in appearance" than the youths who ate the king's rich meals.

While Daniel may have intuitively known that sprouts are healthful, science has only recently discovered that sprouts contain an amazing array of protective ANTIOXIDANT ENZYME substances. In sprouts, as in all other young stages of life, antioxidant enzymes are present to protect tissue building materials from cell destroying FREE RADICALS.

Free radicals are simply highly unstable molecules that disrupt healthy cells and tissues.

Many factors combine to overwhelm cells with excess free radicals. Environmental pollution, radiation, excess sun, over exertion, and poor nutrition create an unhealthy cell environment. Diets rich in antioxidant nutrients contained in fresh foods, especially sprouts, help to maintain a healthy cellular environment

Fortunately, BIOPHARMS -- The Enzyme Company has discovered a way to provide the antioxidant enzyme nutrition of sprouts in a practical, convenient form. Botanists at BIOPHARMS -- The Enzyme Company are able to "teach" organically grown wheat sprouts how to produce high levels of nutrients. Additionally, BIOPHARMS has found ways to pack over a quart of these unique "super sprouts" into each tablet/caplet through careful dehydration techniques. Containing no starch, gluten, yeast, or sugar, The Enzyme Company "super sprouts" are safe and nutritious food supplements for people of all ages.

"Side Effects" - Bad Substitute for the Real Thing!

The word "side" has a multitude of uses in the English language. It is used over and over again for many different meanings and lends itself to other words to create a multitude of ambiguous, suggestive, and descriptive nouns or adjectives.

We use "side" for every possible type of meaning; inside out, sideways, side kick, sidelines, sunny side up, side interest, take sides, outside, side dish, bright side, side of beef, up side down, right side up, seamy side, and the most ominous use is "SIDE EFFECTS".

"Side effect" is defined as a consequence other than that, for which an agent is used, especially an adverse effect on another organ.

The word "side" somehow suggests the perception that there is a benefit occurring simultaneously. This is where the pharmaceutical industry employs semantics and language to create an illusion. If a drug makes a person feel ill, then that is the effect of the drug. If it makes a person feel good, then that is an effect of the drug. Rarely does a person experience a drug where it makes them feel good and bad at the same time.

If a person becomes paralyzed, has a stroke, attempts suicide, or dies it seems trivial and flippant to name such effects as "side effects". They are without doubt effects that fall in the category of "Bad" effects. The FDA allows this suggestive language and has other notable areas of verbal inaccuracy. The FDA substitutes the term "discontinuation" for "withdrawal", but that's another story.

The FDA should require accurate language banning the use of "side effects" as warnings and replace the term with "bad effects" which more accurately communicates an immediate call to the doctor, stopping use of the drug, and re-evaluating the prescribed drug.

"Side effects" suggest that bad effects may occur but to continue use until the benefits of the drug become evident. Too often someone witnesses a bad reaction to a drug and still continues use because they perceive the effects as somewhat harmless, part of the cure, just a simple "side effect" not reacting soon enough to stop the drug as the person goes into nausea, possible stroke, coma or death.

"Bad effects" give a clearer understanding to the use and dangers of the prescribed drug. Perception is everything for the consumer and clarity in language regarding health dangers should be made mandatory by the FDA! Eliminate the term "side" and in its place use the term "bad". It could save lives!

Visiting our Favorites and why they are so good!

Some supplements you feel and know they benefit your health. Others have scientific proof of their value, working over time and very subtly. These are some of our personal favorites we have used and want you to know about.

These favorites are very popular and for good reason - read about them on our Home Page under the Favorites tab. They are some of our many effective products! Read to the end for a coupon worth 10% off, when you buy one of these products.

Vitamin Express Pau d'Arco Extract 4 oz. $16.95 $12.75
   -- Potent, bioavailable, one of a kind product and a customer favorite!
Carlson Laboratories Cardi-Rite 180 Tabs $49.90 $39.90
   -- The complete heart formula all in one bottle that works!
Vaxa Buffer PH+ 120 Caps $29.95 $26.95
   -- The proven way to control your pH, measure it and see!
Lifamin RiboSolve 16 oz. $29.99 $22.95
   -- Balance homocysteine level and gain energy at the same time!
Euflöura Vital Energetics 4 oz. $44.95 $35.95
   -- Our own favorite incredible super adaptogenic energy tonic!
In-Tele-Health HyperHealth Pro 8.0 1 CDROM $69.95 $39.95
   -- Information is freedom - this is the best single source we know!
Flora Flor-Essence 2.2 oz. $35.99 $26.95
   -- The Canadian cleanse formula made famous by Renee Caisse!
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy 20 ml $16.50 $15.25
   -- World renowned for providing remarkable calming effects!
BHI/Heel Inc. Traumeel® Ointment 100 grams $29.98 $26.95
   -- Quick, effective, odorless, healing - outstanding for aches and pains!
Carlson Labs 5-HTP 50mg Chewable 60 Tabs $15.50 $12.40
   -- The remarkable nighttime aid to sleep and daytime energizer!
Country Life Real Food Organics Mineral Complex 60 Tabs $37.99 $30.40
   -- Minerals giving fantastic energy that only real food can provide!
Jarrow Formulas Alpha Lipoic Sustain 300mg 60 Tabs $24.95 $21.20
   -- The supreme versatile water/oil soluble antioxidant regenerator!
YES Ulcetrol 60 Tabs $23.99 $17.95
   -- Ahh! Yes, for the ultimate in aiding indigestion and stomach repair!

THANK YOU for shopping Vitamin Express!

Purchase any one of the products listed above, enter the coupon code VZX0WN when you check out and receive 10% off your entire order!

Something extra: all orders for the month of April will receive a free copy of The Memory Test by Bill Karneges. In a clinical setting, the tests in this book would cost at least $25.00!

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