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The Vitamin Express Newsletter Team
Michael LeVesque
President, Vitamin Express

Thank You for the Honor!

We recently learned that we are the winners of the 2009 BayList category for Best Place to Buy Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements in the San Francisco Bay Area. The contest is through the web site of the San Francisco Chronicle. There were 14,154 insider voters in the 2009 contest.

We want to thank all our customers for their votes of appreciation since we really appreciate YOU! Our staff is dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly. Our goal is to share information, products and help you find the best we offer to meet your health goals and requirements. Our goal is to enjoy doing it!

The artist is David Steinhardt, also an excellent muralist in San Francisco.

Historic Homeopathic Event

Didi Ananada Ruchira is a homeopathic doctor who has a clinic called Abha Light in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, where she offers inexpensive homeopathic medicine and classes to the people living there. She recently attended a homeopathy conference in Cuba and published a report on things she learned during the conference.

The mainstream media never picked up the story, so we thought we should share it with everyone. It appears that homeopathic medicine was used very successfully in Cuba where they have no pharmaceutical multi-nationals or trade agreements stopping them.

The Finlay Institute (a part of the Ministry of Public Health, Cuba) used homeopathic medicine on a massive scale unknown in the history of homeopathy. They treated 2.2 million people who are regularly exposed to a yearly cycle of leptospirosis after hurricane floods. The disease is spread by rats to humans, causing jaundice and kidney damage to thousands, with some deaths occurring.

In the past, the Cuban government used Lepto vaccinations at a cost of around $3,000,000.00. Due to its high expense, it was reserved for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Each year the numbers of infections had edged upwards in the thousands, until 2007.

In August 2007 Finlay put approximately 2,200,000 people -- a figure representing the entire population of the two provinces where the flooding occurs -- on homeopathic medicine, at a cost of around $200,000.

The prophylaxis consisted of 2 single doses 2 weeks apart of Lepto nosode with some Bach Flower remedies to reduce mental stress from the disaster situation. Two weeks later, the infections dropped dramatically to near zero: ten infections and no deaths.

Again in 2008, no deaths and less than ten infections a month! The results come with full scientific verification soon to be published in medical journals. They are  both amazing and undeniable. Truly, this was an historic event for homeopathy. Resource:

Biodynamic Farming at Oregon’s Wild Harvest

Here is a report just received from Oregon Wild Harvest. They recently achieved certification as a Biodynamic Farm. Congratulations!

For the past two years, Oregon’s Wild Harvest has been transitioning to becoming a certified biodynamic farm. In June of 2009, the farm will be not only certified organic, but certified biodynamic as well.

Biodynamic farming is founded on the belief that the farm is an organism unto itself, and is capable of meeting its own needs. The guiding principle is that the key to good health-of people and of the planet-is total sustainability in agriculture. Nutrient-rich soil is the foundation of this sustainability and superlative quality plant material. It is not possible to grow nutrient-rich produce from nutrient-deficient soil. The nutrients, like everything else needed to sustain the plants, come from the farm itself. The sustainability of the biodynamic farm helps reduce the carbon footprint of the operation, with decreased use of fossil fuels for shipping of elements typically used on other farms.

Basic Biodynamic Principles and Practices:

  • The farm is managed as a self-contained, living organism with its own ecosystem
  • The farm's organic materials are recycled back into the farm (natural plant matter and animal materials are composted together to feed the soil)
  • Water is cycled through the system to prevent waste
  • Fermented herbal and mineral preparations are used as compost additives and field sprays
  • The farmer pays close attention to an astronomical sowing and planting calendar
  • Sustainability is of the greatest importance

One of the steps Oregon's Wild Harvest has been taking toward this goal includes carefully timed deposits of composted manures derived from the farm. This is an essential element of biodynamic farming. The manure is tilled into the soil, over the top of cover crops. It will serve as a great source of micronutrients and nitrogen.

The farm is really seeing the figurative and literal fruits of the extra labor. Oregon’s Wild Harvest recently completed the second full growing season using biodynamic methods, and the results are quite convincing: crops of Ashwagandha, Echinacea, and Astragalus harvests were the most plentiful and healthy ever! Plants were bigger, had stronger roots, and the flowers and seeds were much more bountiful than they’ve ever been before.

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