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SAVINGS Coupon- NEW Host Defense, Herb Express, Curb side pick-up, New DHA Source, D 10,000iu

February 2010 - Print | Index

Welcome to Vitamin Express Report for February

Soon our first issue of the Vitamin Express Reporter. Check it out for extra savings! See it on-line. The paper version prints some lower prices than those allowed on the internet. When we fill your order we always give you the lowest price even if it is not shown on our website.It's another way of saying Thank You! 

Here's our February Report.

Healthy times,


The mail order February discount coupon code for orders placed on the web is: WINTER2010 - to receive $5.00 off any web order over $35.00.

Feel the Difference with Octacosanol, Glucosamine and Salmon Oil

It is wonderful to know you can affect your health dramatically by taking supplements. Octacosanol is a remarkable substance found in wheat germ oil that at first you may not feel, but the longer you take it the more energy you experience to the point that when you see a set of stairs you just have to run up them! This is why athletes have used octacosanol for years to improve their strength, reaction time and endurance. It's exact mechanism of action is still unknown. Some evidence suggests it works to improve the transmission of nerve impulses.

Glucosamine helps to create cushioning fluids and tissues around joints. It aids the repair of arthritic joints, helps to reduce pain and builds synovial fluids. It's also an aid for inflamed discs and sciatica. It is necessary in the formation of skin, eyes, bones, tendon, nails, ligaments, and parts of the heart. It's also necessary in the production of mucous as a protective coating in the urinary, digestive, and respiratory tracts.

Salmon oil is composed of Omega 3- EPA and DHA, and other important fatty acids. It lowers triglycerides (where inflammation occurs), and cholesterol. It also aids circulation, helps to prevent blood clots, and helps arthritic conditions. The EPA helps to regulate cell hormones and helps to protect the body from high blood pressure, edema, and inflammation. DHA is important for vision, hearing, brain function and the reproductive system.

 Adding these three nutrients is another example of controlling your own health through paying attention to nutritional practice. And what a difference it makes!

 The Man Behind Host Defense

Host Defense is a familiar name. It affects immunity on a level that seems miraculous- all derived from mushrooms, fungi.
    The man behind it is Paul Stamets. His mushroom species are from old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. He nurtures them so they create identical genetic matches to their native habitats. His products are remarkable!
      He offers ten products with varying varieties- all fascinating and effective. There is Agarikon, known in ancient Greece as “the elixir of long life” or Lion’s Mane, for its ability to aid nerve regeneration and provide support to the brain and nervous system. The original Host Defense is called MyCommunity- a blend of 17 mushroom species. A new formula is called Stamets7 to provide the widest possible range of health benefit to all organs, tissues, and body systems for maintaining peak performance and health.

You’re In For a Treat

If you’ve never used liquid herbal extracts- then you’re in for a BIG surprise! Liquid herbal extracts are the premium way to take herbs. Feel and see the results!
       We offer one of the finest product lines made. These are of professional strength and purity. Those two words mean a lot in the herb world and Herb Express delivers.
    Try Relax formula- you’ll feel it in minutes. Or Kid's Biotic formula a combination formula that aids fighting infections. Men’s and Women’s formulas are remarkable and effective. And pricing? We discount Herb Express 30%!- making them a value you can’t pass up!
    at 35% off
Some Super Specials-
Valerian 1oz           reg.11.99  $7.80
Fem Silver 1oz       reg.11.99  $7.80
Relax 1oz              reg.11.99  $7.80
Men’s Silver 1oz      reg.11.99  $7.80
Cold & Sinus Blaster 1oz      reg.16.50  10.70
Hoodia 60 liquid vegels       reg.44.99  $29.25

Parking Worries? Time Crunch?

Call in your order for curb-side pick up!

      Call your neighborhood Vitamin Express. Place your order over the phone, paying by credit card and we’ll pack it up for you.

      When you’re near the store, call us and we’ll meet you with your bag of supplements at your car. Please be in the lane near the store when you drive up. Safe and simple. 

New Source for DHA- Brain & Eye Nutrient

  Carlson Labratories is one of the main stays of the Health Food Industry. Founded in 1965 they introduced high quality Vitamin E products that became a standard in the industry.
    Involved in nutritional research, Carlson continues to be very innovative. Here are two of their newest products:
    CalaOmega is from a renewable sea source- calamari.  It provides DHA levels twice as high as the EPA levels- making it an excellent source of DHA, which is almost exclusively what our eyes and brain utilize.
    Carlson offers a natural D3 10,000iu (250mcg) equivalent to one full body exposure of sunlight.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.