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Hello and Welcome to Vitamin Express June Report

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The Vitamin Express Newsletter Team
Michael LeVesque
President, Vitamin Express

Health Aid

The concept of stress in Western society was defined by researcher Hanse Selye as "a non-specific response in the body to any demand". Bad stressors, like poor diet, excessive lifestyle, negative emotions and pollutants are beyond what the body can easily adapt to and therefore have ill effect on the system. Chronic stress is the the major culprit in the adverse effects.

According to the flight or fight stress response that Selye developed, stress causes us to make either adrenaline or cortisol. Adrenaline is called upon when a quick burst of energy is needed, lasting up to 20 minutes. Cortisol is released when for long term endurance, lasting up to 12 hours. Stress hormones direct the body's energy away from repair, digestion and elimination. It also causes blood sugar issues, inflammation, immune malfunction, memory loss, and tissue breakdown.

To lower cortisol it is helpful to get adequate good sleep, moderate exercise, eat relaxed and slowly, and add ADAPTOGENS!

An adaptogen is  non-toxic and helps the body modulate stress. To be called an adaptogen it cannot have a negative side effect or withdrawal or dependence affect. Eleuthero has been shown to specifically support the brain: help anxiety, aid stroke prevention, help to improve neurotransmitter communication and therefore memory. It helps balance hormones, helps balance blood sugar levels, helps cardiovascular health, aids the restoring of the immune system, helps increase energy production, and helps detoxify.

Sibergin eleuthero is wild-crafted in Siberia where environmental conditions are the harshest. The plant, therefore, has learned intense defense mechanisms against the environment and that power can transfer to the body when you consume it. Lecithin aids delivery and increases bioavailability. People with heart issues need to consult with a health practitioner before taking the product. Also, Sibergin can potentiate other medications in the process of strengthening the body. For example someone on thyroid medication may want to check their needs over time.

Benefits are reported by people with hypothyroid, edema, lethargy, PMS, menopausal issues. However, Koregin should be avoided by people with cardiovascular issues. It's exceptionally pure meeting strict European standards. The ginseng used is white panax ginseng with 8% ginsengosides.

Gingko Vital
The pill consists of 1/2 Sibergin,150mg Koregin, and 100mg gingko extract. The gingko can change the shape of even the smallest capillaries and break open the blockages of them. It helps with cellular metabolism, circulation, lower cortisol levels, tinnitus and mental clarity.

There are about 500 strains of probiotics in our gut and we carry about 4 lbs of bacteria in our stomach. The immune system starts largely in the small intestine. Probiotics function mostly to kill pathogens and improve the terrain of the gut. Patented DDS-1 is effective against clostridium, E.coli, salmonella, staph, and dysentary. It is non-dairy and vegan, has 40 years of research behind it, and has a glass bottle to keep the light and moisture out.

Two Day Detox
For me, of all the cleanses we have, the one that differentiates this one from others, is that it is suitable for children. We have many customers asking what their child can take for constipation. This product is gentle and mild on the system and can be taken each day prior to meals to help digestion.

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Buried Treasure- Liquid Nutrition That's Easy to Swallow

It was a dark and stormy night perhaps..., anyway, the beach was deserted and we began to dig. One after one, bottles appeared with luminous colors of hidden wealth gleaming in the moonlight. Finally, something we could deliciously swallow and still gain the great benefits of modern nutrition. We had discovered the Buried Treasure brand! Every conceivable formula for young, old, tired joints, tired brains, -- to dream again, move freely, think lavishly. Life’s treasures regained - Buried Treasure!

                                                    ACF-         Active 55-     Added Attention-   Aller-Ease

ACF Active 55 Plus Added Attention Aller-Ease

                                   B Complete-   Children's-     Multi-Mineral-   Neuro Nectar-   VM100 Complete Multi

B Complete
Children's Complete Trace Minerals Neuro Nectar VM-100 Complete

Hyland's: SAFE Medicine for the entire family!

Where can you find medicine that is truly safe, effective, gentle and natural? Something you can give to all the family? Hyland’s homeopathic remedies give you the answer. Over 100 years of tradition of excellence, they develop homeopathic formulas with the highest quality natural ingredients, following the strictest standards for preparation. We have on SPECIAL their Sinus, Allergy Relief for Kids, Seasonal Allergy Relief, and Legs Cramp PM-- ALL at great savings!

SinusAllergy Relief 4 KidsSeasonal Allergy ReliefLeg Cramps PM

Try these for Excellent Results!

Two excellent products to add to your regimen for healthy cholesterol and healthy blood sugar:

  • NOW Cholesterol SupportCholesterol Support™ is a dietary supplement from NOW specifically formulated to support your body's natural metabolism of cholesterol. In addition to this effective supplement, we recommend a diet low in saturated fats and regular aerobic exercise.
  • Blood Sugar Defense: Blood Sugar DefenseThis is a KAL formula with Indian Kino, an herb from a tree that grows in Indian and Sri Lanka which is a rich source of isoflavonoids and terpenoid derivatives. The bark and heartwood of Indian Kino help to provide nutritional support for normal, healthy blood sugar levels.The formula includes other synergistc ingredients such as chromium, alpha lipoic acid, gymnema sylvestre, fenugreek, prickly pear, and bitter melon. It also has B6, zinc, vanadyl sulfate, blueberry leaf, eleuthero, dandelion, and acetyl l-carnitine. This product is a broad synergistic and effective formula that has become very popular. 

Water: The Importance of Hydration

Water is necessary for good health. Approximately 80% of the brain is composed of water. Therefore it is essential for neurological transmissions. Mental performance including attention, concentration and memory can decrease once a person feels the sense of thirst. This feeling is often accompanied with headaches, tiredness and impairment of the immune system increasing one's susceptibility to respiratory infections.

People are at higher risk on warmer days, and children in particular seem at risk. They are less aware of the sense of thirst, more easily overheat, and more easily dehydrate. Parents need to pay close attention to this. Children with ADHD according to Dr. Lyon's book, "Healing the Hyperactive Brain",  are especially at risk for dehydration added to the fact that often the fluids drunk are sweet drinks. A major consideration is making certain that the water quality is good.

In conjunction to hydration it is necessary to have sufficient fatty acids, such as omega-3 fatty acids. A deficiency can double the fluids lost from the kidneys on a daily basis. Hydration is imperative for the bodies ability to detoxify and cleanse tissues, maintain the bodily fluids of the immune system especially the lymphatic system as well as the musculature and synovial fluids.

We sell bottled waters, and we have a new, interesting one that is oxygen enhanced. It's called O2Cool. It contains 8 times the oxygen of ordinary water with an alkaline pH of 8.4 made from artesian spring water, high in magnesium 34mg per serving and bottled in glass. It tastes good!

Willard Water

Willard WaterAnother product we have sold for many years is Willard Water. It is quite remarkable and is the development of a mining engineer who thought creatively. He wondered why dinosaurs were so large. After analyzing coal derived from plant life existing during the age of the dinosaurs he found that the water he made from the coal increased enzyme activity and aided the solubility of water dramatically.

It became the rage of the 1980's and television Willard Water  XXX with Added Ligniteprograms investigated the miraculous claims made by people using the water.  There was a regular customer who had beautiful, glowing skin for her age. She confided her secret. She had put on her favorite skin products then sprayed her face with Willard's Water.  We tried it and it works. The process to make the water is to pour 1 ounce concentrate to a gallon (gallon) of spring water, or maybe even O2Cool water, or distilled water and wait 24hours. It's then ready to use and add a small amount to regular water. It immediately seems to increase its solubility. It is excellent added to protein shakes and Alacer's Emergen-C.

There is a dark form of Willard Water that is less refined and more appropriate for plants. Having used it for orchids I can fully vouch for its increase in blossom size and frequency of blooming. 

(Reprint SF Examiner 5-30-2010) Michael LeVesque

Vitamin D Testing

It appears that Vitamin D deficiency is highly prevalent and with the media and doctors finally recognizing its importance after thousands of research papers on Vitamin D extolling its benefits, people are seeking tests. Dr. John Cannell offers this advice for testing: get the correct test on which to base supplementation. It is the 25-hydroxyvitaminD, often abbreviated as 25(OH)D on laboratory forms.

Super Specials Quick LIst

We are gaining momentum. Customers who visit our stores compliment us on our selection and prices and service. It's hard to fully translate that to the net, especially when you're a small group of stores with limited resources.We try and try and thank you for your patronage and support!

Here is a link to our specials page that is called the Quick List, which is there on the Specials page that lists in manufacturer alphabetical order many of the Specials we have for you. Please take a look and again, THANK YOU!!!

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