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December 2010 - Print | Index

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  • Homeopathy- How Does it Work?
  • King Bio Homeopathic Remedies
  • Hyland's Homeopathic Remedies
  • Boiron Homeopathic Remedies
  • B & T Homeopathic Remedies
  • BHI Homeopathic Remedies
  • BioForce Homeopathic Remedies
  • Homeopathy in the Comics and the News
  • Vitamin D Time
  • Super Quarterly Autumn Specials
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President, Vitamin Express

Homeopathy - How Does It Work? Combination, Single, Children's

Homeopathy is a science based on restoring the body's vital energies.  The remedies are gentle, safe, mild, non-toxic, and aim at stimulating the body to heal itself.  They are among the safest preparations known to the field of medicine. 

Homeopathy is also controversial in the West due to the early attacks by pharmacists and pharmaceutical manufacturers whose spokesmen seem to be saying we don't understand it so it doesn't work. The early groups in particular were heavily influenced by the dramatic differences in cost between inexpensive homeopathic medicine and pharmaceuticals. Keeping in mind that germ theory was hotly contested and debunked by the science and medical community until technology caught up to prove it. We should be aware of how little we know of Nature, its working within the Universe, and how consistently we are surprised by new findings before throwing out homeopathy. It works but we don't fully understand how it works.

As I was saying, there are often rational attempts to discredit homeopathic medicine and declare it a charlatan's ruse and worthless. In turn, there is an attempt to answer those critics since those who have used homeopathy and experienced its benefits know it works and have difficulty explaining something that science is only now beginning to fathom. Homeopathy is well established throughout the world proving its effectiveness with every variety of diseased condition with a fabulous history of case studies. It is also used by veterinarians with great success stories.

One of the most articulate responses to the critics of homeopathy is by Brian Josephson, a British physicist who won the Nobel prize in Physics in 1973 for work he completed when he was 22. As a Cambridge professor he is head of the mind-matter unification project in the Theory of Condensed Matter research group. In the book Homeopathic Revolution by Dana Ullman, is a response Jospehson wrote in the New Scientist (10-18-1997)

Regarding your comments on claims made for homeopathy: criticisms centered around the vanishingly small number of solute molecules present in a solution after it has been repeatedly diluted are beside the point, since advocates of homeopathic remedies attribute their affects not to molecules present in the water, but to modifications of the water's structure.

Simple-minded analysis may suggest that water, being a fluid, cannot have a structure of the kind that such a picture would demand. But cases such as that of liquid crystals, which while flowing like an ordinary fluid can maintain an ordered structure over macroscopic distances, show the limitations of such ways of thinking. There have not, to the best of my knowledge, been any refutations of homeopathy that remain valid after this particular point is taken into account.

A related topic is the phenomenon claimed by Jacques Benveniste's colleague Yolene Thomas and by others to be  well establishes experimentally, known as "memory of water." If valid, this would be of greater significance than homeopathy itself, and it attests to the limited vision of the modern scientific community that, far from hastening to test such claims, the only response has been to dismiss them out of hand.

Some recent independent testing has confirmed Benviste's observations, but conclusive determinations of the "memory of water" remain a controversial subject. We are fortunate to be present as these discussions go forward. The mind boggling universe is always surprising us and sometimes the simplest of acts can result in making the impossible possible. A good example is the following:

The Nobel Prize of 2010 in Physics was presented to Andre Geim, director of the Manchester Centre for Mesoscience and Nanotechnology at the University of Manchester, and Konstanttin Kovoselov, also a member of the research group and a Royal Society University Research Fellow. They received the prize for their investigation of the remarkable properties of ultrathin carbon flakes known as graphene. They first succeeded in creating flakes of graphene by peeling them off piles of graphite using Scotch tape. Graphene consists of one-atom-thick layers of carbon atoms arranged in two-dimensional hexagons and is the thinnest material in the world, one of the strongest and hardest. It also conducts electricity as well as copper and conducts heat better than any other known material. For example a sheet of graphene scaled up to the thickness of plastic wrap stretched over a cup could support the weight of a semi-truck bearing down on a pencil point!

Returning to the subject, the most dramatic report of the benefits of homeopathy comes from Cuba. Here is my blog and comic strip with the art done by David Steinhardt:

Didi Ananada Ruchira is a homeopathic doctor who has a clinic called Abha Light in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, where she offers inexpensive homeopathic medicine and classes to the people living there. She recently attended a homeopathy conference in Cuba and published a report on things she learned during the conference.

The mainstream media never picked up the story, so we thought we should share it with everyone. It appears that homeopathic medicine was used very successfully in Cuba where they have no pharmaceutical multinationals or trade agreements stopping them.

The Finlay Institute (a part of the Ministry of Public Health, Cuba) used homeopathic medicine on a massive scale unknown in the history of homeopathy. They treated 2.2 million people who are regularly exposed to a yearly cycle of leptospirosis after hurricane floods. The disease is spread by rats to humans, causing jaundice and kidney damage to thousands, with some deaths occurring.

In the past, the Cuban government used Lepto vaccinations at a cost of around $3,000,000.00. Due to its high expense, it was reserved for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Each year the numbers of infections had edged upwards in the thousands, until 2007.

In August 2007 Finlay put approximately 2,200,000 people -- a figure representing the entire population of the two provinces where the flooding occurs -- on homeopathic medicine, at a cost of around $200,000.

The prophylaxis consisted of 2 single doses 2 weeks apart of Lepto nosode with some Bach Flower remedies to reduce mental stress from the disaster situation. Two weeks later, the infections dropped dramatically to near zero: ten infections and no deaths.

Again in 2008, no deaths and less than ten infections a month! The results come with full scientific verification soon to be published in medical journals. They are both amazing and undeniable. Truly, this was an historic event for homeopathy.

Here is a personal account found on the internet of a dramatic personal case history of a mother and her son. Case histories are the best form of science in medicine. Consider the many short comings of double blind studies. Ultimately the derived numbers are applied to a statistical formula that attempts to present truth but is only an approximation of it. Then add all the variables and assumptions placed on a multitude of individuals who are all different and act differently. It is easy to see  that direct experimentation and following is the most reliable form of information.

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King Bio

Dr King, the founder of the company, was a chiropractor who became a homeopath when he intuited that he needed to find a less invasive way to heal people. So he started King Bio which is a knowledge based and physician employed company. Education and trainings are hugely important to them.

The products themselves are made with water, use no binders, and have multiple potencies.  With multiple potencies the cells can choose what they need.

They treat the water with a filter that has a 38,000 magnet machine that takes out memory in water. When they treat the water they take into account the moods of the staff, if they are in a negative state, they will not work around the remedies.  This is based around the concept of Dr. Emoto’s water memory studies where emotions were recorded in water.

The homeopathic remedies work on the nervous system if sprayed in the face or applied topically. It is possible that the products could reverse as much as 10 years of  past chromosome deficiencies. They use food grade plastic and only a tiny bit of sodium potassium as a stabilizer.  In the earlier 1900s there were many homeopathic based hospitals in the US. When the 1916 flu hit, 99% of people treated with homeopathics survived, versus only 30% of people treated with allopathic medicine survived. Dr. Samual Hahnemann, the “father of homeopathy” had a statue erected in his honor as a result. The FDA allows homeopathy to make claims based on the “studies” that were conducted during the era of homeopathic hospitals, making it a proven practice.

The basic principle behind homeopathy is “like treating like”. This would mean, if someone were stung by a bee, the venom from the bee would be taken in a diluted form to counter act the effects. One part venom to 9 parts water would be secussed 10 times to make a 1X formula. Thirty secussions would be 3X and so on until you reach 100 secussions to make 100X formulas. Each round of dilution removes more and more of the original substance but makes the energy of it stronger and stronger. This makes it work on a deeper level in the body. Each different set of secussions take an original part of the “mother” remedy.  X=acute, 30C= chronic condition, and 200= deepest energy level. - Caitlin Woolery 

Hyland’s Products

In 1903, eight Los Angeles physicians were without a convenient source for homeopathic medicines, so they joined forces and founded Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy to provide the highest quality homeopathic products for the homeopathic community.

In 1910, George H. Hyland purchased the pharmacy from the physicians and expanded the original compounding pharmacy into Standard Homeopathic Company.

Hyland's understands homeopathy, and we understand families.  From Hyland's  Homeopathic Teething Tablets to Calms Forté, Hyland's cares for your family at every stage of life.  You can trust all Hyland's products to be natural, gentle, effective, and safe for your family. 

Hyland's develops homeopathic formulas with the highest quality natural ingredients following the strictest standards for preparation.  With a century of commitment to homeopathy, Hyland's tradition of excellence consistently provides quality and integrity in every homeopathic product. 

Standard Homeopathic Company and Hyland's, Inc. operate facilities in Los Angeles, CA and St. Louis, MO. State-of-the-art manufacturing operations and quality control laboratories along with specially developed proprietary manufacturing processes make Standard the leader in American homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturing producing high quality medicines in compliance with FDA and Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States Standards.  

Boericke & Tafel Products

Since 1835, Boericke & Tafel has been a pioneer in the field of homeopathy. Their dedicated staff, state-of-the-art facility and wide range of quality products make them a trusted source of natural medicines worldwide. B&T is a memeber of Homeopathy International, which conducts research to ensure the safety and effectiveness of Homeopathic medicines. This allows them to keep improving their products and achieve their ultimate goal, to provide people with a better way to heal themselves. 

Boiron Products

In June 1932, Jean and Henri Boiron founded the Laboratoire Central Homéopathique de France [Central Homeopathic Laboratory of France] in Paris, in the premises at 68 Boulevard Malesherbes. One year later, René Baudry and Henri Boiron took over development of the Paris laboratory, which became the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Modernes [Modern Homeopathic Laboratories] (LHM).
As for Jean Boiron, he took over development of the company in Lyon, which became the Pharmacie Homéopathique Rhodanienne [Rhodanian Homeopathic Pharmacy] (PHR).

In 1935, the chemist Jean Tétau (1901-1972) set up the Laboratoire de Pharmacologie Homéopathique (LPH) in Paris, which was the original name for Laboratoire Dolisos; the name was changed in 1976. In 1967, Laboratoires Boiron was founded by combining the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Jean Boiron (PHR), the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Henri Boiron and the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Modernes (LHM).
The first regional production and distribution facility was opened in Toulouse in 1968.
In 1974, the head offices and the production plant moved into the green belt in Ste Foy-lès-Lyon, near Lyon. In 2005 Thierry Boiron became Chief Executive Officer of the group.
Christian Boiron is Chairman of the Board of Directors.                  In 2005, the merger with Dolisos opened up new horizons for the company in the development of homeopathy.                               Created in 1985, Institut Boiron is a research structure set up to use the clinical experience of homeopath physicians in order to better understand homeopathic drugs. France is the largest homeopathy market in the world, followed by Germany. 40% of the French have already been treated with homeopathy*, and 74% of the patients stated that they are “inclined to follow a homeopathic treatment if prescribed by their doctor”.

Bioforce Products

The company Bioforce AG was founded in Roggwil in the Swiss canton of Thurgau by Dr. h.c. Alfred Vogel (1902-1996), honorary doctor for medicinal botany at the University of Los Angeles, in 1963.

His aim was to supply a growing number of patients with natural remedies and other health-giving products which met his own high standards. He is one of the world's leading authorities on natural healing and is widely regarded as a ground-breaking pioneer. Bioforce produces herbal and homeopathic medicines, organic foodstuffs and dietary products as well as body care products, all prepared from Alfred Vogel's own recipes and according to his specifications.

Alfred Vogel's conviction that only the fresh medicinal plants that he himself had cultivated using strict organic controls would provide the quality ‘raw materials' he needed, is still the company credo. 

A. Vogel products are made from crops grown without the use of pesticides in healthy soil according to strict organic specifications; as far as possible only extracts from fresh plants are used. Bioforce's fresh plant-based medicines are produced in accordance with the World Health Organization's strict "GMP" (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations for the pharmaceutical industry. These regulations require extensive laboratory controls at each stage of the manufacture as well as the packaging of our medicines.

BHI Products

   In the late 1920’s, a conventionally-trained German physician, Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, M.D. (1905-1985), began researching and experimenting with homeopathic remedies. He was initially drawn to homeopathy while in medical school when a homeopath cured his father of serious kidney disease. He completed his medical degree, then went to Berlin to study with masters of homeopathy.

    Dr. Reckeweg expanded homotoxicology into a medical theory with many innovative aspects. Dr. Reckeweg obtained better results with combinations of homeopathic remedies than with single remedies and took to developing formulas for his own patients. The number of requests escalated so rapidly that in 1936, Dr. Reckeweg founded a company to produce his medicines. He called the company Heel (an acronym of four Latin words: herba est ex luce or ‘Plants come from light’.) Between 1936 and 1979, he developed over one thousand homeopathic combinations and Heel grew to become the world’s leading producer and marketer of homeopathic combination products, with product distribution throughout the world. In 1979, Dr. Reckeweg relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Soon after his arrival he began formulating homeopathic combination medicines and created a new company, Biological Homeopathic Industries (BHI), to produce and market his products. Upon the death of Dr. Reckeweg in 1985, BHI’s name was changed to Heel Inc.

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