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Discount Code! Chlorella and CGF, Super Emergen-C Sale! Lion's Mane & Mental Health, Xigo for Immunity

February 2011 - Print | Index

Asian Year of the Rabbit has begun...

Here's our February Newsletter. Thank you for your business! We hope you enjoy it. We'll give you $5.00 off your next purchase over $50.00 if you will add the discount code - HEALTH.

  • Wonderful Chlorella and CGF
  • Super Sale - Alacer Emergen-C
  • Lion's Mane and Mental Health
  • Xigo for Immune Health

The Wonders of Chlorella

Chlorella New Zealand

Chlorella is one of the most remarkable green products that everyone should try. It usually comes as tablets or powder, but liquid extracts are also available. It is single-celled green algae. As early as 1950 Dr. Fujimaki of the people's Scientific Research Center in Tokyo separated a substance from chlorella by electrophoresis later named Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).  It was found to be rich in nucleic factors of DNA and RNA. Dr. Benjamin Frank, a researcher on the aging process, found that his patients using chlorella began to gain more youthful energy and appearance. Also, health problems such as arthritis, emphysema, heart disease, deteriorating vision, memory loss and depression simply disappeared in many of them. Chlorella is 17 times higher in RNA than canned sardines, previously thought to be the richest food-source for RNA!

Also, chlorella is a powerful detoxification aid for heavy metals- such as mercury, lead, and cadmium and also PCB hydrocarbons and pesticides such as dioxin and DDT. It is rich in nature’s most powerful purifying agent, chlorophyll. Chlorella contains the highest percentage of natural chlorophyll of any plant source, containing as high as 7%. Chlorella stimulates the activity of macrophages and T-cells by increasing interferon levels enhancing immune system response. The fibrous material in chlorella greatly augments healthy digestion and overall digestive track health.

Chlorella is used as an aid for treating cancer, reducing radiation treatment side effects, improving response to flu vaccine, helping to prevent colds. It is used also for increasing “good” bacteria in the intestine to aid digestion and to help treat ulcers, colitis, Crohn’s disease, and diverticulitis. Also, it helps with constipation, bad breath, hypertension, mental health, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), fibromyalgia and asthma attacks.

This remarkable and amazing algae is a good source of complete protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, fiber, lutein, beta carotene, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals. The cell wall of chlorella must be broken down before people can digest it. It is important to get the highest quality product and you won’t be disappointed. (San Francisco Examiner 1-30-2011 p.25)

Super Alacer Emergen-C Sale

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Mushrooms and Mental Performance - Lion's Mane

Could it be that mushrooms are from outer space as Terrence McKenna suggests? Why not, it appears astral dust is building chemical reactions that build organic molecules of formaldehyde, ammonia and others. Meanwhile religions throughout history have utilized mushrooms for the psychotropic and health effects. Rulers have restricted their use solely to themselves. So what is it about mushrooms that has produced such interest and popularity?

Lion's ManeMushrooms appear to learn mazes quicker and better than rats. They also represent the largest living organism on earth as illustrated in our comic strip of Professor Health at the end of this article. They are also one of the most highly valued components in the world's herbal arsenal of health nutrients affecting immunity, intelligence and countless biological systems.

Here we have the master Mushroom man Paul Stamets in a personal short video by Daryl Hannah. Paul Stamets is one of the world's leading mycologists and author of several reference works on medical mushrooms, he says "Lion's Mane mushroom mycelium is nature's nutrients for your neurons." It appears to stimulate nerve cells, nerve growth and has major implications for Alzheimer's and other mental health concerns.

Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus) has been highly prized in Chinese traditional medicine. It was reserved for the Emperors and used by Chinese doctors as a curative for digestive tract problems such as ulcers, and stomach cancers. Its beta glucan polysaccharides, along with polypeptides and fatty acids have a lot to do with these curative effects.  Clinical studies have shown that these polysaccharides, along with adenosine and oleanolic acids, stimulate induction of interferons and modulation of the immune system, boosting the white blood cell count to help the healing process.  These substances also enhance the function of the gastric mucus barrier, accelerate the healing of ulcers, and exhibit anti-inflammatory effects.

Lion's Mane helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  It is completely safe, showing no signs of toxicity or side effects in any scientific research.  One of the most exciting areas of potential is its ability to help combat some of the symptoms and underlying causes of dementia and Alzheimer's disease as well as peripheral neurological dysfunction.

As Paul Stamets, one of the world's leading mycologists and author of several reference works on medical mushrooms, puts it, "Lion's Mane mushroom mycelium is nature's nutrients for your neurons."  The Chinese have known this benefit for thousands of years, as the ancient herbalists promised nerves of steel and the memory of a lion to the privileged few who were allowed to eat this restricted delicacy. The breakdown in healthy neurological function can help be prevented by adding Lion's Mane mushroom to the diet.  

Keep your Immune System in Shape with Xigo Products

Daily Immune Defense for Children

Contents: 30 Chews

Suggested Retail: $25.95

Our Price: $19.50

Maximum Immune Defense

Contents: 8 packets

Suggested Retail: $14.95

Our Price: $11.20

Daily Immune Defense for Children

Contents: 30 Chews

Suggested Retail: $20.95

Our Price: $15.70

We are happy to be carrying a great new immune product from a company called Xigo Health, which is based in Key Biscayne, FL. The company, which is built around a focus on “mom” and understanding the needs of mom as she keeps her family healthy, has debuted an inaugural product line in the immune health category.

The line includes Daily Immune Defense formulas for kids and adults as well as Maximum Immune Defense for “occasion-specific” immune support.

Ingredient Overview

Xigos immune defense line is based on three key ingredients, beta glucans, l-glutamine and lactoferrin. Beta glucans — the good stuff in oats and mushrooms — actually activates the immune system without overstimulating it; it helps the immune system initiate a quicker response and improves resistance to infection.

L-glutamine — an amino acid perhaps better known to body builders for its role in protein metabolism —  helps with metabolic, immunologic, antioxidant and gut protective effects. Science has shown that in times of stress, L-glutamine levels fall rapidly and dramatically and this affects the immune response. 

Lactoferrin is found in colostrum (part of the main reason why it’s so important to breastfeed) and it helps fuel a stronger immune response. Importantly, it enhances future responses and helps the immune system remember and fight off attacks in the future.

As a quick biology lesson, we actually have two different types of immune systems, the innate system, which detects when there is a challenge and activates different types of immune cells to eliminate the problem, and the adaptive immune system, which helps the immune system remember and recall immune challenges it has previously encountered and respond more quickly to repeat attacks. Xigo’s Immune Defense products are formulated to work with both systems to keep the immune system functioning perfectly.

The form for the Immune Defense products is also important. Because they are chewable, the products start working in the mouth, directing nutrients directly to the tissues lining the throat and mouth, which is the body’s first line of defense.  From there, immune cells disperse Xigo’s nutritional support throughout the entire body for a complete immune response.

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