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COUPON, Enjoying Herbal Extracts, Government & Medicine, Probiotics Recognition, Vitamin A for Beauty and Immunity

March 2011 - Print | Index

March came in like a Lion...

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  • Herbal Extracts- answer to vibrant health
  • Obama Administration and Drugs
  • Probiotics become the focus of New Science - Microbiome
  • Don't forget Vitamin A for Immunity & Beauty

The Ease of Herbal Extracts

Sometimes it's just the taste or an aroma that triggers old memories and emotions.

So it is with liquid extracts. Though the smells and tastes may be unfamiliar they are immediately interpreted by the body's intelligence and immediately our systems begin to react, respond, recoil or relax.

Immunity flexes its powers, organs go into action, everything is affected at some level.

Such simplicity, a dropper of liquid herbal extract producing remarkable noticeable results... and before long you find yourself becoming your own herbal medicine man. It's you who knows and feels the results. Viva La Herbal Extracts!

Whenever and where ever you drink liquids, herbal extracts can be added. Place them on the desk, the counter, the kitchen table- there waiting and ready for your use.

The miracle of plant composition leaves chemist in awe as they try to analyze and understand the complex world of botany and its relationship to medicine. It is from this position that chemists try to mimic attributes of plant extracts in ways that can be isolated, manufactured and ultimately patented for profit through mass merchandising and promotion.

You on the other hand have direct access to the plant world through extracts. Plants extracts have internal balance producing remarkable healing attributes that are safe and effective. Through the centuries of use plants have been recognized and evaluated for their health properties. In England I came across a wonderful herbal book, A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve.

My favorite compendium is the old time authority on herbs used by doctors of the past, King's American Dispensatory of 1898 by Felter and Lloyd, my copy published in 1983 by Eclectic Medical Publications. This two volume hard cover edition contains over 2200 pages of incredible herbal information dwarfing the Physicians Desk Reference of modern day drugs. It was published in the days when doctors used herbs to treat and cure diseases and ailments. Nowadays, we are not allowed to make any comments that state an herb is intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease. So it goes.

The intelligence that plants offer, combined with the intelligence of modern and historical herbal information, produces some of the finest products imaginable. We are fortunate to be able to offer them here.

What follows are some of my favorite products and new ones from the finest of manufacturers.

Herb Express Head Aid - Aspirin was first synthesized by using a salacin extract of white willow bark. The white willow bark used in this formula has a very high salacin content. It also contains Meadowsweet another salacin source herb used for its medicinal properties for pain, and feverfew, ginger and pulsatilla. Together this makes an excellent anti-inflammatory aid with all the natural components that don't require a long list of "side effects". The one caution is if you are using pharmaceutical prescription blood thinners, then check with your health professional.

Herb Express Cold & Sinus Blaster - This remarkable herbal extract mouth spray is not for everyone. It is strong and pungent, but oh is it effective! After your initial exposure try it again later, after that you can decide if it's right for you or not. Most customers like it and it has become popular. I use it only under duress and that's because it works for me, but it is also very intense. It does what the label says. Remarkable!

Herb Express Immuno Tonic - This is a complete formula that builds over time and is best when you don't have an acute cold or flu. This formula considers the whole system because it addresses the wild card of stress, one of the towering agents impacting immunity. Keep it handy and use frequently. Studies at McGill University in Canada found that echinacea used over time aided longevity.

Herb Express Kids' Cough - This contains honey and is not suitable for kids under 1 year of age. It is an acute formula that has far reaching benefits and uses. It is important to follow the dosages on the label for best results. Herbs work well but frequency is important and produces benefits in a timely manner. Children in particular seem to respond well to herbal extracts but sometimes they need to be mixed with other tasty liquids to encourage them.

Herb Express Men's Silver - Here's a formula that men can use daily and see the benefits increase as they continue.  Over time the benefits seem to be more than just prostate health. I noticed an improvement in strength, endurance and attitude. Once those differences became apparent I found myself taking breaks from the product for a couple weeks so that resuming it seemed to build over the last level. It's a great product!Men's Silver

PropolisHerb Express Propolis - Years ago my favorite product for sore throats was a propolis product from Holistic Horizon. It was discontinued and thereafter I continued to seek a product that would do what it did. Finally after all these years it was here before me. What is special about this product is how it reacts in water. All other propolis products I have tried dissolve poorly or not at all in water making a mess and a  black substance (pure propolis) that is nearly impossible to remove from glasses let alone your own teeth.

What delight to find this product-- this is how you use it: take a paper cup and add a small amount of warm water. Squirt one dropper full of propolis from Herb Express into the water. Then take a tissue and skim off the small amount of residue on the top of the water. Be careful it is very sticky and will adhere like glue to any surface. What remains is a milky substance of diluted pure propolis that you can slowly drink, feeling like satin going down your throat, relieving pain and soreness as it travels. Keep in mind that propolis was the basis of Dr Anna Aslan's Gerovital product, used by the rich and famous as an anti-aging formula, including President John Kennedy for his back pain. Also, propolis is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral! Plus it is the basis of procaine that dentists often use instead of novacaine for pain.

Herb Pharm Pharma Maca - Maca's effects are legendary, the Spanish conquistadors found horses became infertile in the extreme high altitudes of the Andes (a natural phenomenon at 12,000'). The Incan farmers recommended feeding the horses Maca because they knew of its powers to increase sexual activity and fertility in the breeding of their llamas and guinea pigs. The Spaniards were astounded by the positive results and began demanding Maca as payment for taxes and tribute.

Herb Pharm tests and uses only excellent quality roots from farmers they can rely upon, grown under pristine conditions. Herbal Ed chose to make the extract following tradition by lightly toasting the Maca roots. It gives the roots a nice butterscotch-like flavor and facilitates better absorption and assimilation of the nutrients and phytochemicals. Try it for a rewarding experience.

Herb Pharm Albizia - This is a new product for us. It is a stem bark also called Silk Tree, Mimosa and Happiness Bark. In Chinese Materia Medica it is incorporated in the class of herbs that “nourish the heart and calm the spirit.” Albizia is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in helping to alleviate nervous system disorders such as mental stress and anxiety, irritability, depression, anger, mood swings, grief, sadness and heartache. Sounds like something I may want to keep around but hope not to need frequently.

Herb Pharm has been around now for over 32 years and has built quite an illuminating reputation. They have an 85-acre, certified organic farm where they cultivate much of the plant material used to make their extracts. In addition, the farm serves as a practical research site for the propagation of ‘At-Risk’ wild medicinal plants, and is sanctioned as a Botanical Sanctuary by United Plant Savers. They have an FDA-audited and GMP-compliant extraction facility and Botanical Sciences Laboratory where they integrate the knowledge and wisdom of traditional herbalism with the herbal sciences and technology of the 21st Century. They travel and know their suppliers from many parts of the world.

Herb Pharm Healthy Heart Tonic - Heart disease and hypertension can be a very serious health problem requiring the guidance of a qualified health care practitioner. This particular compound is a restorative and nutritive tonic for the heart specifically, and the circulatory vessels in general. Hawthorne is an interesting herb with much research. Its flavonoids have been shown to enhance the connective tissue structure of the endothelial lining of the heart cavities and the blood and lymph vessels, thus optimizing their resiliency against the damages of injury, disease, stress, and aging.

Hawthorn can potentiate the cardiac glycoside action of Digitalis or other related drugs. Therefore, when using Hawthorne, heart medication should be monitored by a physician. This tonic is excellent support for heart problems and I recommend discussing its benefits with your health care practitioner.

Government in a Time of Change?

With pharmaceutical drugs accounting for so many deaths annually, it seems perplexing that, according to the New York Times (Jan 2011), the Obama administration has decided to start a billion dollar government drug development center to help create medicines. It will be called the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. The development of the drug project is to reach a point of commercial appeal to be moved out of the academic support into the private sector. There it can be produced and sold.

However, to be an administration that gained election based on “change”, it appears that the same avenues of health are financially subsidized with a history of no real new innovations in drug development in the recent past which might help explain the government's entrance into the field.

However, a more efficient program aimed towards health would be if the administration started a billion dollar government development program to educate and promote alternative health, nutritional supplementation, and nutritional education classes in medical schools.

How often have I heard stories where a dumb founded articulate doctor respond, “I don't think that's the reason you get better, but keep doing whatever you’re doing.” when someone's health dramatically improves because they have increased their nutritional intake or added certain herbs, enzymes, probiotics, minerals and vitamins. Doctors should be the ones affirming, educating and guiding their patients.

Probiotics Gain Their Place in the Body

There it was in Discover magazine, March 2011, pp. 34 to 39, a wonderful article and validation of our philosophy since we first opened our doors for business 29 years ago:

“...a person is not so much an individual human body as a super organism made up of diverse ecosystems, each teeming with microscopic creatures that are essential to our well being.”

This has been the position that manufacturers of probiotics have long held. Remembering many years ago Natasha Trenov of Natren products saying the human gut is an environment as diverse as any rain forest, an ecosystem that becomes barren when antibiotics are used. Also, knowing that our most important products we could sell if there were only one category to pick, would be probiotics.

There appears to be over 1,000 different species numbering up to 200 trillion microbes in an adult, 20 times as many microbes as human cells. As a result of the mapping of the human genome many new projects have developed including, the Human Micorbiome Project funded by the National Institute of Health and the European Unions's Metagenomics of the Human Intestinal Tract, and the Preemie Microbiome Project at Duke University. These projects are seeking knowledge and exploring how the diversity of the microbiome impacts human health. At Duke University they are looking at babies and the development of these micro-organisms as they are fed breast milk.

One bacteria mentioned in the article is Propion bacterium acnes that lives on oils waxy remains of dead cells often blamed for acne while it also breaks down oils into a natural moisturizer for the skin. Often the medical response is to kill off the bacteria, frequently resulting in dry skin which can lead to other problems.

Whereas to bring the master organism into balance one must consider diet. Usually, bad oils get dumped to the skin surface causing proliferation of the bacteria. Whereas with sufficient lipase enzyme present and dietary change the acne is greatly reduced. It also known that probiotics in the gut also have a direct affect on the skin's health.

Further, use of zinc and vitamin A aid the internal environment along with acidophilus probiotics to re-establish harmony resulting in beautiful skin. The article notes that probiotics represent a small percentage of the actual population. Also, of course, some microbes are good and some bad, and that is where balance becomes essential.

What many have found is that probiotics have a very special role, acting as policemen guarding the gut and forming a barrier monitoring what enters the bloodstream through the villi where they align themselves like brickwork, soft, flexible, incapable of being pierced even by viruses attempting to gather their genetic information to over come their protective role. Others may be transitory, such as I. B. Bulgaricum, that seeks toxins, binds them and exits the body.

Don't Forget Vitamin A

With all the wonderful press about the importance and benefits of Vitamin D, Vitamin A retinol has become the forgotten vitamin. Occurring naturally with Vitamin D it has received, however, much bad press, even low amounts feared for pregnant women and blamed for osteoporosis whenever the amounts were over 5,000iu. Though Vitamin A supplementation of more than 50,000iu over time can cause toxicity for most- supplementation of at least 10,000iu appears necessary.

Recent, more rigorous tests based on much more accurate blood-test measurements of vitamin A retinol reported in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 2005; 20(6):913-920 confirmed that retinol vitamin A does not pose a risk for bone loss. In fact, higher, more optimal vitamin A intake increased bone density and reduced bone fractures in senior women.

Also the World Health Organization recommends that all pregnant women take retinol vitamin A, stating that 10,000 IU per day is safe to take at any time during pregnancy. Further, the British Journal of Gynecology 2002 Jun;109(6):689-93 states optimal vitamin A reduces risk of premature delivery by 74%, and is required for the health of the baby’s lungs, eyes, immune system, bone and overall growth.

Most recently researchers in neurobiology and neurology at Cornell Medical School found Vitamin A retinol exerts influences beyond their expectations. They found a new role was identified for vitamin A. It was found to be an essential cofactor of an enzyme activated in the mitochondria having major influence on the cellular respiration and ATP synthesis of the cell. "These results illuminate a hitherto unsuspected role of vitamin A in mitochondrial bioenergetics of mammals, acting as a nutritional sensor. As such, retinol is of fundamental importance for energy homeostasis. The data provide a mechanistic explanation to the nearly 100-yr-old question of why vitamin A deficiency causes so many pathologies that are independent of retinoic acid action." Acin-Perez R, Hoyos B, et al, FASEB J, 2010; 24(2): 627-36

Science has established Vitamin A retinol necessity for aiding bone and teeth formation and fighting bacterial infection, counteracting night blindness, weak eyesight, and strengthening the nerves and cells of the eyes, promoting smooth skin and healthy secretions of the mucous membranes, and helping to protect the body from chronic diarrhea and respiratory infections. Lack of it can influence fatigue, insomnia, depression, loss of smell and appetite, lusterless hair, brittle nails, and inflamed eyelids. In a sense one could say Vitamin A retinol is the beauty and immunity vitamin.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.