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29th Celebration & Discount, Radiation and SOD, CODEX, Death By Medicine, Super Specials

April 2011 - Print | Index

Dear Customers,

Welcome to our April 2011 Report. We greatly appreciate you shopping at Vitamin Express. Our goal is to give you excellent personal service, the best products to consider, nutritional information, and discounted prices.

We hope you enjoy our April Report.

  • Celebrate our 29th Anniversary this month
  • SOD and Radiation
  • Political Review and Future Danger the CODEX
  • Gary Null's Death By Medicine
  • Super Specials for your long term health

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We are celebrating our 29th year of business. Having been in the health food business for 38 years, it is time to wind down a little. Recently two stores went to new ownership, Earthly Nutrition in Mill Valley and Berkeley. The new owner, Phil Gilmour, was the right fit for the stores and seeks to continue the culture and personnel of the stores. He maintains the excellent trained staff and I'm certain customers will appreciate the new energy he brings to the store. Please give him a great welcome.

As for us at Vitamin Express, we will remain only in San Francisco and along with our website hope to be a part of your needs for the next 38 years! Here is this month's DISCOUNT CODE for $5.00 off your next purchase over $50.00 - SOD2011.

Nutrition and health is a passion and vocation. Daily reading makes one aware of the great enticement of science, health and life. Thank you for making this possible, to be able to do this for 29 years is the reward I get to share with you, our  personnel, and suppliers. It is indescribable how much learning has occurred because of you, our customers. Our goals have often been repeated- they are practical ones- service, products, low prices, information. The underlying benefits are so intertwined that the outcome we hope is health.

Best of Health to you!

The Vitamin Express Newsletter Team
Michael LeVesque
President, Vitamin Express

Is SOD the Safe Answer to Radiation Exposure?

When Three Mile Island occurred in the US, the threat of radiation poisoning was high and mutation around the plant was staggering. Meanwhile, the hottest spots were the holding tanks filled with highly radioactive water within the facility. Annual tests indicated that no life could occur or possibly survive in the tanks.

However, after a few years under these conditions the biggest surprise occurred. Inspectors discovered algae growing in the holding tanks. The algae was collected and brought in to be analyzed. It was discovered that the algae had produced the highest levels of SOD (super oxide dismutase) a free radical enzyme, ever reported. This was the answer to its ability to healthily replicate and survive under such impossible conditions. Radiation produces a very reactive type of free radical called a "hydroxyradical." SOD neutralizes the free radical- in fact it searches for it to balance out its electron ring which is why SOD is called a "free radical scavenger."

Plants have a highly adaptive ability for survival and due to their chromosomal structure respond quickly and efficiently. SOD has far reaching benefits. One of the safest and best ways to increase levels of SOD is through the diet. It has been discovered that certain wheat sprouts in particular have produced benefits in protecting cells from free radical damaged due to radiation. These sprouts seem to help activate the body’s ability to produce SOD as well as glutathione peroxidase, methionine reductase and catalase.

One specially developed organically grown enteric coated wheat sprout product is Stress Release by The Enzyme Company.  Over a quart of sprouts is used to make each tablet.  Their unique moisture removal process preserves active nutritional factors.  These sprouts have been shown to remarkably enhance the body's production of superoxide dismutases, and catalases, in a unique prometabolic profile and at the same time enhance glutathione peroxidase.

Other sources of high levels of SOD are Chaga - a mushHost Defense Chaga Mushroomroom, known in Siberia as the “Mushroom of Immortality”, Green Magma - a barley grass is high in SOD as well as other greens, such as wheat grass, spirulina and chlorella. SOD is also found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and sea vegetables.

SOD is more effectively utilized when trace minerals of zinc, copper and manganese are present. Also it is important to combine with a good anti-oxidant formula such as Jarrow’s Antioxidant Optimizer and Vitamin C. It is essential to drink plenty of pure, good water, at least six glasses a day.

Radiation Toxicity, AIDS, History, CODEX and the Future

Although we live in times of every known condition being subjected to pharmaceutical drug solutions, when an emergency occurs the protective answer becomes a nutritional supplement - potassium iodide. This inexpensive supplement helps provide protection against radiation poisoning of the thyroid gland.  Also, there are many other important glands and organs that also need protection from radiation and that’s where amino acids such as L-Carnosine, mushrooms such as Chaga, green foods such as Barley Grass and chlorella, and anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, C, E, beta carotene, antioxidant laden herbs such as curcumin, and anti-oxidant enzymes such as SOD and glutathione play significant roles protecting the body. Why nothing from the pharmaceutical industry? Their large wheels of industrial production and media planning and government influence are unable to respond quickly enough to take control of the media and declare their product the protocol for problem. They will however state they are the only solution for the cancer that may result. For example...

Remember AIDS in the beginning? The medical doctors stated there was no cure, only defenses that helped the condition - vitamin C, N-acetyl cysteine, Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), zinc, egg yolk lecithin, pancreatic enzymes, propolis, vitamin A, and many others. Then the drug industry came up with their products and then there was sudden government interest in AIDS and AIDS research and a multi-million dollar industry sprang up. If the immune system wasn’t already compromised, it soon was as drugs weakened patients and the cure was worse than the disease. The takeover of medical science by business went full speed ahead. It wasn’t long after that when we began to see for the first time pharmaceutical advertising on television and in magazines. Meanwhile we had armed raids by the FDA on nutritional supplement manufacturers and nutritionally oriented physicians that endorsed other nutritional alternatives.

Through grass roots efforts we passed the Dietary Supplement and Health And Education Act. Then came the newest FDA ruling - pregnancy was a disease not a condition so we couldn’t sell prenatal formulas. Again, logic ruled the day and the courts threw out the FDA's case as harassment of the health food industry. However, we soon found ourselves, the chickens, in the wolves den and the FDA required proof of any problem from a supplement and expensive new laws and regulations, these regulations- squeezing out the small innovators and trying to produce risks for further regulations. Out of nowhere emerged companies lacing supplements with drugs. We never heard of these companies before but they gave us a bad name because they were dangerous and needed regulating.

The public was then stiffed as the US Supreme Court gave the pharmaceutical industry immunity from law suits, so much for regulation by the free market. Meanwhile attorneys had fun bringing expensive lawsuits from anywhere in the country under California’s Proposition 65 to harass supplement manufacturers of fish oils. Again the industry responded in a positive way.

Always through out the turmoil of the years we were orphans. The FDA clearly stated that even though we were now under their authority, that didn’t mean protection. It was and is their goal to protect the pharmaceutical industry and literally destroy any products that compete with pharmaceutical drugs. If we were protected by the FDA we would get a fair hearing, have a balanced review board of informed doctors and nutritionists and received media backing for the benefits that nutritional supplements give to people in diseased conditions and those seeking optimum health.

So here we are today.

We have medical debt beyond measure and the majority of the medical community ignoring and ignorant of safe inexpensive alternatives to expensive drugs (Where is Senator Kefauver's replacement?). The pharmaceutical industry is meanwhile working feverishly to establish world standards through the CODEX international regulatory body of the World Health Organization to end mass availability, access, and information regarding nutritional supplements and herbs. The FDA seems to think this is a good decision for business.

The CODEX is on a narrow determined road to prohibit all Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, African herbal medicine and South American herbal medicine in the market place. The CODEX meetings have become one where favored countries get to speak and those seeking different rules or postponing rules are ignored. Financial influence reigns supreme at the meetings where lobbyists have full impact on representatives and there is no regulatory procedures regarding their actions. It is full steam ahead. Previous rules are not influenced by new science, for example Vitamin D is held at maximums of 200iu allowable in the open market. Everyone today knows that is inadequate by far. Other rules are even more ridiculous and the certainty of these laws becoming harmonized with US regulations is ever closer as a given requirement.

Hold unto your seats everybody, five years from now we at Vitamin Express may not be here. Our shelves decimated by the harmonized rulings of the CODEX.

Toodle loo…

P.S.- Join the National Health Federation for accurate up to date information regarding CODEX Alimentarius.

Death By Medicine - a book everyone should read by Gary Null, Ph. D.

Every time the most common disease conditions are reported in the mass media, nutritional supplementation is ignored.  There are mentions of exercise, sleep and other commonly known aids to good health—diet is often included, sometimes even specific foods, then the final statements always end with the need to talk to your doctor.  Often there are specific drugs mentioned, but usually that remains for the doctor to specify.  If supplements are mentioned they are considered dangerous or requiring extreme caution, except for the recent acceptance of Vitamin D.

If vitamin C or E or others are as dangerous, it has yet to be proved.  An advertisement for C or E is not like pharmaceutical drug advertisements with pages of warnings and lists of dangerous bad effects.

Gary Null, Ph D., along with other medical doctors presents in the best seller Death By Medicine examples of the government’s..."tunnel vision and refusal to recommend the available non-drug alternatives..."  This brilliant book needs to be read by every medical doctor in the country.  It is an indictment of our health care system.  As stated on the jacket of the book by William Faloon, co-founder of Life Extension Foundation, "The most stunning statistic, however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is nearly 581,926 per year.  This data makes it evident that the American medical system is one of the leading causes of death and injury in the U.S."

This system would have changed a long time ago, but it is still with us.  Is it because the general population accepts it because it is presented by holy professionals? Is it because doctor's can't admit failures? Is it control by government and drug companies?  Reason’s greatest ambition is to prevail however it has little influence over an industry where self interest dominates.

Is there an alternative to the high expense of health in this country?  Is it being ignored purposefully?  Should we watch the hands of pharmaceutical industry instead of its mouth?  Is this an outrageous sin?  Is the media, congress, the courts, the minds of our leaders, the general population controlled by the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry? (The answers are all YES!) 

Do you want proof of how bad the system is and why everyone should be actively demanding change? Read "Death by Medicine," by Gary Null, Ph D. Give a copy to your doctor.

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