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URGENT FDA Emergency, Super Discount Code for August! Information Links, New VE Products, Super Specials

August 2011 - Print | Index

Welcome To Vitamin Express Report for August 2011:

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your business. Here is our biggest overall discount of the year: 10% off any order placed online using the code THANKS2011.

We hope you read our URGENT email last week regarding the new NDI’s that the FDA is rushing through that will devastate the nutritional supplement  business. At the same time the FTC is issuing new rules regarding the structure function of nutrients illegally taking on the role of the FDA and again with such tough and expensive processes to reduce any information about the supplement you may be using.

Nevertheless, we believe in good information –the more the better. So just to remind you of the extensive information we share on our website, here are some fantastic links that may be helpful.

Generally speaking you can find anything on our Health Information page  for example:

For any condition or allergy go to

For updated information on herbs and supplements go to

Or to an abbreviated quick excellent resource on any nutrient go to  our health encyclopedia.

Or to even more information on nutrients since there is so much and not any that completely reviews everything, go to our own information pages. You might check out Vitamin X and Q and mouse over any pictures. Dan who helped with content added some humor.

For tools we offer Health Calculators that measure body mass, body fat, calories and many other factors.

If you’re looking for company information we offer these suppliers website links

And there’s much more, such as our FAVORITES. 

Thank you for shopping with us and reading our Report. Follow us on Twitter to receive regular updates from Vitamin Express, including discount coupon codes, product giveaways, and important news! Join us on Facebook. We're also on FourSquare.

We have some fantastic values to share with you!

Renew Life
Love Your Heart

90 + 30 Caps
MSRP $42.50 $24.95

Jarrow Formulas
Ideal Bowel Support

30 Vcaps
MSRP $26.95 $13.50 

Source Naturals
L-Tryptophan 500mg

120 Caps
MSRP $38.50 $23.95 

Source Naturals
Wellness Formula

180 Tabs
MSRP $43.98 $26.40 

New Chapter
Wholemega 1000mg

120 Softgels
MSRP $54.95 $38.45

Vital Energetics

4 oz.
MSRP $47.95 $31.95 

Jarrow Formulas
Resveratrol 100

60 vcap
MSRP $20.95 $10.50

Jarrow Formulas
Curcumin 95

120 Caps
MSRP $43.95 $31.15

Jarrow Formulas
Organic Daily 5

6.3 oz.
MSRP $39.95 $19.95

Jarrow Formulas
QH-Absorb 100mg

120 Softgels
MSRP $79.95 $47.95

CoQ10 Ubiquinol from Jarrow Formulas. CoQ10 is one of the most important supplements - read our report on how Ubiquinol helps protect cells and boost energy.

Jarrow Formulas
QH-Absorb 200mg

60 Softgels
MSRP $79.95 $47.95

New Vitamin Express Products

These unique new products have an updated label and represent incredible value:

Vitamin Express
Red Yeast/Milk Thistle/ALA/CoQ10

120 Vegicaps
MSRP $44.95 $28.75

Vitamin Express
Vital Skin

60 Vegicaps
MSRP $18.95 $12.20

Vitamin Express
True Chelate Iron

120 Vegicaps
MSRP $17.95 $10.05

Vitamin Express
Acetyl L-Carnitine + Alpha Lipoic Acid

60 Vegicaps
MSRP $18.95 $11.50

Vitamin Express
NAG 500mg

120 Caps
MSRP $24.95 $14.35

Vitamin Express
Red Yeast 0.4% 600mg

120 Vegicaps
MSRP $25.95 $17.95

Vitamin Express
Glucosamine & Chondroitin Sulfate + MSM

240 Caps
MSRP $45.95 $29.50

Vitamin Express
Heart Support

294 Grams
MSRP $55.95 $37.40

Vitamin Express
Benfotiamine 50

60 Vegicaps
MSRP $44.95 $34.50


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