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September 2011 - Print | Index

Healthy September Greetings!

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Thanks for reading our September 2011 Report!

Here are the highlight's of this Report:

  • Vancouver city of Health & Back to School time
  • VE Super Specials proces good until December 31st, 2011
  • Vitamin E's Rocky Road
  • BHT Update- What we never suspected
  • Adaptogenic Health Solution- Vital Energetics
  • The Media does it again- Who's to blame?
  • OUR DISCOUNT CODE is at the bottom of the Report

We hope you enjoy it!

Vancouver- City of Health and Beauty  &   Back to School Time

The last few weeks my wife Camilla and I have been in Vancouver, Canada. It's a beautiful city and focused on good health. Perhaps the first thing that strikes you is that this is like no other large city. It is filled with towering high rises, yet everywhere you walk sunlight shines on you. Though it's filled with these towering high rises there are no wind tunnels usually found in cities. Also there are trees everywhere making for a rich thick oxygen laden environment. Additionally the city has waterways everywhere and the water is clean and smells fresh. Their city planners should receive gold medals!

The stress levels usually found in cities seems replaced with a mellow mood lending to a quality of healthfulness. Also there are excellent organic food stores such as Urban Fare, Capers, and Choice Markets and other large chains offer organic products. It's one drawback is that it is expensive to buy food, but Granville Island offers some of the finest produce and fish imaginable. It's a perfect blend of modern architecture, mountains and water- the Georgia Straight.

In many ways there are similarities to San Francisco especially when you also find a magnificent Stanley Park and the Lion's Gate Bridge. As for supplement stores they have a fair selection. However, the best store we visited was one in Victoria on Vancouver Island called The Vitamin Shop- not related to the US Vitamin Shoppe chain. It was a beautiful shop, well organized and staffed with a helpful, knowledgeable staff.

While there an email arrived about a research paper that was published this year that helps clear the good name of one of my favorite nutrients- Vitamin E. Below find my reprinted article published in the San Francisco Examiner regarding this study emphasizing how Vitamin E is one of the safest nutrients and is not in any way linked to early death.

This month is also back to school time and once again we offer some of the finest brain nutrient formulas and herbal extract brain formulas available anywhere. I highly recommend Source Naturals Mega Mind and Lifelink's NoöRacetam. This is a good time to try our very own Euflöura Vital Energetics - the adaptogenic herbal formula for aiding stress, concentration, endurance, and brain function. School time may require a more specific product such as Quit Nits the natural answer to hair lice. Our children's multiples and children immune enhancement formulas are a great asset for this time of year. These taste good and add a good start for staying healthy in school. Also, remember Vitamin D and fish oils for overall health and brain function.

Michael LeVesque

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Source Naturals was founded in 1982. They began nutritional formulations using many different nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and nutraceuticals in one formulation. One famous formula is their Wellness Formula®.

Vitamin E’s Rocky Road

Nutritional information needs to be reported carefully. A study that makes sensational claims contrary to established scientific information can have devastating effects, especially when it gets national coverage. In one swoop a necessary nutrient for health can be reduced to one people fear.

Here is the story of Vitamin E, the nutrient that is found in every cell of the body. It is one of the few nutrients that there has not been found an upper level of toxicity. It was the star of nutrition back in the 1930’s when it was first discovered and realized that without its presence the ability to bear children could not exist.

Later it went on to be the nutrient for heart health and burn and scar prevention. In the 1960’s it was reported throughout the world as the nutrient for longevity that if a cell maintained high enough levels the cell would not die and remain healthy. Then it was heralded as an anti-cancer nutrient for its healing ability. In 2004 it was found beneficial for Alzheimer patients, yet in that same year the hatchet fell.

A meta-analysis was released by researchers at John Hopkins stating Vitamin E over 200IU was associated with early death leading to a conclusion that people should not take more than 200IU per day. Vitamin E panic took place though refuted by scientists throughout the world and sales dropped everywhere.

Now the most recent and comprehensive study published by researchers Abner EL, Schmitt FA, Mendiondo MS, et al. in Vitamin E and All-cause Mortality: A Meta-Analysis. Curr Aging Sci. 2011 Jan 14, concludes that daily doses of up to 5,500 IU did not appear to affect mortality risk in adults.

The researchers analyzed 57 randomized controlled trials that tested the effects of vitamin E in adults for at least one year. On average, supplementation lasted 2.6 years. The studies, published between 1988 and 2009, recorded the number of deaths that occurred and concluded that Vitamin E is safe. Though this is not sensational news this study needs national media attention since it confirms what researchers have known and the public needs to know.

Editor's Note: In 2004 Michael wrote a response to the John Hopkins Report. This is a reprint from the SF Examiner, 8/28/11 (compare this article with the Media Fails It Again.)

BHT Update

Sometimes we’re wrong. Back in 1973 the health food industry was bent on removing all artificial preservatives from products. One of the most controversial ones was BHT (butylated hydroxyltuluene). It was used extensively by food manufacturers, especially in corn chips and potato chips as an FDA-approved antioxidant food additive. We succeeded in getting it removed from most products. However we cut off our nose to spite our face.

In 1983 I was visited by Loren Daro who introduced me to Steven Fowkes. Steven presented convincing information that BHT was not the “bad guy” of health we in the industry thought it was. Quite contrary to that he had written a book along with John Mann called Wipe Out Herpes with BHT. It contains over 140 detailed references although may no longer be available. Along with the book Steven had published the BHT Toxicology Report presenting an in-depth analysis of the toxicology and pharmacology of BHT with over 300 references.

Needless to say we began carrying BHT as a supplement antioxidant in the store from Vitamin Research and shortly after that Twin Lab got wind of the research and offered the product as well.
Now comes the clincher… It has now been discovered that BHT is found to be naturally produced in fresh water phytoplankton. This came to my attention in November 2009 in an article of Life Enhancement. It’s a magazine with well researched articles and assisted by a board of excellent medical doctors which  also includes the famous  authors Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw who wrote Life Extension.

Michael LeVesque

The Adaptogenic Health Solution - Euflöura Vital Energetics?

A Soviet scientist, Dr. I. Brekhman, did early research on Eleuthero root, known at that time as Siberian Ginseng. His work popularized the term "adaptogen". It indicates a substance that tends to restore normal physiological function, allowing the body as a whole to respond to a non-specific stress (such as over-exercise, worry, lack of sleep, etc.).

Today an adaptogen is any herb that has scientific research indicating its ability to increase resistance to stress, fatigue, or anxiety while enhancing physical stamina and endurance without creating stimulation of the nervous system. A formidable list of these herbs is slowly being developed. Herbalists place adaptogenic herbs in a distinct category for their ability to balance the immune system, balance endocrine hormones, and assist the body to attain or preserve optimal balance.

Adaptogenic herbs, therefore, influence brain function, circulation, immunity, digestion and hormonal activity. Here is a list of several adaptogens where scientific studies indicate their general benefits: Eleuthero Root for endurance, immunity, learning, and inflammation. Gotu Kola Root benefits the vascular system, concentration and memory. Ashwaganda Root benefits muscle tissue and fatigue. Hawthorn Berry supports healthy circulation, blood pressure, and digestion. Fresh Wild Oats Seed benefits sexual health, detoxification, energy and the nervous system. Rhodiola Root reduces depression, and improves muscle strength and concentration. Schizandra Berry in China considered as a nourishing tonic for all five elements aiding the nervous system, helping mental clarity and improving reflexes. Holy Basil reduces inflammation, hypoglycemia and balances hormonal fluctuations of cortisol. Licorice Root is a synergistic herb that is claimed to benefit all 12 meridians in Chinese medicine and is used as an adrenal gland tonic and aid to hydration. Many mushrooms also have adaptogenic qualities and that will be discussed in a future article.

The gold standard for adaptogens is ginseng. There are various forms and next month we’ll look at those types and best applications. With all herbs one must consider inter-actions with prescriptive drugs. So consult your health care specialist, keeping in mind that adaptogens are considered one of the safest forms of herbs but may influence the responsiveness of a prescriptive drug.

Michael LeVesque - Reprint San Francisco Examiner 7/30/11

Media Fails it Again!

Well here we are in the 21st Century and still the media hasn't figured out how to throw out the shaft. Today's SF Examiner, September 1st, in their Healthy Living Section, page39, has an article from the Food Network Kitchens. The heading is : "Food help: Are vitamin supplements dangerous?"

First of all it is from the Food Network Kitchens, a groovy group of fantastic cooks who know a lot about food and its preparation. Here they are making statements about nutrition, vitamins, and FDA regulations as though they knew what they were talking about. Are they really? Or is it some ghost writer just blasting vitamins because the FDA is having hearings on new rules for NDI's? Anyway, it's basically erroneous paragraph by paragraph. Who's to blame? The editor of the newspaper? The Food Network Kitchens? The actual author? What's going on here?

Statement after statement of error. Their answer to the question:  "Are supplements dangerous?" Well, they don't answer that question. They actually don't know from obvious comments about vitamins throughout the article. What they do say is oddly enough.. "the supplement industry isn't regulated by the Food and Drug Administration or any other government agency." WRONG- they are regulated heavily by the FDA and even the FTC and many other agencies. The rules established by the FDA for supplement manufacturers fills a book. Rules and regulations are specified and powers to close a whole company exists as well as full legal and fining by the FDA. Now given the fact that supplements have an unbelievable record of safety it appears that the FDA is much better if it performs its true duty of regulating pharmaceutical drugs that kill, not just upset the stomach, but actually are the reason that over 200,000 people die each year. Now that is what needs change! That is needless suffering.

They say in the article that B Vitamins don't provide much benefit in supplement form- WHAT? After all the research and doctor's prescribing B vitamins to lower homocysteine levels and these are not at standard recommended doses but higher. No one informed in the world of medicine would question the effects of supplements like B3 (niacin) and B1(thiamine) or folic acid to enhance the health of an individual?

Anyway, I could go on and on- but today is the day to send out this Report- so needless to say Beware and be aware of people telling you vitamin supplements don't do any good. They are uninformed, greatly so.

Michael LeVesque

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