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October 2011 - Print | Index

Welcome To Vitamin Express Report for October 2011.

Our goal is education, finest available products, impeccable customer service, fast delivery and great values.

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Some Nutritional Articles from our website:

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Colostrum - Life's First Food

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Progesterone vs. Progestin: Viva La Difference!©

In simpler times, 'female complaints' were treated with special foods, herbs and tonics. Nowadays, powerful synthetic hormones are dispensed freely if not cheaply to women all over the globe. Medical and popular media wage a phenomenally successful campaign to make these products appear as benign as sunlight. (Don't bother reading the fine print on the package inserts, ladies, it's just a silly legal requirement.)...  to read further click here.

Omega 5 Beautiful Skin

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What is Glucosamine Sulfate?

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Excellent Nutritional News Links

These are some of our favorite nutritional magazines and health newsletters:... to read more click here.

Vitamin Express Business Model

Why we do what we do...From the beginning our business model was established and it has not changed. In 2012 we will celebrate thirty years in business. We have employed through these 30 years 237 people... to read more click here.

Personal Story of Back Injury Linked with Leg Paralysis

Sometimes your past catches up with you and it's time to act with experience and intuition.

A couple weeks ago I made a jump onto uneven ground. Everything seemed okay but within a couple days my left leg had shooting pains from the groin down to the foot, specifically the ankle. It was becoming gradually more painful to walk. I decided to go to a Chinese herbalist and expert in martial arts to get help.

He massaged the areas and put a poultice of herbs on the most inflamed region, inner thigh. The next day the pain was worse in the areas of massage. He had massaged very deeply and the nerves felt traumatized. The following day walking was extremely painful, the front muscle of the thigh had become permanently cramped, hard as a rock and immovable even with heat.

The next step was the chiropractor friend who linked the injury to a swollen and pinched disc between the third and fourth lumbar area. The only way to work on that area was to release the cramped muscle in the thigh to unwind the tight muscle in the back. This is where you learn dramatically that nerves in that area connect to everything, including the gut. After applying painful pressure on points up and down the muscle it finally released. Then it was time to use ice packs.

The following day the pain was throughout the leg but the muscle was not cramped and in spasm. It was then realized that the knee area was cold and the nerves connecting to the muscles through out the leg were inoperative. In other words, I couldn't move the leg, it was paralyzed. It was a frightening case of deja vu and stirred ancient memories I had forgotten of infantile paralysis at the age of three. The case of feeling but not able to control any movement, dead weight. Was this the emergence of polio syndrome I asked myself?

{Polio had struck at the age of three and it was my fortunate introduction to a new technique just approved by the state of Minnesota for polio victims. It was also considered alternative medicine since it had received nothing but backlash from the established American Medical Association and the Australian Medical Association. The technique was brought to the US by its advocate a nurse called Sister Kenney. In Australia the term "nurse" is replaced with "Sister". She had found that wet heat and massage stopped the crippling effects of polio and enabled the victim to allow the body's natural defense system to overcome the polio and regain health without crippling after a few weeks of care. A movie was made about her in 1946 starring Rosalind Russel.}

After more visits to the chiropractor and some adjustments I began the work with another friend - an excellent body worker. She is intuitive and gentle and progress has enabled me to now walk again. However using that leg is requiring extreme physical effort since the leg can't support me going down or up steps. Nevertheless, with strength training each day there is marked improvement, hopefully in a month it will be normal.

During this time the full arsenal of Vitamin Express was at my disposal and here is a summary of products used and how they help:

The next group of products were specifically taken to aid the reversal and reduction of the paralysis which seemed a possibility since the latent polio virus remains within the body of polio victims which is one reason why growing up I never had the polio vaccine. My doctor at the time feared the possible stimulation of polio virus from the vaccine. So here was my regimen:

  • Y.S. Propolis 1000mg - 2 capsules three times a day. Propolis is just incredible. It is anti-viral as well as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and also an excellent pain killer. In France it is used as the an agent against zoster herpes (shingles).

  • Vitamin Research BHT, in our last news letter we mention the use of BHT and herpes virus- it is a remarkable anti-oxidant that effectively puts herpes in remission according to all research studies.

  • L-Lysine for similar effectiveness against viruses.

  • L-Taurine for rebuilding the nerves. At some point during the day I took Ecological Formulas Magnesium Taurate also.

  • L-Glutamine - a must for all reconstruction of systems within the body, literally the basis of the human genome! Also to reduce muscle wasting which was occurring at a fast pace.

  • L-Glycine - to provide nervous system and muscle regeneration. It also can be converted by the body into creatine.

  • L-Proline - in the form of Carlson's Pro-Rite - a 1:1 ratio of proline to lysine to aid reconstruction of tendons and cartilage.

  • Sphingolin from Ecological Formulas- a myelin basic protein to aid the disc's regeneration and the myelin sheath running down the spine.

  • Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex Caps - a necessity in order to maximize absorption and assimilation of the amino acids.

  • Solaray Niacin 100mg - to aid deep penetration of nutrients into capillaries through its release of histamine and flushing. It also helped with relaxation and sleep and brain function. What a wonderful nutrient- plus it's the best for raising HDL levels of cholesterol.

The next series of supplements I am taking are aimed at the inflammatory process. The goal was to seek reduction and elimination of swelling, cleansing of joint synovial fluids, reduction of inflammation and the improvement of circulation. What is remarkable about this is that when you have an ailment and treat it, you are also treating the whole system and health benefits appear throughout the body as well as the injured area. It seems like a lot of pills, but there are different times to take each supplement and that is guided by logic and intuition. So here are the next series of products:

So there is the specialized regimen, however, I also take a lot of other products as well, such as L-Carnitine, CoQ10 Ubiquinol and Vitamins C, D, E, A, fish oils, probiotics, citicholine, creatine, zinc, lithium and other minerals which I do normally. Those are used less at the moment but still necessary and present for optimum health.

Finally, for the frosting on the cake and amazing energy boost and healing and pain relief I mix the following in a glass of water:

In the evening, if sleeping is difficult especially due to pain and lack of activity, I use B&T Alfalco - an alfalfa tonic and natural homeopathic remedy for fatigue, stress and sleeplessness. It knocks me out and rejuvenates the system. It's great and tastes good.

So there you have it, and happily my progress is excellent. Michael LeVesque

Emergency Update: Thank You

Your letters and calls to your Congress person and the FDA have helped to make a difference. The FDA has extended the time for NDI (new dietary ingredient) Guidance discussion to the end of the year. Thank You!

However, the battle rages on. The goal is a blatant attack on the health industry which appears to be the death of the business except a few large companies and even they will have dramatic reductions of product offerings. It is all so crazy and seems that we should all band together and demand a different agency- preferably a new one, to regulate the nutritional supplement industry.

Here's the scoop- nearly all supplements that have had changes since 1994 must be removed from the market for 75 days while they wait for FDA approval. The FDA will be inundated with hundreds of thousands of NDI applications when the guidance is adopted, costing in the billions of dollars and most certainly way beyond the ability of the FDA to cope.

Also, any change, even altering the level of a nutrient intake or changing the copy on a label will require the FDA oversight and approval in advance of marketing any product. Also, every NDI must be done by every company regardless that the ingredient has been approved by the FDA. Any violations will be met with possible criminal proceedings.

These are not drugs, these are safe nutrients that have been on the market and proven to be safe and beneficial. What is the use of regulating them off the market so that no one has an alternative health option, that no one can treat their own problems to avoid a prescriptive drug with its high costs and many bad effects, that you are denied the ability to attain optimum health in this era of declining nutrition in the foods we eat?

Please continue to keep up the pressure and try to get Congress to move supplements into a new agency of Nutritional Health. Here is a link to use with Alliance for Natural Health to voice your opinions. Also use the excellent links and letter by Jarrow at the end of this article.

Now, for the obvious answer to the above question.

Ours is a very, very fragile industry and undertaking. The great effects that nutritional supplementation offers the public is under constant attack. It is primarily waged by the pharmaceutical industry with its grossly over priced products providing such wealth that now they take control of society. They control the media, the education of medical doctors, researchers, elected governmental representatives, courts, and governmental regulating agencies. 

Recently looked at the national magazine for AARP and was surprised to see page after page of pharmaceutical advertising in which each product advertised takes several pages to also list precautions and bad effects. Yet no where within the magazine was there a mention of nutrition and vitamins in their health articles. 

Medical schools develop researchers who aid the pharmaceutical industry and in becoming spokesmen for the pharmaceutical industry and their narrow views that prescriptive medicine is the only solution for all health problems go on to advise the government and health agencies. 

Meanwhile the government acts in bad faith by protecting pharmaceutical firms from countless law suits that should be paid out for the harm done to patients and to the relatives of the 100,000 plus who die each year directly a result of pharmaceutical drugs properly administered in hospitals. If that were happening in any other sector of life there would be mass protests.

We also have the FDA- the Food and Drug Administration policemen who blatantly do all in their power possible to destroy the nutritional supplement manufacturers. The FDA is the rotating doorway of corporate greed going against society's welfare. How crazy can it get!? The FDA regulates the industry they are trying to destroy! They are doing a disservice to society, acting contrary to Congressional intent, and moving relentless forward with their agenda. They even have gone so far as to hire the past president of the National Product Association, who advocated supplements to now act as the critic and henchman (See Jarrow's Letter to the FDA at the end of this Report.)

The government is under the control of the Pharmaceutical Industry that it allows gross harm to be administered without responsibility with scientific proof that the actions are bad and not good for society. Look at vaccinations, the most low grade form and high risk of medical intervention, and it is being required of young people and school children at exorbitant cost and ineffectiveness by the government. Where will the madness stop?

How can one facet of manufacturing gain such control and power to hold on to its position even when hundreds of thousands are dying from its actions? Simple. Do you have any idea how great the wealth is of the pharmaceutical industry as a result of the people's prescriptions? Here are some totals taken from their statistical reports published in the Drug Store News for 2010. Hold on to your hats!!!

First the current estimate of the population of the United States as of September 27, 2011 is 312,259,000, making it the third most populous country in the world.

Total sales of prescriptive drugs in the United States is over three hundred and fifty billion dollars ($350,000,000,000.00) annually accounting for almost two thirds of the worlds purchases of drugs. The top 200 prescriptive drugs for 2010 according to Drug Store News, accounts for almost one third of the prescriptions and sales of pharmaceutical drugs. Those top 200 drugs account for almost 800 million (784,329,000) prescriptions producing a cost of over 129 billion dollars ($129,660,396,000.00). If one extrapolates those figures for total prescriptions it would equal over 2 billion (2,117,688,000) which would equal 6.78 prescription per every person in the United States. That must mean that many people are on high numbers of drugs. Does this make them safe since only over 100,000 people die each year?

By the way, some of the major pharmaceutical companies also are the manufacturers of pesticides, insecticides, disinfectants, fungicides, virucides, bactericides, herbicides, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones.

So what's next? Do we give way to their pressures and watch the health of the nation and of our neighbors and loved ones deteriorate before our eyes. The strength of a nation is built upon the health of a nation. Society must correct this historical experiment that has proven our undoing. Freedom is the answer and not anything else.

Move the Nutritional Supplement manufacturers out from under the power of the FDA and into a science based fair agency that wants to promote the health of the nation through its benefits.

Here is an excellent letter written by Jarrow to the FDA with links that give you a full and complete perspective of what the Health Supplement Industry is facing in future regulating by the FDA. Michael LeVesque

Jarrow's Letter to Retailers - A "Must Read"

Read Jarrow’s letter ( and then send your support of Jarrow’s letter to Dr. Hamburg:

2. Write your elected officials and let them know you are opposed to the new NDI Draft Guidance:

a. Write your Congressperson: (

b. Write your Senator:


3. Let FDA know you completely oppose the NDI Draft Guidance by submitting your comments: (;D=FDA-2011-D-0376-0001)

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products listed in this newsletter are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your physician before taking any of these products.